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  1. It seems like a bad idea to place the bell that the experts smack right next to a vertical spike. One absent-minded moment, and you have an impaling.

  2. If brown eggs come from red hens, and white eggs come from white hens, then what comes from black hens( yes, they exist but are rare)?

  3. I've had hot sauce and ketchup wit my eggs before lmao!! Also i put milk in them and cheese. I never season them cuz its always over powering the eggs and i 've tried cracking it wit one hand before which was fun.

  4. Slice of French toast, ricotta cheese, omelet with sharp cheddar, cream cheese, slice of french toast, eaten with butter and syrup as if it was french toast is amazing. You could add powdered sugar if you like as well but I think it mostly gets lost in the interplay between the cheese and syrup but them being so different and the difference in when the flavors hit you makes for a surprisingly great combination. It is also very good with some finely chopped ham placed directly on the eggs. Very filling and a nice way to mix things up.. It can be a bit tricky to make. I'm paranoid so I make the french toast before I turn them into a sandwich but some may only cook the inside edges of the bread. Play around with it. Its yummy.

  5. For fluffy omelette, I usually use two eggs; I seperate the yolk and whisk the white part into cotton-like fuzz before putting the yolk back and whisks until they mix.

    I use a bit of olive oil and butter into the pan and heat it to medium. When I pour the egg into the pan, I stir it a bit. Maybe wait for a couple of seconds before rolling it.

  6. Perhaps the so called "food scientist" could look up the actual definition of 'coagulation' before standing in front of a camera; and then in the future refer to the act of heat induced protein destabilization as denaturing followed by congealing. Sounds just as smart and is correct.

  7. Yo at least Emily knows she’s trash.😂 She is actually only one of two people I can not watch cook on this channel because I legit get upset.🤣🙈

  8. I feel like the food scientist lady is having a bit more fun doing this, she normally seems a bit serious and uptight, but I feel shes more comfortable here. Also I love how Emily is just having a good time lol

  9. Putting the bell next to that pointy things is so scary. I feel like I would definitely pound my hand to ring that bell and end up piercing it with that pointy thing instead.

  10. Seasoned carbon steel pans don’t stick and don't cause fatal diseases.
    Mark Ruffalo – Playing a Real-Life Hero in True Horror Story “Dark Waters”

    Pasture-Raised eggs taste better, are nutritionally superior, and are a more humane way to raise chickens.

  11. Get a fork and give it a light scramble in as soon as you add it to the pan, then move the egg around the pan by tilting the pan, air bubbles tell you it's cooking through, fold and off the heat.

    Eggs keep cooking even after they have left the pan, slightly under is the best time to stop as when you sit down it will be done.

  12. To actually make a really fluffy omelet: Separate the eggs, whisk up the whites till they are really light and fluffy then fold in the yolks.

  13. Hen feather colour has NOTHING to do with the eggshell's colour. Just sayin. It's just typically so in industrial settings.

  14. I enjoy the level 1 and 2 chefs recipes more than the advanced levels lol😂

    Edit: Emily is friggin' hilarious 😂😂😂

  15. Since Rose asked-
    I am a feta enthusiast. It must be true brined Grecian feta, and for me, an omelette isn't complete without it. Also great with a little bit of chopped rosemary and green apple.

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