White wood ear mushroom 【中華モッパン】-Chinese food-(Subtitle🙂)

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你好 I’m Mutta
As you see, I’m gonna make…
White wood ear mushroom
Is this sweet?
You know what? It’ll be 5000 times size by soaking water
There are various theories tho…
Today, I’m gonna make 2 dishes
sweets with this mushroom and main dish
so, I’ll make them from now on, let’s go!
The dishes are ready
I’ll eat the sweets at first
Let’s dig in
Let me say one thing
I shouldn’t have put it in lol
I shouldn’t have seriously
I’ll eat kiwi
This is the best
It was no use putting it
I don’t need it lol
What’s the meaning of putting the mushroom?
The texture
It was just for texture
Next, I’ll eat white wood ear mushroom with sweet and sour sauce
I made a success. It’s so delicious. Thank you very much
I added the sugar more than I did at the scene
I wanted sweetness more
In result, It became delicious
By adding thickness
the taste is condensed and
the texture is crunchy,
these tasty elements lead a success
That’s all, thank you
so,I’ll eat… Hey!!!!! What are you doing!!!???
What happened? I’m sorry, there was a bug
I’m gonna eat this white wood ear mushroom that is not needed
You don’t need it? lol
Yeah, I don’t
It’s bland taste, so It has to be flavoring
Are you satisfied with this video?
Thanks for the meal
The white wood ear mushroom is tasteless originally
so, I should have done flavoring, not just mixing
By doing so, the mushroom will be lively, I know it’s dead tho
I think it’ll be delicious, I believe and thank you
so, let me say 再见, 再见!
Thank you for watching
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