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hello, Today’s topic is What I ate in a Day? My breakfast mostly included dosa, idli, oats etc.I couldn’t prepare any special items due to the effort involved and my weakness. I also included variety of fruits with my breakfast Mostly the ones that you like to eat but try to eat different kinds what happens when you eat different colors is each color group habits own specialities and group of vitamins Rice, Dal, Sambar, vegetable stir fry I didn’t have much space in my tummy so, my quantity was very less But I made sure what I ate is rich in vitamins Have egg just the way you like and when you like add the spice enhance the flavor and just eat it I like to have boiled egg my putting some paprika, salt, cilantro and some onions if you like Try it and you will love it. The amount of proteins you require is way much so you should definitely have good amount of proteins My doctor wanted me to have a lot of proteins So, I used to pick nutrient rich foods and eat I also used to binge on Jalebi, muruku andstuffs like that But I used to have I used to avoid oily n spicy stuffs how much ever I can So, If you have same issues like me, Also, after having lunch drink a glass of buttermilk And if you don’t like to have buttermilk as it is , you can also add some lemon juice, ginger, cilantro, green chilly, and some salt We all get digestive problems like bloating, constipation.. Drink lot of water Its really good for hydration and it will also help in giving babies long healthy hair while in the tummy itself..so that’s a plus isn’t?! I was taking Premier protein shake that had 30gm of proteins in it. it also had a variety of flavors But, mine was the chocolate one..that too very cold cook n have sprouts the reason why I say that is sprouts may have bacteria on it which may not be healthy for the baby so always cook your sprouts before consuming them you can also pressure cook it for 1 whistle also, do wash it before cooking them try to always add food items that’s beneficial to you It was only in the third trimester that I used to die for ice cream shakes.. I couldn’t even finish the whole thing 😀 Focus on food quality rather than quantity that’s my view If you like this video,


  1. Thanks mem me ye janna chahti hu ki apki twis pegneny thi to lndikal twis thi ya non iyditikal dedyka jendar kai he piz piz ripail

  2. Meri twis pegneny he or 6math chalu he or dichorionic diamniotic he or pelesanta alg alg he took ka kai apka bhi ye tha thank mem piz piz ripail me whait karu gi ripiikka thanks mem

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