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so welcome back to my channel today I’m
going to be doing a what I eat in a day
again to give you guys some really good
meal inspiration that to show you a
sample I like to do a few things so I
internment fast a lot I also kind of eat
intuitively switch whatever my body is
craving and I stay away from a gluten
dairy and then grains for the most part
about like 90% grain free um so yeah I
might take you through my day of what
I’m eating and this like I said to give
you ideas you might need more than this
or less than this but yeah this is what
I eat you saw I had my lemon water which
I start with every single morning it’s
great for digestion for waking up your
body it has lots of vitamin C in it I
add in a pinch of Himalayan salt as well
which has trace minerals in it that
really helps to hydrate after you’ve
been dehydrated all night that’s how I
start it and then you know we have to
make our coffee so we’re gonna go ahead
and make our coffee but first I wanted
to touch on coffee and that is because
coffee is one of the most heavily
sprayed things next to corn so corn and
coffee are the two most things that you
definitely want to buy organic because
they are heavily sprayed and then when
they’re sprayed they can also get things
like mycotoxins and that if mycotoxins
are in your coffee you can actually end
up feeling more brain fog with coffee
than without it so you want to get a
good quality organic coffee
it doesn’t have to be super fancy it
just needs to be organic because it’s
heavily sprayed so you just definitely
don’t want to go for like the cheapest
cheapest coffee you want to make sure
especially if you’re using coffee to
kind of wake you up in the morning um
you want to choose an organic one so I
just usually buy whatever is on sale for
organic and Whole Foods or use my for
socratic alright guys so let’s go ahead
and make some coffee so this is
everything for my coffee I have my
obviously ground cinnamon and some brain
octane my pre-warmed cup and then my
water is about to be boiling and my
father which I used to froth everything
that you’ll see
so for breakfast lately I have been
obsessed with making yogurt bowls
because I made some homemade granola
which I will leave the recipe down
description tastes so good with some
berries and some dairy free yogurt when
it comes to breakfast I typically break
my fast whenever I’m hungry so L
honestly depending on the day anywhere
between like 10:00 and 12:00 it’s a bit
earlier today because I stopped eating
earlier last night around 6:00 so it’s a
little bit earlier but again if I was
hungry I would eat earlier I just like
to practice intermittent fasting so
let’s go make the yogurt Bowl I like
this cuz you can definitely bring this
anywhere it click to school or to work
I’ll bring this to clinic all the time I
would just put a little bit of granola
into a separate bag and then add that on
top of it so it didn’t get soggy and I
still had that nice little crunchy
clusters so yeah let’s go ahead and have
some breakfast so I’m gonna make a
little yogurt Bowl with some dairy free
yogurt silk some organic blueberries and
the paleo granola I made in one of my
recent videos I’ll link it down below
it’s delicious
so this is my little breakfast bowl I
added a little bit of bee pollen on the
top yeah I’m gonna go ahead and enjoy
this delicious Bowl so for lunch I’m
just going to make like a chicken veggie
Bowl something I like to do is I just
buy like a roasted organic chicken at
the grocery store that’s already cooked
if I can’t be bothered to cook chicken
and then I’ll like eat from it for the
next like a few days that’s what I’m
gonna do and another thing I like to do
to make my meals really fun is to add
different fresh herbs so I grow like
basil and oregano and things like my
little herb garden so I added on some
that or I add on some mint and it really
just elevates the flavor of everything I
like to include protein fat fiber and
greens those things not only help to
nourish your gut bacteria and keep you
full but they’re also really nourishing
for your hair your gut your skin your
nails everything yes well those are like
my mainstays where I like to base all my
meals apart and make sure I have some of
each of those and every meal to kind of
like build something so the veggies will
change in terms of like the fiber the
protein will change depending on what I
have on hand but that’s like my general
formula and something I tell people to
do all the time is just to base it
around that and just keep it simple
whatever you like so yeah let’s go make
some lunch so I have my chicken that I’m
gonna heat up with some mushrooms and
then I make a side salad and add some
hemp hearts on the top for a little bit
of omegas and fiber super easy
so the chicken and the mushrooms are
done I’m just gonna toss on some of the
hem parts they’re really high in like
omega threes and they have some protein
so a little bit of healthy fats in here
and then I have some fresh herbs from my
garden but I’m just going to tear and
put on top
so for the last couple days I’ve really
wanted to make brownies it so I’m gonna
whip up some brownies I’m doing my keto
brownie recipe except for the fact that
I don’t have monk fruit sweetener I’m
all out so I’m just using coconut sugar
that’s basically the way to make almost
anything keto is just to switch coconut
sugar for either a monk fruit or stevia
preferably monk fruit and bike vice
versa so I was gonna make some this is
everything you need coconut oil I’ve
added vanilla so I’m gonna use coffee
because coffee and chocolate goes well
egg cocoa almond flour coconut sugar and
I’ve cited him to put a few squares like
on the top so that I can melt in
so the brownies are out of the oven I
like making it in parchment paper
because then you can just lift it up and
yeah I’m gonna cut them into little
bites and enjoy why after dinner later
but I wanted to just like get them ready
for later so I don’t have to wait after
dinner so tonight I’m going out for
tacos with my friend Aaron I wanted to
show you guys that even though I’m paleo
like probably like 90 to 95 percent of
the time I’m not like a hundred percent
of time so if I want tacos I will go out
and have tacos and not worry about like
the one time I went out and had some
corn or some grains it’s more about what
you do every day that matters versus
those like small instances and also
we’re going a bit later in the day
because I had a call until 7:00 I’m
normally I stopped eating around 6:30
7:00 so I’m having a later dinner and
you know what like I’ll just start
eating later tomorrow not a big deal I
don’t like stress about it
I don’t you know say no to going out or
enjoying food with friends because you
know I like super strict about being
paleo or intermittent fasting a certain
time but still I just like make that
small decision and then I’m more
conscious about it next time so that’s
kind of like how I play it and even when
I go out a lot of the time I still like
eat paleo when I’m out she’s just she
mentioned tacos and I was like you know
what even though it’s not Tuesday I
could really go for tacos but it’s
Thursday so you know maybe talk about
Thursday should be a thing before I go
to dinner though I just wanted to show
you guys the texture of these brownies
they look so delicious and may or may
not have a bite of one but they’re like
yeah the super fudgy they’re not cakey
ones they’re definitely of a nice little
fudgy brownie so my friend Erin says
she’s gonna be five minutes so we’re
gonna have our brownie now mmm so then
so I totally forgot to film the tacos
when we were out to dinner last night me
my friend just honestly got to talking
and I totally forgot that I was to film
um but I will put a picture here I had
the best like grilled fish tacos it’s
really hard at least around me to find
fish tacos that aren’t like the battered
ones and because I can’t have gluten
obviously I can’t have the battery runs
so when I saw grilled fish tacos that is
what I had they were delicious they were
a tad spicy I’m like no burning your
mouth but like I don’t mind a little bit
of spice but they were they were very
good um and then I got back kind of like
well late for me because I go to bed at
nine o’clock so I honestly once I came
home it was at that time but yeah I hope
you guys enjoyed this video and that it
gave you some inspiration but also show
you that like I don’t eat paleo 100% of
the time and like all go out with
friends and eat like tacos with like
corn like once in a while or like I’ll
eat later dinner and not have like the
most perfect intermittent fast like I
didn’t fast 16 hours today and that’s
okay it’s all about mainly what you do
in your habits what you do on like a
regular basis that’s gonna make a
difference so don’t beat yourself up if
you like want to go out with friends one
night so I’m gonna leave a my what I eat
in a day at playlist right here that’ll
give you lots more like quick easy
recipes all my recipes are quick I don’t
spend like an hour making dinner partly
because like I film a lot when I make
dinner like meals for myself that are
not like recipe videos
I want quick I want easy healthy and of
course delicious I don’t need anything
that’s not delicious I am like very much
a stickler about that so yeah I hope you
guys are all having a great day and I
will see you in my next video bye guys


  1. I’m all about yogurt bowls lately. Trying to eat as many berries as I can while they’re in season. I’ll need to try that granola recipe this weekend for my meal preps

  2. Very helpful when you list items and recipes below. Thank you SO much for taking the time to do that for us!! 👍🏻❤️ really enjoy these videos

  3. When you share recipes would it be possible to include grams rather than just cups as in the UK we don't use cups as a measurement please?

  4. Your so spot on in saying it's what you eat everyday that counts. It's more important to enjoy the experience of being out with a friend than the stress being restrictive with your eating when out. Love your videos….thankyou💕

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