Which Celebrity Makes The Best Fried Chicken?

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[Music] everyone is Jessie and today I’m you’re testing out five famous celebrity fried chicken recipes to see which one is actually the best on today’s lineup I have recipes from Snoop Dogg David Chang Guy Fieri Patti LaBelle and Gordon Ramsay I measure out all the ingredients exactly as recipe stated and I got through my friends to taste them and I’m flying haystack so which celebrity has the best fried chicken let’s get prying first up the Snoop Dogg he starts by making a Brian by combining sugar salt bay leaf red pepper flakes and orange peel in a pot of simmering water let that all dissolve pull it off and pour it over the chicken wrap it up and let it sit overnight the next day you’re gonna take them out and dry them off with a paper towel so they’re nice and dry bring that over and in one ball here combine flour cornmeal potato chips garlic powder cayenne baking powder black pepper and salt mix that all up and on the other Bowl you’re gonna add some cold buttermilk take you piece of chicken put in the buttermilk first and then dry mixer and do that with all the remaining chicken bring them over to a fryer fry it till it’s nice and crispy transfer to a rack and garnish the top with a bit of salt there you have it Snoop Dogg’s potato chip fried chicken okay it kind of looks like KFC chicken I’m liking the color of this guy seems very flaky which is good right that means it’s crunchy crispy oh it’s real crispy can you hear that oh oh yeah the whole fight is delicious I even on the inside sometimes what happens is that with the fried chicken is it’ll be seasoned nicely on the outside but when you bite into it it doesn’t taste like anything but this is really nice this tastes the murder at KFC chicken it’s like elevated camp see the batter from the outside it looks like it but the moment you bite into it it’s like whoa next up is David Chang this one is based on a YouTube video not a written recipe so we tried our best so don’t end this in the comments he starts by making a brine 50% sugar and 50% soul I stirred that all up so it’s nice and dissolved added the chicken wrapped it up and put it in the fridge overnight to bright the next day you’re gonna take instant ramen packets and pulverize it and if food processor in turn it into a flour has a texture of almond take that transfer it into a bowl in season both buttermilk and that flour mixture with the packets that come with the instant ramen you’re gonna take each piece of chicken dip it in buttermilk first then dip it in the bowl price instant ramen and you’re gonna do that with all of the chicken take those dunk them into a preheated fryer and gently fry them until they’re nice and golden and crispy once you take them out transfer them to a rack and season that tops them with a little bit more of that seasoning packet that comes with the city and there you have it David Chang’s ramen fried chicken this looks are really cool this bread crumbing looks a little bit different than what I’ve been used to this looks like corn this is ramen right I love this I think this is super creative I like it it’s got more texture to it on the outside you know when you get like Rice Krispies it almost feels like that texture of Rice Krispies on the outside so you get that extra crunch the sad thing is that there are bits here where you see like it didn’t really cling on to it the way it’s supposed to it’s still a pretty good piece of fried chicken whoever’s on the money you seasoned all the way through from the outside to the inside pretty good please up next is Guy Fieri he starts by making Brian by combining buttermilk pickle juice hot sauce dill granulated garlic onion powder salt pepper in a bowl and whisking it all together add your chicken you’re gonna that sit for two to four hours so I wrapped it up and I put it away in the meantime you’re gonna make dill salt which is dill salt and pepper mix all together and set them aside for later once the chicken is brined bring it back here combine flour cornmeal granulated garlic smoked paprika mustard powder onion powder and black pepper in a large mixing bowl whisk that all up and you’re going to take one piece of chicken at a time and coat it in that flour do this with all the remaining chicken and you let them all sit for about 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature so the breading sets up bring those into a preheated fryer and fry them in 350-degree oil until golden and crispy and cooked transfer those onto a wire rack and you’re gonna sprinkle the top prepared dill salt that you made BAM and there you have it got the Aries fried chicken with dill sauce wow we got some green bits in there that’s nice do you see this there’s like green on it that’s cute a little less crunchy but still good we take a bite into it see what we got this is a weird taste but I like a good way definitely a little bit less seasoning on this one or at least a little less flavor it didn’t penetrate all the way through to the bone is there a deal on this I like this I think that like a bit a little zing is pretty good I gotta say this one to me is pretty normal next up is my queen Patti LaBelle she starts by generously seasoning chicken with seasoning salt black pepper and cayenne and yeah I went heavy because I’ve seen the comments and other videos and I do not want to be a victim of those comments we’re gonna get a bag fill it with flour and put chicken in it a few pieces at a time and shake them up to coat them do this with the older remaining chicken take the chicken and we’re gonna shallow fry and patty only uses one quart of vegetable oil so you’re gonna have to flip them a few times a bit different than the other recipes cook them until they’re nice and golden and crisp transfer them to a paper towel to drain and there you have it Teddy LaBelle’s famous fried chicken okay this looks like a homestyle piece of chicken this one’s really pretty Oh that was juicy we managed to retain some some juice in here which is really nice I like the seasoning on it it’s pretty good the flames are in these hotdogs this is another recipe that’s based on a YouTube video Gordon Ramsay starts off by soaking chicken in buttermilk Tibet he adds shallots garlic and onion the video looks like he might have put some herbs in it but he didn’t call for it so I didn’t use it I wrapped this up I stuck in the fridge overnight the next thing he seasoned flour with salt cayenne and pepper mixes that together Gordon Ramsay double dredges his chicken this means he first puts it in the flour then back into the buttermilk and back into the flour one more time so it gives it kind of extra thick crispier coating he does this with all the chicken and he transfers it to a preheated front he takes each piece of chicken dips it into a 325-degree fryer fries it until it’s nice and crispy and golden wheat Eckstrom out he sprinkles the top with a little bit of salt and he says if it’s not fully cooked you can transfer them to the oven for a few more minutes just until they’re done and there you go burner em cheese fried chicken all right this is real crispy is that all ready just take a bite let’s see what the flavors looking like in terms of flavor really not my favorite this literally tastes like dried turkey on Thanksgiving Day no gravy I can’t really taste too much in the batter can’t really taste too much in the meat this one doesn’t have any taste when it comes to flavors I like how I like a lot of like you know stuff that sticks out at you nothing in general really sticks out of me in terms of this particular piece of check out the plane I gotta say so which celebrity has the best fried chicken let’s find out out of these five fried chickens that I tried today I think I’m gonna have to go with three three had a different taste when I think it was because of the dill and that put it for the top Guy Fieri’s leg balm hello out of the five different types of fried chicken that I tried today my favorite one has to be number one it was packed with flavor and the skin was super nice it was really juicy from outside to inside the flavor penetrated all the way through which is something I’m always looking for when it comes to fried chicken clear winner in my eyes oh no popping chicken is so out of these five fried chicken celebrity recipes I think my winner is number one it was just like the first bite bit into it and I was like mind blown who was it are you serious wow that’s awesome so there you have it Snoop Dogg has the best fried chicken what recipe should we try next let us know in the comments [Music] you [Music]

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