Women should not avoid these foods – Tamil Health tips

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Women should not avoid these foods – Tamil Health tips
Women always wish to have healthy body and skin and they can achieve it by taking antioxidant rich foods.
In this video let us see what are the healthy foods women should take and their benefits.
To avoid breast cancer take broccoli, green tea and the antioxidant present in it prevents the growth of cancer cells.
Calcium is necessary for healthy bones and teeth and to absorb calcium into the body vitamin D is vital.
Vitamin D is rich in greens and orange and we can get it naturally in sunlight.
To cure hormonal imbalances women should take omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin C, Vitamin E rich foods.
Nuts and fishes are rich in these nutrients.
Protein corrects the metabolism and prevents weight gain which is essential for growing girls.
To get protein and prevent weight gain add egg, beans etc in your food.
Folic acid creates new cells in our body and to protect nervous system take beetroot, carrot, avocado etc.,
It keeps our mind calm and also increases immunity power.

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