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(upbeat music) – I thought my brother
almost ate out of that one the other day and I was
like (gasps) he already was eating it and I was like ah,
’cause I didn’t label it. Now it’s labeled, so everyone’s safe. (optimistic music) Hey health nuts, welcome
back to my channel. Today’s video is a what’s
in my fridge tour video. You guys have been
requesting this for so long, and mostly the reason that
I haven’t done it is, A, our last place, it was a galley kitchen, so the fridge was in a tight spot to really get some good far
away angles of the fridge and then, B, my fridge is
usually an organized mess. We’re testing, we’re
filming, and just cooking and my everyday life is happening so sometimes it’s really packed and I don’t always wanna organize it, but this was a great. I’ve been wanting to organize the fridge, so I did a little bit of cleaning while still keeping it
pretty authentic and real to what the ingredients
usually are in there. So I’m really excited. Before we hop in, if you
guys didn’t already know, I do a ton of what I ate
in a day videos that, in case you’re wondering
how I use this food in my everyday life, I will link that playlist down below as well as in the top
right hand corner here. There’s so many videos of
just me everyday in my kitchen making food and sharing with
you guys what I eat in a day. So, without further ado, let’s hop right into the video or let’s just come over here. Let’s go right into the fridge, shall we? Okay so, the fridge is awesome. We moved into this place
about four months ago and we actually did a whole
empty house tour video. (grunts) Excuse me, fridge. So, I’m gonna start with the door and I really like this door. There’s a lot of shelving
and pockets in here that are nice and deep, and they actually fit all of my condiments which is really great. So, I totally think that condiments can play a healthy role in your diet. I hate that word, diet, but like I don’t think
condiments are the worst enemy when it comes to food. I think you just look at the ingredients, and just be mindful of
which ones you’re eating. Cashew is so loud, I apologize. Okay, so up here we have our butters. I have some unsalted, grass-fed butter. When it comes to fats and butters, I try to get organic when possible because a lot of toxins like
to sit in fatty substances. I love this ghee, this is Lees Ghee. This is the maple flavor one. I have a couple of other ones, but it is so good for
pancakes, it’s delicious, and ghee is clarified butter. You can google it if you want to, and down here I have kind
Of like my supplements area that I just like to keep in
the fridge to keep them fresh. We have some Beekeeper’s pollen. I have Four Sigmatic, what’s this? A mushroom focus shot,
that must be for Matt. And then I just have some other stuff. We got vitamin sprays. I got my Beekeeper’s Throat Relief Spray, oh my god, the best. Here I have some vitamin
sprays from Garden of Life and then some probiotics. So just the supplement area. And then up here, I don’t
know, I have random stuff. Horse radish, capers, tapenade. Oh, tapenade’s so good. Have you guys tried that before? It’s like olive if
olives were a nut butter, they’d be tapenade. I don’t even know what’s up here. Oh, I got some Trader Joe’s
tomato paste in the tube. Then this here is a
Hungarian paprika sauce, it’s really good. So down here I have some tamari. It’s just a gluten-free soy sauce. I have fish sauce back here. This is really spicy, this is a hot sauce from Organic Harvest Goods, really hot. But it’s good, just a
little bit goes a long way. I got two kinds of
mayonnaise, I got Veganaise. I especially like to use
this for Ella and Orin ’cause they can’t have eggs, but I like that one too. And then I also have some
avocado oil from Hellmann’s. That one just has avocado
oil in the mayonnaise. Over here I have some apple cider vinegar. So this one’s almost out, but I actually have a
Costco size downstairs that I just refill this one up with, so that’s pretty handy. And then I have some mustards. I’ve got Trader Joe’s
regular organic mustard. Oh, this brand is my
favorite mustard ever. It’s Kozlik’s, it’s a
Toronto brand and this one is the herb rosemary. I don’t think this one’s open yet. I haven’t tried this one, but
their mustards are incredible. They’re so good. If you are in Toronto, you can get them at St. Lawrence market or
in a lot of grocery stores they’ll carry this, but I think
you can order it online too. I’m not sure, but it’s delicious. Back here I have a Trader
Joe’s garlic aioli mustard, that’s really good too. I got some Trader Joe’s pickles. This I picked up the other day, it’s just a gut shot
from Farmhouse Culture. It’s basically full of probiotics and it’s good for your
tummy, so I have that. A Costco size of some maple syrup. This one’s organic and it’s
a good price at Costco. Believe it or not, maple syrup
is so expensive in Canada. I don’t understand. I can’t even imagine across the world how much it is but it is quite expensive. Down here I have some wine
just for cooking and stuff. I have some marinated
artichokes from Costco, sriracha that’s delicious, ketchup. I used to like ketchup as an adult. I just make sure to get the organic ones so I’m not having any corn syrup in there. This I think was from a photo shoot, like something we were filming,
some coconut whipped cream, but I like to make my
own when I have time. I got a huge thing of
Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. I’m currently testing some
cauliflower buffalo wings. So good. If they’re out, I will link them here by the time this video goes live. I got some, just some
organic strained tomatoes. That’s good to add to, I don’t know, dinner, sauces, stews. Oh, I shared this little
tip on my food waste hacks. This is how you store your fresh herbs and keep them living past two days. This is just some fresh dill. I have one of the jumbo silicone bags from the health med shop. I will link them down below, and I just put it in a
mason jar with some water, cover it, and this will
stay fresh in the fridge for a couple weeks. I’ll just put you right back in there, and then here I just got some nut milks. This is new favorite
of mine, it’s so good. It’s the barista edition. It’s oat milk from Earth’s Own, I love this company for nut milk. It’s really good and then
this is my favorite soy milk for baking with, like
making homemade butter milk and stuff like that for
baking, I really like this one. Okay then I have some more oat milk. This is just a regular
oat milk, I love this one. I just got the original, unsweetened so that way if I’m using
it for something savory it doesn’t have a vanilla flavor to it and how cute is the packaging? I really like it. Oh, I totally skipped this side. What do I have? I don’t know, some pickled ginger. Random enough, I have some duck fat here. Andrea, who’s part of the HealthNut team, she helps out with copyrighting
and recipe testing. She actually also works
for a airline company and flies all over the world, so she brought this from
France and it’s really good if you roast it on fries and
stuff and wedges in the oven. I got some pickled jalapenos. I have some organic chopped garlic. Usually I use fresh but
that’s good in a pinch and then, oh my god, this jam is so good. Our friend makes this jam,
it’s called Penny Candy Jam. This is the blueberry
and lavender and mint. These are so delicious. We have some other
flavors in the cup board and they are basically,
not only really flavorful, but there’s not a ton of sugar in them. You have to be careful
when it comes to jams with the sugar content
’cause it can be scary. So that’s everything that’s in the door portion of our fridge, so let’s head on to the main section. So there’s a lot going on here, and this is actually, I would say, on the empty side to what it normally is, but these are usually just
things that I have in my fridge at any given moment. As you guys know, we’re
doing a lot of testing, we’re filming, so we probably
have more ingredients than the average family even though it’s just Matt and I here. But you know we definitely
eat a variety of foods, and then I have my staples
that I just eat everyday whether it’s in my smoothie,
my salad, for dinner. You name it, I gotta have it. I just like to stock up on my staples. So I just recently organized the fridge. It has never looked this clean before, and I’m quite proud of myself. I’ve been wanting to organize
it with some Tupperware at the top just to organize
some of my nuts and seeds, and superfoods and it’s
looking pretty good. And I can actually see
where everything is, so I will link these containers, which I’ll talk about in a sec down below. So on the left here I
just have some yogurt. I got plain yogurt from Liberte, and then I also have these
really fun fruit ones from Dannon which I’ve talked
about in a video before. They’re no sugar added and
they’re just fun flavors. I also have two cans of
coconut milk back here, and if you’re wondering
why do you have cans of coconut milk in your fridge? Well, let me tell you. There’s always a recipe,
especially even if you’re making just homemade coconut whipped cream, that they’re like
refrigerate your coconut milk the day before. Well, I don’t remember to do that. So I instead, I just always kind of keep some cans of
coconut milk in the back so then I have it all ready to go. And it will last there for quite a while. I feel like those have been
there a very long time. I should probably make
something with them. Okay so then we have our berries up here. I’ve heard before it’s good
to store your berries up top. I have some hummus, this
is my favorite right now. It’s an olive hummus, can
you tell I’m Portuguese? I love olives. So in the back here I
have some nuts and seeds that I like to keep in the
fridge just to store them as well as keep them fresh longer. So, I just have these
little popup OXO containers. We saw these on the shop as well, and they just make it really easy to kind of easily open it. They’re also very easy to clean and they’re just quite handy. They’re airtight, so they lock. No air is gonna get in them. I got chia seeds, flax,
hemp hearts, pumpkin seeds, cashews and, not your kind of Cashew. Oh, she’s sleeping. And then I got sunflower seeds. So these are some of my go-tos. Usually I’ll have almonds too,
but I just finished the bag. So I don’t have any of those in here, but I really like those containers ’cause it just makes it easier to see and they’re really easy to
stack on top of each other. Over here, this is one of mine and Matt’s favorite condiments
or sides to our meals. This is kimchi and this is just
the one from Live Organics. So good, it’s our favorite one. I do alternate between
a couple of other ones, but this is our go-to and
I just buy the large one ’cause we go through it really quick, and then back here I have
some white soybean paste. This is really good in
Asian soups or stir-fries. And then I have some Earth Balance. This is mostly for when
Ella and Orin are over. This one is soy-free and
although I don’t eat margin, this is the only thing that I do eat, but I wouldn’t eat this
on a regular basis, and then back here, this is
my favorite salsa from Costco. It’s the Garden Fresh Organic Jack’s Cantina Salsa in
medium, it’s really good. It has a slight sweetness
to it, but I don’t know, it’s really fresh and tasty
and I love it with corn chips. All right, moving onto
the next shelf here. I have a bunch of organic brown eggs. I’ve been using this container
here for probably a year now. I really like it, it just allows me to, it not only looks prettier in your fridge, but you can store more than
one more carton and yeah. I like it, I’ll link it down below. Then over here we have some fresh basil, organic cherry tomatoes, organic baby spinach. You will always find
baby spinach in my fridge especially for smoothies. I have just some organic
kale here, oh, I just bought and that’s still wet. And then I actually just bought these. I’m gonna try out these pickles. They are raw and unpasteurized zesty. Yeah, that just spilled
all over me, okay, sorry. I’m gonna get a napkin, one second. Wow, they filled to that to
the rim, let me tell you. So I haven’t tried these pickles before, but they looked good and this
one has zesty hordish-rash. Hordis-rash in it, hordis-rash. Horseradish, that’s how you say it. I love oysters and I put
horseradish on them all the time. I don’t know why I forgot
what it was called. Here I have some baby
kale, and then I also, I forgot I had these back here. These are from Costco. These are already organic cooked beets because who got time to peel, slice, and stain your hands with beets? Not me, so I have those back there and they’re vacuumed-sealed
so they actually last a long time which is nice. Okay, then we have this
drawer here which I think is for cold cuts and cheeses and stuff. I don’t really know the layout
of how this fridge was built, but we have some tempeh. In the last few months
I’ve been into tempeh. I used to not like it and
then I just realized you need to get the marinated stuff. So this is a sesame garlic tempeh, and you can add that to a stir-fry or an Asian stir-fry or just noodles. I got some Tofutti cream cheese,
I can’t say things today. I like regular cream cheese too, but this one’s really
good and it’s dairy-free and I try not to have too much dairy otherwise I break out,
but I still eat cheese. I got some Parmesan. I was using that for testing as well. I got one little square
of organic cheddar cheese. I was snacking on it
before we were filming, and then I have another
protein source here. I got some organic extra firm tofu that I like to have as well. Matt really likes tofu as well. You guys know we’re not vegetarian, but you don’t have to
be vegan to like tofu and plant-based things. You can have a variety of them, we can all be friends. (laughs) So I have that in there and, yeah, I did have some pressed cottage cheese, but I realized it went bad. That stuff doesn’t last very long. I would’ve of gotten the
smaller stuff if I knew. Moving on to the next shelf
we have some meats here. Usually I will transfer meats
that I’m not have right away into the freezer but I just
picked these up the other day. I got some Beyond Meat burgers. If you didn’t see my
what I eat in a day video that I did recently that
I made epic, epic burgers, you need try them or
watch it, it’s so good. You can use regular burgers as well, but I don’t really do well with red meat. So, I like these once in a while. They’re good. So then I have here some minced turkey for meat balls and stuff, and then I also have some, what are these? Oh, boneless skinless chicken thighs. So, I have that. I mean, we usually get a lot of our meats in bulk from Costco and then we’ll marinate them
and freeze them and stuff. We just haven’t gone to Costco recently, so I just got smaller portions. Here I got some drinks, so on the left these are my new favorites, the grapefruit sparkling water. Matt is obsessed with Zevia. I love Zevia too, but
Matt drinks it everyday. He’s obsessed, he likes the grape, he likes the cream soda, the Dr. Pepper. Yeah, I like the ginger
ale, that’s my favorite. So I have that, the grape
is really good though too. So I see why Matt likes that. Over here I have these little plastic bins that I really like for
just organizing things. Usually this one is my
smoothie ingredients, but I just kind of have some,
this is camu camu powder. I have some organic spirulina. I only get this brand or one from Hawaii ’cause it just has a way better flavor and I feel like the quality is better. I will link this exact one down below. I got two things of organic ginger. Always buy organic when
it comes to ginger. It just tastes water better, and I feel like the price
isn’t that much more. Here I just have some buckwheat bread. This one is I think is like
a paleo bread, I’m not sure. But the ingredients are super clean. It’s not like an everyday
bread, but I really like it. It has like a sourdough
kind of taste to it. Chloe don’t like it too much, but she’s behind the camera right now, but I really like it
and it’s a hearty bread. It’s not your everyday sandwich bread. Over here this is the
nut, oh my god, so heavy. This is the nut butter
drawer, I have a lot. I got tubs of cashew butter. I have this mixed nut
butter from Trader Joe’s. This one’s really good. It has Brasil nuts, hazelnuts,
pecans, it’s so good. I got another one from
Trader Joe’s, almond butter. Oh, this is the best. I’m gonna put this in, it’s getting heavy. This is the best tahini. You get this in the ethnic
aisle at your grocery story. Walmart used to carry it, but now it carries a similar one that’s a little bit
different, I don’t know. You can check your Walmart,
but this one’s so good. It’s just tahini. It’s the best-tasting one
and it’s the cheapest one. Then I have some peanut butter. I’m just obsessed with peanut butter. If I had a peanut butter
allergy I would cry. Like seriously, it’s so good. And I’m sorry if you do,
but there are some other nuts and seeds that you can have, but I love this one by
MaraNatha, it’s really good. This is the crunchy one, I
have the creamy one for backup. Comment down below, are you a creamy or crunchy peanut butter lover? I would love to know. Cashew also loves peanut butter. I don’t wanna say it too loud, but this one is for her
and we have it labeled because you don’t wanna eat this one. Yeah, fingers get dipped in this and then in the KONG, it’s not good. Yeah, you wouldn’t wanna eat it. I thought my brother
almost ate out of that one the other day and I was
like (gasps) he already was eating it and I was like, ah, ’cause I didn’t label it. Now it’s labeled, so everyone’s safe. Chloe’s laughing behind the camera. All right onto the veggie
drawers at the bottom. So we have a mixture of things. I don’t really know what’s in here. I have some asparagus that I definitely need to cook tonight. It’s looking a little sad on the ends, but we’ll make that tonight. I have some mushrooms, these are so good. These are Comanche mushrooms. I’m a big mushroom gal, I have a couple. I have cremini here, I
have half of a red onion. I love these silicone bags for this because the smell doesn’t leak out of it, and it just stores, any
cut up veg that you have, you can just easily pack that into it without using plastic wrap all the time. And I got a jalapeno,
I got half an avocado with an avocado huggy, these are awesome. Your avocados stay fresh for
three days, they’re amazing. I got baby carrots, I have a
organic cauliflower back there. I got oyster mushrooms I think. Yeah oyster mushrooms,
green onion, half a lemon. Just a random selection of vegetables. All right, so back here I have
kind of all my loose things. So, I got some cucumber. There’s actually I think
three cucumbers down here. I eat cucumbers all the time, they’re in my smoothies everyday. I have some zucchini. You can saute those, steam
and freeze them for smoothies or even spiralize them for noodles. I got a couple of apples. There’s also avocados in here, so what I do is I usually will have some produce in the fridge
and then when I know I’m gonna eat them soon, I will take them out and
put them in the fruit bowl just to kind of ripen, and I also don’t like my apples cold. I can’t eat cold fruit, it hurts my teeth. So I will store some in here just like if I take everything out, it’s gonna go bad. And then I have tomato,
I have an aloha pepper. These are actually naturally like this. I thought they were genetically
modified, I don’t know. It’s like how is this pepper so cute? And then back here. Oh, I even have a red cabbage
which looks like purple. I don’t know why this is
called red, but I have that. I’ll have to use that guy too soon. I got just some loose lemons in here. I will sometimes when I remember, bring these to the store so I don’t have to use the plastic bags
or I just won’t use the plastic bags. There’s also a lime in there. So that’s everything in that drawer, and yeah, that’s everything
that we have in the top fridge. Let’s just go down to the freezer. There’s not a ton of things in there, so I feel like this is
already a long video, but let’s just do the
freezer ’cause I don’t think the freezer can have it’s own video. So, let’s come on down. I’m gonna squat down because
the freezer’s on the bottom. All right so, in the bottom
one here I just organized this, so don’t think this is always the case, but I put all of the vegetables down here and any meat items and seeds. So I have some corn, two things of corn, peas and carrots, I have butternut squash, I have some seeds, I got cashews here, and hazelnuts which I really
should use these for something. It’s good to keep extra nuts and seeds in the freezer if you
don’t think you’re gonna get through them especially
if you’re buying them from Costco like I do,
they’re gonna last longer. I have green beans, shelled edamame. This is such a great item
just to add into food. Chopped organic spinach,
I have some rainbow trout that I got from Costco. I got some mild Italian
sausage that is frozen, and then Matt buys for his meal prep this organic frozen veggie mix, and then he likes this one too. Oh my god. I wanna say freezer and I’m saying frozen. Anyways, a mixture of frozen beans, okay? And then I have some
grain-free tortilla wraps that have been there
for God knows how long. All right so, top part we got the fruit which is usually where I’m
digging in, in the morning for my smoothies. So, up here I have two sizes of ice cubes. So these are large ones and small ones. I like these double-layered ones, and then they have a lid that close. I will link them down below. I have some acai frozen packs. I got some rissois (laughs) for all my Portuguese peeps out there,
these are just some shrimp. They’re kind of like shrimp pierogies. What else? I got ginger that’s frozen in here. It keeps it fresher longer, it’s easy for grating into things. I have smoked salmon. You can get these
individually packed at Costco, and then I have some of my, I made these in a meal
prep hacks video one time. These are my freezer cubes. They’re infused with oil, lemon
juice, fresh herbs, garlic. They’re just a great thing
to add to your meals. Then for fruit, I’m not go
through each and everyone of them ’cause there’s a lot, but one of the things
I always have in here is a big just bag of
bananas that are freezing. I just chopped these up earlier. I’ll usually have a
bundle that’s ripening. I have a system with avocados
and bananas in this kitchen where they’ll be ripening
and then I put them in the fridge or the freezer. So, I always have frozen
bananas and I like to chop them up like this. It makes them easier to blend. And then I have in here, I got peaches, pineapple, mango, blueberries. Yeah, super fruit blends,
like all berries and stuff. What else? Pomegranates, these are really fun. They’re easier than peeling
and de-seeding them yourself. And that’s what’s in here, so yeah. Okay, let’s stand up. (laughs) So that’s everything that’s
in my fridge and freezer. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video and I gave you some ideas on what to pack your fridge and freezer with, I would love to know three things that are in your fridge right now. Comment down below and
if you’re not subscribed to this video or this channel, what are you doing with your life? No, I’m just kidding, but like it’s free. Free videos every single week. I post videos on Mondays,
Wednesdays, and Fridays and I would love to know
if you guys wanna see more what’s in my blank in the fridge, no in the kitchen. Do you guys wanna see what’s in my pantry? What’s in my snack drawer? I don’t know, maybe my pantry. What do you guys wanna see next? Let me know. Okay, thank you so much for watching. I’m gonna close my fridge and stop wasting energy, so bye guys. Thank you so much for watching. See you in the next one. (optimistic music)

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