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today I am here with the recipe of yellow laping I made white laping’s recipe past week I am making this because it was highly requested by viewers I seperated this video in 5 parts for you to understand it easily hope, you will understand and like it. if you don’t understand anything ask me in comment below. i will reply all comment. we need flour’s starch to make yellow laping part 1 at first, we need a dough made from all purpose flour. you kneed it as you are making chapati fill the bowl with water and cover the dough now, kneed it with clean hand when you mash it like this, starch will come out. all starch will come out and mix in water after mashing for a while, we should strain it remainings are called gluten we will use this as stuffing you can in the picture as well it contains a lot more starch we will take out more starch from it fill it with more water and mash it more starch are coming out mix this starch in the starch we took out before cover it for 4 hour see, this is how it is separated this is how it is made at home rinse off the gluten this feel like rubber add half spoon yeast if you don’t have yeast, you don’t have to add it I tried without yeast, it worked well. after mixing well, cover it for half an hour take it out and put it in the next bowl steam it in a steamer it is cooked and is spongy. this is how you know it’s well cooked. cut it after 2-3 minutes see it closely I am cutting it from middle this is a bit spongy stuffing for our laping is also ready 3 spoon chilly flakes ginger star anise and bay leaf pepper pepper salt as per taste half cup oil add salt in chilli flakes stir it a bit add oil in a pan heat must be low add bay leaf and star anise pepper,while cooking in slow heat it will take all the tatse of the spices fry till they are a bit black strain it and add in that mix in chilly flakes our chilly sauce is ready spring onion ginger garlic smashed and soaked in water for 10 minutes 3 spoon soy sauce 3 spoon sesame oil black vinegar add 2-3 spoon of chilly sauce too save some of it for later add fried sesame mix it and it is ready after 4 hour, starch and water are separated throw out the water i will show you by stirring it some of the starch are glued at bottom stir it well and add food color mix it well it is mixed well take a plate coat it with the oil add starch mix we have to steam it steam it too after 4-5 minutes let it cool down after it is cooled coat it with oil take it out from the plate do it slowly this looks great make this from all the starch i will show you by serving the laping 2 spoon chilly sauce, and salt add the gluten, and mix it cut it after cutting add it in a bowl take as much you want i served this much for 1 people this is called dry laping you can eat it like this or add sauce that we made earlier i served it like this you can serve it as you like you can make it like this and enjoy it with your friends and family. what did you feel about our video? support us by liking our videos and commenting on them and subscribing to us i will return with more and more yummy recipe till then happy cooking.

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