Why I Stopped Smoking Weed and How I did it Step-by-Step (Life-Changing)

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Imagine that there is an energy cap over you
and you could be accomplishing so much more. You could be feeling even better emotion,
but this thing keeps you at a certain level. Where in this video, I’m going to show you
how I stopped smoking weed, why I did it back in 2012 what made it so much easier, and I’m
going to show you step by step how to do it. We’ll come back to another video. My name
is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now, first off, let me applaud you because
back in the day when I was smoking weed, if I would have ever saw a video like this, I
probably wouldn’t have clicked on it. I remember that I did not like to see anything that had
to do with quitting. I think deep down, maybe part of me knew that it would be beneficial
to my energy if I did that, but at the same time I didn’t want to even see it because
I didn’t want to neglect or put down what I was doing. Now, let me also say that if
you’re at this place right now, then most likely there is a deep part of you or a deeper
part of you that knows that if you did stop, maybe your life would take off and very powerful
ways and now I’m not saying any of this to brag either, but these last a couple of years
especially I believe that I am where I am because of my energy and if I were smoking,
I don’t think I would be where I’m at right now. The kind of motivation, the energy that I’ve
had because when I quit smoking I had so much more energy, I had more energy to do different
things and since then, you know, I’ve been on YouTube for three years now. I had a nine
to five job before that, but now I live in a a really nice house and I get to travel
the world doing what I love and I don’t say it to brag, I just say that because I see
some people that smoke that I know that I know if they would quit, they would just,
their businesses would take off in a new way. I see people that I think their lives would
completely go to the next level if they stopped smoking weed, and it’s because I believe that
our vibration, our energy is meant to be higher than the energy of that of weed. Now let me explain to you what I mean by that
and to do so what I’ll do is I’ll share with you this chart right here, you’ll see this
chart of consciousness. Now, this chart of consciousness that you’ll see right here,
you’ll see at the bottom you’ll see shame, fear, guilt. Then eventually you’ll see that
of anger, neutrality, reasoning, love, joy, peace and enlightenment. Now, this chart comes
from a book that is called power versus force. And in that book it talks about muscle testing
and how we can use muscle testing, which is connected to our subconscious mind. Our body’s
connected to our subconscious mind to calibrate the vibration of certain activities, certain
things we do. And one of the things that was done is they calibrated that of alcohol, which
calibrates at the level of a 275 and then they also calibrated that of weed, which Kat
or marijuana, which calibrates at 350 so wow. Weed is a higher vibration than alcohol. 350
on the scale of consciousness isn’t necessarily as high as your natural vibration can be.
Now, let me share with you a little bit as well. When I was growing up, if you don’t
know my story already, I’ll just kind of give a little bit of a, of a summary of it. But
I grew up between seven and 15 years old. I had an, uh, a lot of control in my life.
I had an abusive ex stepmom in my life and my brother and I went through that and after
15 years old came around, my dad divorced her, my brother and I had all this freedom
again. And it was amazing. We were able to have friends, we were able to uh, do like
normal kid things kids would do. And even after that though, I still felt a lot of unworthiness. I still felt a lot of pent up emotion of like
why did that happen? Then what happened is I was, uh, smoking. I started smoking probably
when I was, um, back in 2010 or 2011. 2012 was when I quit. So it’s been a while, but
I’ve helped and seen so many people quit using what I share with you in this video. And here’s
what happened. I was smoking all day every day for like two years. And then I learned
that of meditation and meditation. By the way, I was somebody that was diagnosed as
having ADHD, which means I was taking Adderall during the day, which is prescribed for having
ADHD, which would help me focus cause I worked a sales commission job working at Nordstrom’s
and woman’s shoes. So while I was there I would take Adderall. I’d feel really, really
great and be able to like sell a lot and uh, be able to stay focused. And then when I’d get home at night, what
would happen is I would have the side effects of Adderall, which are, you don’t sleep very
much and you don’t eat very much. Well what are the side effects of weed? The side effects
are, you do eat a lot, you do sleep a lot. So I would go home during the day at work,
I would do Adderall, I’d come home and it would help me balance out to relax and to
eat and to sleep. So I was doing that for about two years. And then what I realized
is I was like, you know, there’s gotta be a different way because there were such harsh
side effects of doing Adderall. So I came across that of uh, research online that talked
about meditation, how meditation will help you to balance out the hormones in your body,
release natural dopamine and not have the dropping side effects that Adderall had. So what I did is I started to meditate and
at first I didn’t get a great result. It was hard for me to do, but after I did this thing
where I would stare at a candle flame, and what I realized is when my eyes were on one
spot, it was so much easier for my eyes not to when your eyes wander, your mind wanders.
So if you keep your eyes on one spot, it’s like the mind started to really slow down.
So what I did is I would observe my thoughts and when that happened, it changed everything.
Within a couple of days of doing that, I felt totally different. I felt my energy increase,
I felt better. And within a week or two I quit smoking weed and completely got off of
Adderall. First I got off Adderall and then I quit smoking weed like a week or two after
that. And since then I felt amazing ever since.
I believe that our natural vibration on the scale of consciousness is much higher than
we think. I think that most of us can feel at the level of vibration of love and all
we have to do is in a way integrate the past and met it. And meditating helps us to do
that, to observe it so it doesn’t have so much power over us. So that is the way that
I eventually, you know, got rid of of a, now I’m going to share with you the step by step
process that I use that makes all the difference with that. But I will say that in the last
uh, years since quitting my energy has had, I’ve had so much more energy to put into my
passion to put in what I love doing. And I feel like when it comes to our energy, if
we keep ourselves at 350 which it’s kind of funny, if you look at that chart of consciousness,
you’ll see 350 is that of acceptance. Now what happens when you smoke weed, you
accept the moment. So sometimes for some people it could actually raise their vibration of
the filling. A lot of pain, a lot of pain about the past. It can actually raise their
vibration. But here’s the thing, when it raises our vibration from the lower States, when
we’re not doing it, it brings us, it brings us right back down. If we instead learn something
like meditation, we learn how to arise above it rather than needing something as a crutch
to bring us up. So when it comes to this process, it’s about being aware of our energy, being
aware of how we can, in a way, you know, I realized that I was doing a lot of it cause
I was numbing the past in a way. I was numbing a lot of the things that happened. But when
I learned how to meditate, I learned how to observe it. And also I learned how to let go of labels.
I let go of the label of needing Adderall or having ADHD altogether. I realized it was
a label that I was cleaning too. And then I like all of the label of being what is called
a stoner or somebody that smokes a lot. Once I let go of that label from my identity and
I observed it, that’s when things really began to change. But let’s go ahead and I’m going
to show you the step by step process that makes the uh, smoking weed. So easy to quit
and I’m going to show you in there. Let’s go now. The first step to this process is simply
becoming aware that it is time to quit, to stop smoking. Now for me, there’s actually
something very interesting that happened when I did this. I was at the time working at Nordstrom’s
and women’s shoes and I remembered that I had some friends and I still have some friends
that own the number one smoke shop here in Las Vegas. And what I would do is every two
weeks when I got paid, I would go there. Sometimes I’d get these new pieces like a glass bong
or a pipe or something like that. And one time I remember that I went there and I bought
this new piece that was like a $300, a really nice piece of glass that was like a bong or
something like, or, yeah, it was a form of bong and what happened was I was going to,
I wanted a new piece. However, inside I knew that it was kind of
tied for me to quit, but for some reason I still got it. I still thought it was excited
about it and I remember bringing it home and I kind of felt guilty about getting it because
I knew on the inside that for me it was time. I could just feel it, I could just feel like
it wasn’t serving me. I started to become aware of a, of things like I, I, if I came
across a video like this, I’d be more willing to watch it versus weeks or months before
that where I’m like, Nope, I don’t even want to see it. I don’t want anything that the
Gates what I’m doing because I love my life and there’s nothing wrong with it. And by
the way, I’m not even saying there is anything wrong with weed. I think weed has many healing modalities,
healing benefits. But the thing is is sometimes people use it and they end up just using every
single day kind of as a crutch and it keeps their energy within that 350 level of consciousness
and they don’t actually accomplish what they’re meant to do in life. So if it’s for healing,
if it’s for cancer patients, if it’s for certain things, biggest, totally cool. But I think
it’s about being honest with ourselves and knowing whether we’re doing it too much, whether
we’re using that as a crutch or what not. Now for me, I knew at the time that is time
for me to quit. However, I went and bought that piece. I brought it home and I remember
what I did is I loaded it up, I took a hit out of it and it was the first hit I ever
took out of it. I braved it in and as I breathed it out, I
just started crying. I know this sounds a little bit, you know, a little emotional or
like why would you be crying? But I just knew that that was the last hit I was ever going
to take. And in a way I felt like I was kind of breaking up with weed in a way. I felt
like it was a choice. I was like a new, it just wasn’t going to work out anymore in a
way. But I remember I was crying and um, I had this emotional release and I think it
was because I also was thinking about how weed affected me and everyone else in my life
at that time. Now, once again, I think we can be very powerful healing thing. But on
the other side of it, I realized that sometimes I was high when I would go like to my dad’s
house and I would see my sisters. And I remember there was this one picture
and then this picture, it was like my dad, my sisters and me and my eyes were just completely
glazed. Nothing wrong with it, but I knew, you know, this is all self judgment, but I
knew and remembered that like I kind of always felt a little bit guilty while I was there
and I felt like I wasn’t completely there with my family, my dad, my sisters, even though
I never brought it in to the house or anything. When I would do it and then go over, I could
feel that my energy wasn’t completely there. And I remember there was an ex girlfriend
I had that that was actually one of the reasons we broke up was a, she drank and I smoked
and she didn’t like the fact that I smoke and I thought it was weird because drinking,
I couldn’t figure out the difference in a way. However, um, I could feel the pain almost
of that relationship. It’s almost like sometimes when we smoke a lot, it kind of numbs a lot
of emotion because what happens is it’s a level of certainty that when you smoke, you
will then bring yourself right up to acceptance at three 50 but then there was this rush of
energy of releasing all of this stuff. I know that no longer serve me. And what happened
is then I let that go and I felt so incredibly light. I let all that go. I cried for like
five minutes or less and then I just felt free. I felt like I, I let go. And I knew
from that point going on that I wasn’t going to smoke again. But part of it, and part of
the thing that I, uh, that I recommend for this is it’s becoming aware that it’s time
to quit. It’s becoming aware of the pain at the same
time that it would bring to keep on doing it. The pain would be the same reality you’re
currently in except in everything the way it is without pushing beyond it. The pain
would be the different aspects of your life where you can see that it’s not actually helping
you. When you start to become aware that it’s time, then you start to become aware of the
pain. That’s when you can then really move forward. Now the second thing that’s important
for this is understanding that it’s about making the choice to never again do it, making
the choice or make the choice to quit or to cut back or whatever it is. However, what
I recommend with this is looking and making the choice of being aware of it within your
story. So for example, for me, we all have a story that we tell ourselves about who we
are and what happens at any point at a time. We can change our story. Now, the thing is
is many times that story will remain on autopilot and we’ll tell ourselves a story that it’s
hard to quit. This is just the way it is, that it’s much easier to do this, that it
helps bring the edge off and helps us relax that story. We’ll keep the narrative going
on autopilot and that’s why it’s about becoming aware of that story and then it really is
about making the choice and when we’re looking at how to easily stop smoking weed, it really
could be just as easy as you make the choice and you never do it again. Now I know that
sounds too simplistic, but that really is the key to quitting. It’s you do. You just
decide I’m never going to do it again. That’s it. Now the process and the steps I’m going
to share with you as well that are coming up make it way easier, but really it is a
choice that we make and if we don’t make that choice, then it’s like in the background. It’s something that we might eventually do,
but the key is to make that choice. Now the third part is the game changer. The third
part is becoming aware of how it is connected to your identity. If you see yourself as a
smoker, then it will be very hard to quit smoking. It’s like if somebody wants to lose
weight and what they do is they see themselves as somebody that’s overweight and they’re
trying to lose weight, it’s going to be hard because the way they see themselves, their
self image, their identity is set to a certain point to where they see themselves as that.
So even if they tried to do a little diet, it’ll bring them right back to that base point
of the way they see themselves. Now, for example, our self image is like a thermostat. There’s
a thermostat on that wall right over here if you can see it, and if it’s set to 75 degrees,
and for some reason I opened up the doors, it’s cold right now, so it would bring in
more cold and then if the temperature would go down to 68 the AC would then keep turn
on the heater actually, and it would bring it back up to 75 because that is what is called
a site. It’s called a psycho, a cybernetic mechanism.
There’s a book called Psycho-Cybernetics. That’s why I was getting the word cybernetic
mechanism and the cybernetic Mexico a mechanism keeps it regulated there. Now if you see yourself
as a smoker and then what happens is you stopped smoking but you still see yourself at 75 degrees
as a smoker, then it will be something that’s very hard to do because your base point will
bring you right back there subconsciously. The key to this is seeing yourself as no longer
a smoker, which means that when you look at yourself and you think of yourself, you think
of yourself, I don’t smoke. That’s not who I am and think of it part of the bad. The
hard part about this too is the second part with the story we tell ourselves. Sometimes
we tell ourselves a story. It’s hard. We tell ourselves a story that we did this for 10
years and that’s what keeps it hard to change. The key to this is becoming aware of the story,
becoming aware of the identity we have around it and then choosing to let it go. Realize
every moment is a new moment. Every moment is a new moment. Every moment is a new moment.
So if we keep knowing that we’re always changing, it makes it easier to let go of this part
of us that’s key. Sees us as a stoner or as somebody that smokes weed. So this is about
the awareness of letting go of it from that part of your identity. And that is the game
changer. That makes everything easier. First off, know that this process can be easy. When
you look at the choice in the story, tell yourself a story that quitting is easy. That’s
what I did and it made it very easy. But first off I had to become aware that it is time
to quit. I had to look at the pain, I had to look at
the things and also look at the pleasure. If if I stopped smoking and stopping smoking
for me has led me to where now I lived a life of my dreams to be honest. Cause now I have
the energy to be put in a certain direction. And I’ll tell you, every single person watching
this video, your natural base point is higher than 350. I promise you meditation will help
with this as well. Observing your thoughts, learning to observe rather than react. That
can be extraordinarily powerful. And I have meditation, I have videos that show exactly
my process for meditation and how I stopped, uh, taking Adderall or having ADHD, my exact
meditation process that I’ll link in the top description box below as well for you and
put as a card right here as well. Now become aware. It’s time to stop smoking.
Become aware of the pain that it was bringing you and become aware of the pleasure of, of
what it would mean if you did stop smoking. Secondly, just simply make the choice from
this point going forward, I am no longer going to do it. Tell yourself a story that is easy
and then third, become aware of your identity and then let go of believing that you are
even a smoker. And as you do that, it makes it so much easier. Now, part of this may mean
that because of that, I’ll share with you some tips that make this easier as well, is
that you stop hanging around people that are smoking weed for awhile or just in general,
and you realize that this is a value that I no longer have. And when I do it, it brings
you to that certain state. And if you’re in your environment, you have
all these triggers and these things that make you want it, you have to be aware of that.
I remember after I quit smoking, a year or two later, I moved in with a roommate that
I didn’t realize was gonna be smoking so much weed. And what happened is every morning I
would wake up, I’d smell it, and it would kind of, it didn’t necessarily tempt me, but
it almost kind of made me, because I was so far beyond that would make me irritated though
because in a way it had that reference experience to my past in a way. So if you remove yourself
from those triggers, if you remove yourself from being around other people that are doing
it, it’s going to make it so much easier for you. So become aware of the people you’re
around. Make the choice to quit. That really makes
it so much easier. But this one that I’m going to share as well makes the process even easier
than that and that is having something to do in place of the smoking weed for when you
get the cravings. So what I recommend is wiring in the new something new to do something new
to do when you do something new. This could be something like a, it could be for me it
was meditation. I learned how to observe my thoughts and if I felt a deep craving to do
it, I would go and I would just meditate. I would meditate, observe my thoughts. You
become too, anything you do that you get a certain sense of certainty from. Like for
example, you smoke weed and you’re certain you’re going to feel relaxed in a certain
way. That in a way is like an anchor that is inking you. Anchoring you into feeling relaxed. What I
realized is that I could apply that towards other things, so I applied that towards meditation.
I would start meditating and I would start to feel this, this, uh, not necessarily euphoria
but this likeness, this new almost like a S I. F I ended up also feeling this spiritual
connectedness to my environment, to people in my life. It really deepened my life in
powerful ways. It’s just meditating and observing my thoughts. That really is all it was. But
wiring in something new and making a choice to go for your passion is also something I
would recommend. Go for your passion. When you’re talking about the scale of consciousness
right here, you’ll see that of reasoning and love. When you’re doing what you’re passionate
about, you’re at like 450 or above. That’s where you’re at. You’re actually at love and
above. When you start to do that, do what you are
passionate about. Make it as a commitment that I’m going to stop smoking weed and I’m
going to put all of my energy because you will have more energy. You will have more
energy to put in what you’re passionate about. You’ll have more energy when you’re around
other people. You’ll have a different energy dynamic about yourself. You’ll carry yourself
in a different way. Make it a choice that you’re going to go for your passion. That’s
exactly what I did. I quit and it took maybe a year or two, but then I was developing the
courage to get on YouTube that energy in this direction and now I lived the life of my dreams
three years now it’s been, I’ve been traveling the world making YouTube videos. I live in
a dream house now and I get to live the lifestyle I want and you can to make the choice right
now that you are going to become aware that it’s time to quit smoking weed. You’re going to see how it’s been keeping
you in the same reality over and over again, and it’s been keeping things on autopilot.
Secondly, make the choice. Know that it can be easy. Change the story. Believe in it has
to be hard. Thirdly, drop it from your identity. See yourself as somebody where it’s easy to
quit. See yourself as somebody that does not smoke weed and drop the story that she did.
Smoke weed in the past. You’re new every moment. You’re new, every moment you’re new, every
moment. And then that makes it easier. And then fourth, let this be the part of your
story where now you just go for what you are passionate about. You go for what you’re passionate
about, and now you have energy to actually do that. And when you make the choice to put
your energy in that direction, you’ll find that you have so much more potency. Even when we’re talking about the law of attraction,
when we’re talking about the focus, you have more focus on your goals and of accomplishing
things you want. When you have that, that a potency, you don’t have that potency when
you’re smoking a lot. So when you have that more potency that you’re gonna have, you’re
gonna build to create what you want easier than ever. Now, if you want to learn more
about why I stopped smoking and more about that sort of consciousness, you’ll see a video
right here. You can click. And then also there’s a very powerful meditation for changing yourself
image, which is what will change and make this process easier than ever. Listen to that
meditation for 21 days. I think it will change your life. You’ll see as an end card right
here, it’s the self image transformation, meditation. Watch it and watch after 21 days
how you just see yourself as completely new. You’re going for your passion and your whole
life begins to change. So with that being said, I hope you enjoy this video. Peace,
much love, and now mistake.


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    My Mission Is To Assist As Meany Human’s As I possibly Can To Understand The Truth (Taking The Red Pill) And Becoming Fully Aware Of What That Statement Is Describing.

    The “SHIFT” As It Is Known,Is A Event That Is Going to Take Place Very Very Soon,In The Near Future. I’am Going To Help Those Of You Who Think You Know What The SHIFT Is To Truly Fully Understand What Exactly It Honestly Is.


  15. As usual I liked this video and received it as confirmation about Weed , I also use to smoke occasionally and I developed the side effects such as those racing thoughts distractions discordances and anxiety and I also remember I couldn’t meditate while dealing with those after side effects… and it took a minimum of 15 days of non usage to get ride of all those side effects.. now that I’ve gave it up the one thing that I do all the time is Meditating with a higher level frequency of consciousness with no side effects ….and as usual I thank you for your true confirmation with Much Peace Love And Namaste 🙏🏽

  16. Your videos are getting better every day. You are a great inpiration to me! And btw I love your new house!!! I hope you be very happy there.

  17. After studying energy, I stopped drinking alcohol & it’s 14 weeks later, and I’m a completely New person. Thx 🙏

  18. I know you say it's important to stop smoking weed, but literally Shiva smokes weed, I know a girl who can bend spoons with her mind and she smokes weed, you're actually the single first spiritual person I've ever heard say you NEED to stop smoking it. Is it at all possible that what's right for you isn't right for everyone? I literally know people that are basically already semi ascended and they all smoke weed. I would love to hear some people's thoughts

  19. i just knew that weed waste the vibration we were supposed to be left at ,i just always knew it .because i always felt higher then weed but i never did weed so i couldnt say but i have been practicing meditation my whole adult life but i have never did any drugs because i felt that it was a cheat way to some what increase vibarional energy but then u depend on something so then i feel like ur just kind of running which isent enlightenment

  20. love joy peace ,why am i not suprised ,no woner people think im weird hahaha,but i dont think im enlightened. but i do have love and peace always in my life ,

  21. The hardest part is my brain has connections that associates certain activities with smoking weed like going out to eat or cinema. So if one my friends are like hey let’s smoke a j I’ll be so on

  22. I think that its worth noting that this isn't directed at everybody. Everyone has their own way of doing things. This video is for you if you feel like weed is dampening your vibrations

  23. Really needed this video, I’m grateful I was blessed with this information. Also if you tell your smoking friends that you’re not smoking anymore they should understand. And hopefully they’ll be inspired too

  24. Thanks for this Aaron. I'm 6 days away from a full year free of weed….and alcohol.

    1. I started working with a meditation teacher every week. On Skype.
    2. I meditated every morning. I continued to smoke every eve.
    3. The weed was clearly in the way of my clarity for meditation.
    4. I realised I was super addicted and went to Marijiuana Annon.
    5. I did 90 meetings in 90 days, did service, got a sponsor. I kept coming back.
    6. I did yoga every day to help with the feelings that came up.
    7. It was hard. But with support I did it.
    8. I never want to go back to those old ways. The cap is disappearing.

  25. …A-44, Y0U need to stop f’ing with “350-caliber” weed Y0😂.

    …step up to W33d that calibrates above “700”, and BE-come Christed✡️ like Y0Ur b0y.😉

  26. Weed isn’t bad. That’s our western, racist brainwashed society getting to you. The whole “successful people don’t smoke weed.” Is a dog whistle against minorities. Not hiring, firing, and locking up people of color. You’re basically feeding The “just say no” narrative. Weed is just a tool, use it wisely.

  27. A friend of mind who confessed to smoke weed spent 50% of the time sleeping and oversleeping and blame it to sleep apnea. This made him unable to hold a job and he lots interest in working all together. He used it as a crutch.

  28. thanks for making this. i think in the beginning it is such a novelty and enjoyable experience and over time that wears off. it is also a good idea to quit for a few more reasons, you will save more money and your lungs will be that much better off

  29. Hi Aaron!
    I stopped smoking weed about a month now.
    I bought a new bag of weed last month smoked 2 and I thought I am going to stop after 20 years now . I feel so much better , more connected. Sleep a whole lot better. ✌🏽🙏🏽

  30. One thing with Weed it is a medicine it is full of 145 different cannabiols. THC being one and not the necessary the most important we have CBD and 143 more CBA CBN etc these all has very many health benefits important. Smoking weed can be very help if used correctly, even as psychedelic effect, being a so sacred plant the Queen of herbs, only Buddist monks are the only shamans able to work with her in the highest form. Again it is a teacher to not be needed to use to get in the state. No one size fit all, we have to find our own part, for me in periods its what my body wants , like sometimes my body wants fish sometimes vegan , some times grassfed meat, nothing is constant. I was of for 2 years then suddenly my body wanted it again and then 6 months off. So it is also important what you as a individual enjoy in life also, addictions is something else if you need it then it has alot of negative effects. And if you have PTSD or much pain for sure weed is better then the opiate use. Again HIGH CBD and low THC but it is also natural in the plant. For me I got a deal with the universe I dont buy it if it is offered in some nice setings I tune in with my inner divinity sometimes it is a yes sometimes it is a no so it is not 1 answer for all or for you it changes even day from day in 2020. Peace and Love . Do the meditations of course , all your spiritual practices and then listen to your HS , soul nobody else knows what is your journey . Intention before smoking. Of course as Wim Hof says weed is good but it is better using your owm supplie through your breating and get the cannabioils from the breath. Satnam Tjohei & Inlakesh Alakin.

  31. Hey bro big fan
    Need some srs help with 420
    When I’m dry I have insane anger problems- therefore I haven’t been dry in 5 years

    I smash things and self harm and take it out on the family and it’s a big problem
    Weed keeps me sane and safe
    How the fuck do I quit the drug that keeps my life together??????

  32. This is tough. I’ve been trying to stop smoking for so long. I am watching this video as I’m smoking. I need to stop. I’ve stopped before and went 30 days. After 1 month the cravings got insane idk why.

  33. I heard this somewhere and I wanted to share…
    Meditation is like gold and weed is like silver. Silver tarnishes but gold does not. To keep the silver shiny you have to polish it over and over again but gold always stays shiny. So the question arises why would you go for silver when you have gold? You wouldn't.

    Why would you chase the temporary high of weed when you can get the permanent high from meditation?
    I think weed is fantastic but you also don't need it. You can get the same level high from meditation and raising your vibration :))

  34. I started smoking after I had back surgery to get off pain pills, I smoked everyday for 8 years and right after my 30th birthday in June I was smoking and i suddenly started feeling like I could see my life from a 3rd person view and I hated what I was seeing, I quit cold turkey and have been clean for 8 months, I got a better job, lost a bunch of weight, bought a new truck, got my family out of our shit hole mobile home and into a 4 bedroom house… best decision of my life! I don’t hate weed or people that smoke it, it does have its positives but it became a huge negative after so many years for me!

  35. I realized what I thought was a "meditative" state while high, was just me being scattered. It just felt good to not be thinking about the problems in my life. As I became more aware of my vibration, every time I smoked I could feel that it was plummeting in vibration rather than "raising". I think it's good to acknowledge that marijuana often opens people to learn about spirituality, but it in itself is not a "spiritually motivating" substance.

  36. A 100 years ago specific interest groups prohibited Cannabis to cut us off from the natural use of this plant. The same people are re- legalizing it now all over the world for the same reasons. They want us to smoke/use industrially grown, modified weed, what makes us more controllable and has a total different energy pattern, than weed that you would have grew yourself.
    And it's not about being stoned all day. It should be used and treated as a sacred plant and not for so called ' re- creational' use. By the way: there are less harmful ways to use it, than smoking. Tinctures, for instance.
    Hail Mother Mary🌱

    Greetz from Germany
    God bless ya all

  37. I haven't seen your channel In awhile.. you looking good tho! Lol I don't smoke but I thought it was interesting 😂 to hear about and what a coincidence you popped up 😂

  38. I stopped smoking cigarettes, 6 yeas ago.
    Two years after I started to do fitness. That's where my course changed organically!!

  39. Adderal is very similar molecularly to Crystal Meth Amphetamine!! Smoking Cannabis is the most unhealthy way to consume it, eating is the way to go. Some people may suffer from Endocannabinoid deficiency and need Cannabis to restore balance in the system. Fortunately things like Hemp Seed Oil can help your Endocannabinoid system and is non intoxicating. Another major factor in how it effects people is what strain they use and what time of day it is consumed, how much is consumed, this is huge in how it effects people. Interesting that you focused on Cannabis on not on the drug you were consuming that was pretty much Crystal Meth. Have you tried consuming CBD with only a small amount of THC?? As I run into articles regularly ( Mainstream & Alternative News ) that claim people with Cancer going into remission using Cannabis Oil and I deeply resent the Powers that be for suppressing research into the Medical applications of this Plant so if I come across as Biased or otherwise this is why. Cancer has had a major effect on my life, sorry if I’m being a touch confrontational. All things should be consumed in moderation and the right time and place. The Bible lists Cannabis as one of the ingredients in the Anointing Oil, Kana-Bossom. Cannabis has the potential to be the great healer of nations! Google or Youtube “ Hempcrete “. Medical, Building, Radiation Removal, etc, etc, etc! SO many applications of the Cannabis Plant! Buddha and Hemp Seeds! Hemp being so nutritionally dense that in the past civilizations have survived Drought and Famine on only the Hemp Plant! Lastly you can Juice fresh Cannabis Leafs and Flowers and get THCA in mega doses that won’t get you high but may have insane health benefits! If the same 1000’s of milligrams were delivered via conversion to THC Delta 9 it would knock you off your socks! Activated THC and non activated THC may have many of the same benefits, which is awesome because one gets you high and the other doesn’t. Humans have an Endocannabinoid System we are hardwired for it.

  40. Freaky timing. I'm learning how to quit and today is day 1. Been on your channel since the very beginning! Love you!! Thank you so much

  41. Aaron man. Few minutes in… you got me… resonating … Thank you. Nobody could even talk to me about this for the last few years … i understand all the sideeffects of your adderal taking … i used amphetamines to replace the adderal is i dont have diagnosis… meditation brought me far…i know also recently stopped using the amphetamines … but now i understand how leaving weed could release everything…. 🙏 Man this is wonderful.🎾✨🙏

  42. I now people that are really successful and in high state of consciousness ! And they smoke. so I think that’s key in order to be successful and in a high state of vibration is you be you and love yourself for who I are

  43. After 35 years of smoking hash everyday …I stopped in 2014 from one day to another…Just stopped, and never really missed it ever since.

  44. I’ve tried to quit smoking so many times…just bought some today after being without it for 6 days. I’m so addicted!!! I got baked today and fell asleep and did nothing productive. I am really struggling! If I could just get back 30 days! I just wanna know how it feels 😢 I gotta stop

  45. what do you suggest to overcome pain? I want to quit but pain makes me a different person and i cant afford back surgery :/

  46. You are a great joy to watch but chastising a plant that has been used for eons to help with spiritual awakening.What next we will tell shamans to stop using ayahuasca or DMT. It’s been a long fight to liberalize and legalize weed. Used in the correct way and amounts cannabis is a great guide and that is why your creator gave you endocannabinoid receptors. Do it in moderation and you will be fine. Let’s not start spreading the “reefer” madness propaganda which brought prohibition in the fast place. A lot of people dies or are Incarcerated for the very freedom we enjoy today.

  47. Omfg – I literally been smoking my self to death in the past week (17 years smoking weed every day) I felt I really really needed to change –
    And first thing I see when log into YouTube is my bro Aaron video about the same subject lol .
    The universe man, is just crazy

  48. I’m trying. I can literally FEEL the cap bud puts on my growth. I want to ready. I’m scared of how my life might take off. Guess the question is, do I want to go to the next level?

  49. Just because u smoke doesn’t mean you vibration can’t rise higher that the base of the plants vibration, meditation is alignment with the soul tho the soul needs nothing so you lose the desire for cannabis but at the same time your humanity can use it as a tool. When you are out of alignment cannabis is very useful in day to day life. Quitting weed is better but I see the positive in both sides.

  50. Holy moly perfect timing I am on day 3 no THC and been searching for motivational/inspirational videos to keep me going… Thank you so much for the step by step breakdown!

  51. This is a great video i been wanting to quit smoking everyday because when am high i enjoyed it but the next morning my vibration feels so low i feel dead , i feel sad lonely in my heart but yet i cant stop i only smoke at night thanks for this

  52. Just know, u can quit weed. I was without weed for 3 days, felt good not having it, even when it helps me w my stomach problems. I smoke daily, now I’m slowly slowing down

  53. You keep clean around the house, Californian soberly king. No one digesting alcohol can't vibe more than 80 to 150 and thus – reach over 100.000 subscribers without the help of the team. The pattern does follow the famous scale – followers. It is written. Keep shooting videos, you are great.

  54. Nah man weed gives me flashes of insight into real complex subjects. As long as I've always got some I'm alright. Yeah makes me lazy but when I'm in that forrest with nature and high af a lot of things start to make sense to me. I've already made a breakthrough. But yeah weed isn't for everyone and it can bring you down if you abuse it. I use it spiritually and strategically.

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