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what’s up muscle and strength this is
four-time world Strongest Man Brian Shaw and we are going to cook some breakfast first thing I do is I kind of set
everything out I like to have it all ready when I start the cooking process
so the first thing we got here is just some grass-fed butter kind of just coat
the pan with that and then use it mainly to cook cook the spinach in I want the
the the fat from the butter just go with the butter no cooking spray at all for
me and then as far as this is just some organic baby spinach so I just kind of
essentially make an omelet you know it’s not exactly an omelet but throw the
spinach in first and let that cook normally just kind of do a handful it’s
crazy how spinach cooks down when you when you start cooking it it looks like
oh man the pans fairly full and it’ll it’ll cook down to almost nothing get it
all kind of coated in the butter here I’ve already got the rice set and cooked
sometimes I’ll actually have two different rice makers and I’ll set it on
a time delay so I’ve always got always got fresh rice I never never reheat the
rice I like to just have it fresh so every meal that I have rice with which
is basically almost every one of my meals I have fresh rice for that once
that’s cooked down then we throw the eggs in here so with the eggs and I will
do I’ll do eight whole eggs with this yeah so we got eight eggs in next
ingredient here will just be cheddar cheese so I just take one slice of
cheese here and then I just break it up into pieces you just kind of throw it in and then I did I just Scrabble it from
there really with eating a lot of eggs it’s uh that I think I think is
important that they’re trying to eat them in a big quantity is not to not to
overcook the eggs so overcooked eggs are much harder to eat then eggs that are a
little bit softer and have more moisture in them so I always always try my best
when I’m cooking this to not not overcook it just kind of leave it a
little bit softer so it’s just easier for me to get down and then what I do is
grab a bowl here and then just throw these eggs into that bowl yeah perfect so now we’ve got we’ve got the eggs done
what I’ll do is I’ll go over here and get get some rice next so as I said this
is all already cooked normally I’ll cook like two to three cups of rice something
like that of dry rice and then I can typically get at least two meals out of
it maybe three you know depending on how much rice I’m eating and then I’ll start
a fresh batch and go with that or like I said I’ll have two rice makers set up
that all just time delay the second one so it starts cooking you know maybe
three hours after my last meal so that I can eat and have rice ready at all times
so what I’ll do is at this point I mean I’ve kind of know how much a cup is so
right about like that is about a cup of rice so I’ll do that and then do another one here so typically with this I’ll have you
know kind of roughly between two two and a half cups of rice and then I just grab
uh grab a spoon and then I’ll normally don’t just mix it up altogether so for
me for a number of years I would actually consume and you may have seen
videos out there of me eating a large quantity of oatmeal and eggs for
breakfast and I did that for years and the oatmeal for me was a lot harder to
digest and it was um just my body seemed to not agree with it very well at all so
I forced that down for a lot of years and I’ve been much happier switching
over you know with the rice because it’s easier to digest it and and I can move
on and I can actually get more food in and I feel better so I mean there’s a
lot of factors there you know if you’ve been you know kind of force in the oatmeal
you know because you feel like maybe that’s the only way to go you know throw
some throw some rice in the other thing you can do is throw some
sweet potatoes in because those are those are great carb source as well so
you can mix that in maybe do a combination of rice and sweet potatoes
with you know with your omelet that’s another great idea so just a couple
things to play with but you know if you’re struggling with digestion of
something that you don’t necessarily have to fight through and a lot of times
when you’re struggling like that it means that your body’s you know not
liking what you’re eating so so maybe it’s time to switch it up and try
something different so give this a shot and hopefully it works for you


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  2. Do strongmen have a job/business besides fueling to maintain their strength to win competition as I know even the winning money in competition doesn't have monetary motivation n everyone needs money for survival n blah blah maslows law

  3. He is just relaxed and not in an effort to impress people with something extraordinary, just eggs man (maybe the number of eggs he buries in stomach)

  4. I saw your shopping video where you bought a mountain of bison meat. How do you keep your cholesterol low when you are eating 8 eggs for breakfast and insane amounts of red meats for other meals? Genuinely curious

  5. I’m always waiting for the bowel movement video from these bodybuilders and strongmen. Or a monthly receipt on toilet paper 🤔

  6. I miss living at my father's in Louisiana rice allday,that was primary too fish or chicken.my ma little vinegar in rice was a trick for no stick I think,dude I love rice.rinsing it was insisted too rinse I did just didnt know y.

  7. Why rice and not pasta? I love rice, but I hate vegetables. However, I have discovered that I can tolerate vegetables when I make pasta salads.So, I want to move from rice and sweet potatoes to pasta, to allow me to eat more vegetables. So, how come fitness people seldom mention pasta in their daily diets?

  8. I would friend a guy like this over modern body builders or heath freaks. He is fare better person to mentor our youth
    Rice is to asian as potato to American I love rice and potatoes
    They go together with all foods

  9. With oatmeal you can lose more weight it helps keep the food in the stomach which makes you eat less and eventually makes people lose weight.

  10. That's like what every asian eats when there's no meat around the house. All that's missing is some onions and garlic to fry with the spinach and of course soy sauce to drizzle at the end.

  11. Thanks for the advice on oatmeal. I've tried it in all sorts of forms but it just give me a bloated stomach for day or two. Rice and eggs are definitely better choice

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