What Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Santi Aragon’s 8 Minute Meal

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you have to be able to figure out okay I
have 20 minutes to make breakfast how could I make breakfast in 20 minutes what’s up guys this is IFBB Pro Santi
Aragon and I’m here with muscle and strength and what I’m gonna show you is my
typical offseason breakfast you don’t have an excuse to not be able to come up
with a healthy breakfast that’s fast and convenient and that gets your day going
in the offseason I try to incorporate a lot of things that I don’t usually eat
just not only to get the calories a little bit higher you got to enjoy
yourself with some of the food that you’re gonna be eating so I’m gonna go
ahead and start this off I’m gonna spray this with some Pam also depending on the
phase of my diet I may not even use Pam I may actually use something like coconut
oil or even olive oil depending on how much fat content my meal actually needs
so here we go very simply done we’re gonna throw this
is 14 ounces of egg whites in the meantime we’re gonna set up our
oats over here so I like to put just a little bit
I don’t measure again this is the offseason I don’t really measure too
many things this is not one of them I just put a little bit of almond milk I
dump my 1 cup of berries in there it’s gonna be some raspberries blueberries
and blackberries I just put a little bit in there and I’m gonna pop this in the
microwave for two minutes so pre-contest I will change the almond milk for
regular water it sounds extremely boring but hey
30 calories builds up over time so at this point right now I’m just gonna
again I’m not gonna measure anything I’m just gonna eyeball a little bit of the
fat-free cheese in there the mozzarella and the cheddar are my
favorite today we’re gonna be using some mozzarella I turn off the pan and what
I’ll do is I’ll just flip everything just one time just so that the cheese
can melt and if you notice I have not yet seasoned any of this I haven’t put
any salt I haven’t put any pepper on it when you make eggs you actually don’t
want to put salt on it too early cuz it’ll change not only the texture it’ll
dry out the eggs but it’ll make them kind of like a brownish color and I’ve
seen this over time you know making eggs so often that you want to season it
after it’s on your plate and as you can see I do not that I do not go light on
the salt I do believe in high salt intake it keeps my muscles nice and full
all the time so I don’t have this like flat look you see a lot a lot of
trainers they preach about sodium and it’s completely true so when you’re on a
low carbohydrate diet you want to keep your salt intake as high as possible and
your fluid intake and what that’ll do is that’ll at least help you keep your
muscles as plump as possible when you’re supposed to be flat all right let’s get
the oats seems like everything is done so I’ll put in a little bit of Smuckers
in there just to keep it uh keep it a little bit more moisten than it was so
if this is too sweet for you another secret that I do is I bring out more
salt and I actually salt my oats and this in my opinion enhances the flavor a
lot especially if it’s overly sweet you could tone down the sweetness with a
little bit of salt I work a lot alright and you have to make sure that not only
are you getting a breakfast that has everything that you need I got my fruits
for antioxidants I got my oats for for my carbohydrates I got my eggs for
protein I got my little bit of cheese just so that I can feel like a normal
human and I got my coffee and we probably knock this breakfast out and I
would say eight minutes so there everybody has eight minutes in their
lives there you don’t have an excuse to not be able to come up with a healthy
breakfast that’s fast and convenient and that gets your day going

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