Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Week 6 ~ Workout Schedule & Food Intake

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well good morning everybody it is weigh
in Wednesday time for week six already here in 2020 let’s start off with the
weigh-in right now all right scale it’s time you know what
to do make me happy make me happy mr. scale yeah one ninety point six whoo so one ninety point six just looking at
my notes here I was one ninety four point four seven days ago so that’s a
net loss of three point eight pounds again in seven days up here I will flash
all the weeks one two three four five and six so you can see how it is work
but you’ve been following me you probably know and so the total fifteen
point four plus three point eight is nineteen point two nineteen point two
pounds lost here in 2020 doing pretty good yeah that’s cool I got a special
video for you today this is probably the most requested thing I have heard in the
comments since I’ve started and that is that people have asking me even family
friends and family and YouTube have all been asking me Eric tell me exactly what
you are eating when you are eating it how you’re working out and exactly how
long you’re working out holy cow well first of all let me say that the
reason I put this off is because I am NOT an example I’m not trying to tell
people to do things my way obviously we are far too early in this weight loss
just you know just over one month here I don’t want to say do something this way
and then have everybody freak out and say I’m wrong so let me be clear I
really really want to give you every little detail of how I have been able to
lose nineteen point four pounds point four excuse me nineteen point two pounds
so in today’s video I’m gonna share with you every little detail in case you want
to try what I’m doing or you’re just curious about how I’m getting the
success that I’m getting I’m getting a slimmer trend face for this I’m actually
getting my neck back guys my neck I’m not no neck Eric anymore I’m losing
midsection weight and probably lose my thighs and my muscles and gained a
new muscles so so something is working something is definitely working let’s
start with the actual diet itself because honestly that’s why I get into
the most confusion when I’m talking with my viewers everybody wants to tell me
that I should be doing this or that that’s bad or you know switch to this
and do this why don’t you do this why do you have a cheat day why do you do all
this well you need to understand where I’m coming from because I am going by
the body for life by Bill Phillips model I’ve got cassettes I’ve got the book
here it’s a modified version of this but essentially it’s low-carb it is very
similar to Atkins but again not the same rules as Atkins
so essentially it’s a body for life slash Atkins slash now for the last
three weeks an intermittent fasting technique for weight loss there you go
if you haven’t read this book if you don’t know what Atkins is and if you
don’t know what intermittent fasting is please keep your comments and
suggestions for what I should be doing instead for some for somebody else
because I hate to be rude but this is working for me and I want to stay doing
exactly what I’m doing right now so the body for Life program is a 12-week
program which is perfect because that’s the exact length of time I’m competing
here with James over there at one or lest a state to lose 30 pounds in 90
days and 19.2 we’re getting there now we’re not even half done and I’m more
than half lost my my total that I wanted to lose so Atkins diet if you’re not
familiar with it it is essentially a very low carb diet for the first two to
three weeks it’s extremely low like 25 grams of carbs or less for the first
three weeks and boy that was rough are you looking at
any big putts with the butts after that it raises to 50 that’s that’s where I’m
at right now I’m capping my daily carbs at 50 carbs under 50 carbs really and my
calories right now are at 1,200 or lower and so stay tuned because I’m going to
show you exactly what I eat and count my calories and carbs and show you this
printout of how it works okay and lastly is the intermittent fasting which I am
now I have now completed three full weeks of intermittent
and essentially what that means is I only eat during a six-hour window of
each day and then I fast for 18 hours sleep included and honestly it has been
one of the most easiest things I have ever done in my life it is so easy when
I get to the the food section I will show you my exact schedule but I only
eat for six hours out of the day outside of those six hours I can drink water
okay let’s start with the food yeah we’re gonna start with food and then
we’ll do my exercise routine after that so essentially I’m gonna go through
exactly what happens when I wake up each day to when I go to bed okay
I generally wake up sometime sometime between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. okay I
have a cup of coffee in fact between 8:00 a.m. and noon I probably have three
cups of coffee sometimes less but definitely three cups of coffee coffee
again has no calories and no carbs it is actually a kind of a very good thing to
have if you’re on a weight-loss it’s kind of like tea and other vegetable
drinks and stuff like that it is not going to hurt your weight-loss plan so
copy is okay on the diet that I’m working right now okay but I don’t eat
until 2 or 3 p.m. every single day every single day I have not eaten today okay
for the purposes of this video and to make everything clear in a 6 hour time
window we’re gonna call it 3:00 p.m. okay so 3:00 p.m. is the first time I
can eat at 3:00 p.m. I eat three scrambled eggs no I do not remove the
yolk and just do egg whites because I know everybody said you’re supposed to
do that I don’t do it that’s great if you do don’t worry about me guys
I am losing weight it’s working for me so three eggs for breakfast or late
lunch at 3:00 p.m. 3 eggs totals 234 calories and 1.7 grams
of carbs okay okay fast-forward two hours and it’s
time for a snack and per the body for life diet we’re gonna be eating fist
sized portions essentially so this tells us one of them at 5:00 p.m. I drink an
Atkins dark chocolate Royale protein drink these things are absolutely
delicious by the way they really satisfy hunger cravings and they are 160
calories 2 grams of carbs at 5 p.m. at 6 p.m. it is time for meal number 3
essentially but that is going to be an assorted frozen
ken’s approved meal and again I know we can go on and on about how bad frozen
food is for you now it’s processed blah blah blah I am sticking into this diet
lots of people are sticking to this diet and it’s working for them so you can
judge me all you want these things are freaking delicious here’s the lasagna I
also do the chicken moderator there’s a fired pizza in there and there’s chicken
and broccoli this guy right here 400 calories six grams of net carbs okay
fast forward an hour later 7:00 p.m. time for a snack
two large celery sticks with one tablespoon of peanut butter smeared on
top of both of them for the celery sticks 16 calories 1 gram of carbs for
the tablespoon of peanut butter 85 calories and 3 grams of carbs but for
someone who has a difficult time eating veggies the peanut butter really does
help me get my celery and celery is a good low carb low carb enough vegetable
and now fast-forward to 8 p.m. at night ok 8 p.m. I only have one hour left to
eat this is it right now we eat one of those prep meals that I make once a week
I make 6 to 7 small portions of a meat and a veggie usually it’s going to be a
boneless chicken breast and then it’s going to be a vegetable of choice I
generally go through broccoli carrot steamed carrots and corn corn is
probably the worst one I know is higher in carbs and it has more calories it’s
also a more starchy vegetable and it’s funny that so many people could help me
on that say it’s such a bad for you vegetable it’s like wait a minute now
can we go back to like what my life was like in seven years of YouTube Pizza
tater tots chimichanga okay corn is good corn is a is a good upgrade it may not
be the healthiest vegetable but it’s a good upgrade for me alright so I either
bake or grill the chicken breast i seasoned it a little bit and then i
steamed my vegetables put those into trays put them into the refrigerator so
all i’ve got to do is nuke them for three minutes at 8 p.m. at night and
that’s my last meal 3 ounces of chicken breast is 102 calories and zero carbs
one cup of corn is a hundred and eighty-five calories and 38
Bam’s of cards well there’s my barely under fifty card limit for the day right
there in the corn I’m using corn for an example because one that’s what I’m
eating this week for veggies but also that is the highest calorie and carb
count of the three so I want to have the top end of this usually other weeks
carbs and calories are going to be low with that one vegetable swapped for
either carrots or broccoli or cauliflower too just so you know okay
but at the end of this what are we looking at all of this food in one day
in just six hours 1182 calories and forty nine point seven grams of carbs we
did it we’re under fifty right now still
obviously I’m also still drinking my water at least a gallon a day most of
that three-quarters of that gallon is consumed during my high intense workouts
either cardio or strength training when I drink over a gallon a day of water we
also have to talk about one other thing and that is from last week when I
introduced the Coke Zero sugar and I talked about no calories no sugar no
carbs all this it tastes delicious although it’s not a fuel you know it’s
not something I need it was just something extra and holy cow did you
guys look at the comments we’re up over 1400 comments half of those are people
screaming at me in all caps Coke Zero has aspartame aspartame will kill you
it’ll stunt your weight loss it’ll give you cancer Eric what are you doing
drinking aspartame Eric holy cow did I not see that coming you guys yelled at
me so much all you health nuts that are going crazy over the aspartame in a Coke
Zero what about this Powerade zero sugar you know I’ve been showing this this I
showed right after the Coke you’ve been watching me drink these all January
every single day I’m drinking what same exact amount of aspartame in this as a
Coke Zero not one person not one single person since I started this has had a
problem with this or told me about aspartame in this how come why is Coke
bad and this is fine turns out this isn’t fine I’m done with
Coke Zero I’m done with any artificial sugars because you guys got me looking I
started doing some research on aspartame myself and holy cow
it is terrible it is scientifically clinically proven to stunt your
weight-loss progress and it can cause cancer are you kidding me no that’s the
last one I have it’s going in the garbage after this day we’re going back
to water okay in fact it would probably be better just to drink a normal coke at
this point then to have that chemical thank you guys for letting me know that
was the first time I’ve ever heard of that chemical or what it meant but you
guys were so loud about it that I had to look into it again how come nobody cares
about the Powerade it’s the same exact amount of aspartame in that as the coke
and nobody freaked out like the coke so we’re back to water only right now
except for my cheat day I didn’t mention that about the body for life so we need
to get into that that this this calorie intake this 1182 calories 49.7 carbs
that is six days out of the week Friday is my cheat day whether you like it or
not I don’t care that stupid cop are you kidding me the body for life books give
you the cheat day gives me that cheat day and I love my cheat day I absolutely
need it if this is going to be a new lifestyle that continues for years and
years and years I like the feeling of knowing if I want one day out of the
week I can eat whatever I want a bucket of popcorn ribs all the barbecue for
five people I mean and everybody’s telling me that it’s killing my diet and
it’s a terrible idea it’s like again look you’re not reading the same book I
am are you looking at my weight loss because I’m doing pretty good with my
weight loss so it can’t be that bad guys although obviously I’m going to hit a
plateau here and it’s probably gonna happen soon probably somewhere in the
180s I’m gonna hit a plateau it’s gonna be a lot more difficult to lose pounds
but anyway there we go I want to point out one more thing at least according to
the US Department of Health the average adult male is supposed to be eating
between 2,000 and 3,000 calories a day okay uh and I eat 1182 I am
significantly under the average male calorie intake and then also according
to the US Department of Health from adult women it’s 1,600 to 2,400 calories
a day as for carbs by that same census is if your based on the 2,000 calorie
diet you’re supposed to consume 250 to 325 grams of carbs a day and I’m under
50 so my numbers are significantly lower than the national average for a for
adults but but also you know the idea behind losing weight is to consume less
calories than you’re burning throughout the day okay that’s the major formula
with losing weight so lower intake higher burning of calories that’s going
to be a good thing oh hey buddy any questions about what I’m actually eating
those six days out of the week put them in the comments below I will try to
answer your questions I don’t get tired of the foods in fact I love eggs I never
get tired of eggs I have done salmon instead of the chicken one time and oh
my gosh I burnt it it must have been just the bottom got too moist and then
got really really crispy I need if I’m gonna do salmon again it’s
a lot more expensive than boneless chicken breast but I’m gonna have to
find a way to cook it above like get a fish pan or something to bake it in or
something or I could grill it something like that but yeah the chicken doesn’t
bother me today it is just so convenient too when I get that hungry at 8 p.m.
open the fridge throw it the microwave and eat the darn thing you know it’s
working for me this is it’s a lot better for me it makes us I don’t to think
about it each night what I’m gonna eat and I am doing super super well with
keeping my calories under 1,200 a day ok I think it is time to talk about cardio
exercise weight training resistance training and all that the program I’m
going through is the one that’s listed in the body for life book ok so what I’m
doing is I’m doing for resistance training strength training segments four
times a week okay so four days a week
strength training on the body boss people keep asking me about this thing I
keep not wanting to endorse it because it’s too early but this is what it is
the body boss 2.0 this platform that opens up and then you use resistance
bands in fact in this pouch is where the bar is that’s unscrews and the arm
things and all the band’s resistance bands and everything I don’t want to
endorse it yet it is working for me I will let you know it is definitely
working in the small space to have a very very very small form-factor mobile
gym in a sense however if I put the link to this on Amazon like everything else I
put a link for it’ll disappear and be sold out in a couple hours by tonight
and then all of you will just be angry in the comments about Eric your stupid
links broken every single day I updated it’s like it’s not really my full guys I
can’t control amazon’s inventory so the best I can do is give you the product
name and information and then you can go find where it’s available for sale maybe
even used so body boss 2.0 system I paid about 170 on Amazon for it so you should
be in that ballpark if you’re interested in it you probably see me use it and
enjoy it and you’ve seen that I’ve been losing some weight so that’s a good
thing so the schedule I always do my workouts before my first meal always I
do not do night workouts so I work out on an empty stomach just coffee and
water essentially but always before 2:00 p.m. do I do my workouts and cardio so
Monday day one on the body bar system alright so Monday is upper body and
chest day we are gonna start out with chest presses three reps of 20 on the
chest press and then tricep kickbacks again three reps of 20 on those then we
do flies again 23 times then put on the wristbands and we’re gonna do boxing 20
on each arm three times next is side lateral raises 20 of those
three times rear delt flies 23 times I cept curls 23 times
and lastly tricep extensions 20 of those three times that completes Monday’s
upper body and chest workout Tuesday is leg day and we start with squats 20 of
them three times put the band on my ankle and we’re gonna do kickbacks on
each leg 10 on each leg three times then keep the ankle straps on for side
abductions gonna do 20 on each leg three times reverse lunges 10 on each side
three times and then close out Tuesday’s workout with planks gonna do three of
them for 60 seconds of peace that wraps up Tuesdays late day skip ahead to
Thursday my favorite day of the week abs and core day we will start with the
woodchopper on each side 23 times I do a modified version of the app twist
I do 20 on each side three times then on two oblique crunches 20 on each side
three times straight arm pull downs 23 times and lastly for Thursday resistance
ab crunches 100 of them in a row and then we’re done for Thursday and then
Friday is shoulders and traps day and I start with the upright row 20 of these
three times then on two front raises 20 of these three times onto overhead
presses 23 times shoulder shrugs 20 of these three times put the wrist bands
back on and do uppercuts 20 on each arm three times
and then finally finishing up Friday with lat pull-downs 20 of them three
times and that will complete shoulders and traps what about Wednesday Saturday
and Sunday those are cardio days those are cardio days as you’ve seen I
have actually got a version of an elliptical it’s not really an elliptical
as many people mentioned it actually looks more like the old gazelle thing
that was on an infomercial or something like that and it doesn’t have any
resistance to it so if I want to burn more calories and get a higher beats per
minute rate I actually have to go faster right now I don’t like it I would not
recommend it sunny sunny health is a good company they do have some other
small form-factor ellipticals with the actual pedals and the gears in the back
I may upgrade to that later but I do have this in here so I have no excuse I
also like to jog and walk going outside and and jogging for two minutes and then
walking for 30 seconds and keeping that up and again for the cardio for me is
keeping my my beats per minute at 150 or over I don’t want it to creep down so
I’m trying to keep the heart rate going for the entire 30 minutes of cardio yes
30 minutes of cardio no matter what even if my watch health rings are telling me
that I’ve already completed a ring I still do 30 full minutes of extra cardio
on top of my resting active calories burn so the elliptical jogging and
running I don’t do walking for exercise but
walking does help me get more calories burned obviously throughout the day just
where I’m filming or how I’m conducting my day but when I’m in a resort or
something like I’m not right this second actually they usually have a fitness
room at Thousand Trails encore and campgrounds and here they have two
different ellipticals they also have a treadmill and I think they have a
bicycle I didn’t use it yet but those are some other options and like I said
just got to do 30 minutes of 150 beats per minute
cardio then sweat my butt off I’m telling you what okay so again cardio is
Wednesday Saturday and Sunday I work out seven days a week that’s my workout
schedule there have been a couple changes along the way as you’ve been
following me these six weeks I have been making changes so I’m not afraid to make
changes the intermittent fasting thing the the soda and the aspartame and
Powerade obviously because I want to give my body the best
chance but I’m no longer thinking about this it’s just a three month thing
obviously this is a lifelong thing and obviously I’m not going to be where I
want to be physically and emotionally in just three months however this was the
absolute jump started I need it and I’ve got to give props to James one less
estate over there he’s changed my life and James hopefully you’re watching this
man if it wasn’t for you right now I would still be a miserable 38 year old
man right now and I thank you so much for inviting the end of this competition
with you you are looking fantastic but I’m so jealous I know you’ve been
working on this for years so I know that I cannot reverse 19 years of bad health
and eating in just three months I’m gonna give it at least two years like
you’re given I can’t wait to see how the results are gonna be for me too but man
this is fun I hope I beat you this week because that’s another big number you
know last week we were neck-and-neck I think he overall from January 1st he
had 15 point something he had beat me by point two pounds at that point so
nineteen point two pounds lost for nomadic fanatic here on week six
did I win I gotta wait and find out I haven’t seen James video yet anyways got
lots more fun still waiting on my bank card still getting the Texas guys doing
what I can do smile on laughs and having a good time that’s the fun camping
coming up again I’ll see you on Friday take care guys bye-bye you


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  34. Thank you for showing your numbers. I'm so glad you're doing what works for you. I like that you're doing this in a sustainable way for you. Keep your head up and keep at it. 😍🙏 What is your favorite thing about working out?

  35. Look into a drink called Zevia it's great for a soda replacement. I've been on Keto and its safe for that type of diet. Good luck Eric keep it up your looking good !!!!

  36. I saw your video about "free overnight parking" in Texas. I forget what you said. I'll be driving through Texas on I10 toward Florida and was just wondering what it was that you said. Thanks Eric!

  37. Eric, If your doing what works for you, then your doing it right. There are multiple correct ways of losing weight and getting healthy. Stop listening to those jackasses, just delete their comments and keep doing what your doing. You are a better man than I.

  38. ADKINS effects different people in different way. It is high in uric acid. My ex lost 106 lbs on Atkins and I lost 22 lbs and had to stop because my body could not handle the high protein of the Atkins and all my joints hurt with gout like pain. I CHECKED OUT 20 DIET PLANS. They all included better choices, less eating and more movement. The medderain diet often referred to as the South Beach diet. Portion control is one main reason for weight gain. Learning about nutrition is a science. ENJOY the journey. The average grams of protein required for a man is 35 grams of PROTEIN . Good luck and keep a journal.

  39. So proud of you Eric , losing weight is difficult and you are getting it done . You look so much better and so much slimmer . Keep it up Bud !

  40. Yeah, all artificial sweetners (Aspertame, Sucrolose, etc.) are bad for you! So good for you Eric! Water = LifeJuice! 💦👍🏽😉

  41. Have you found your level of resistance (# of reps, etc.) have gotten easier as you go & thus added the # of reps as is necessary? Will you if this happens? 🏋️‍♂️

  42. Get some professional advice on aspartame. Social media is not professional advice.. It's "fine" compared to other risks.. That's what my doctor said when I asked about it..

  43. the processed frozen foods are actually better for you especially frozen vegetables then if you bought a bunch of fresh vegetables and foods and kept it in your fridge because freezing the foods stops the processing and holds the nutrition in the food

  44. I said your recliners were too big because you are getting lost in them!!
    I have my self set up for the coming week as you listed time spans. Looking to break my stall!!

  45. Isn't funny how people are always full of suggestions when what we need is just support. When I was doing the curves complete program and losing weight every week I posted on Facebook asking for support because before I'd always self sabotaged myself. First comments were people telling what I should be doing. I was so determined at the time that it wouldn't have matter what they said. Then about 2 years ago I stopped caring. Long story I wouldn't go into, but I've gained back more then I lost. I failed the plan though it didn't fail me. I let other people more important than myself that shouldn't have been. I did tons of research too…and btw I wanted to say something about the aspartame when it was the poweraide but I figured you'd figure it out without my pounding you about it. You're doing awesome. What you are doing is working…and personally I think maybe your plateau won't be as soon or bad because you are giving yourself that cheat day. PS I joined a gym, but I can't get myself to go back to workout 😔. I'm hoping the more I watch your success the more I'll get that fire again to lose weight again. I know it'll be much harder at my age but I need to try.

  46. Gazelle- add bungee cords to the handles or to the bars in front of your shins–you can slide them up for less resistance or down for more

  47. Hi Eric and Jax cool work out routine the leg lounges look hard. Have you try jogging for cardio or burpees they work Good. Do you do any kind of push ups they work to but try the incline push up. I like doing "bar work" that means pull ups and dips.

  48. They have both diet Coke and Pepsi that have Splenda in them. Not always easy to find other than grocery stores, but I would rather drink those than the aspartame drink. Love the vids.

  49. Sorry, first thing I'll have to do is say excuse me for my ignorance on. I'm moving around on the internet, but would like info on some of the products that you have talked about. So would like to know how to get to those pages, especially where you talked about the projector and I would like info on the watch that you are wearing. If possible.

  50. I had to check all my drinks and it seems that aspartame is not in my powerade since mine has 80 calories. I believe aspartame might be in all the "zero calorie" drinks.

  51. I really enjoyed your update and am so glad you found something that works for you. You took the feedback about aspartame and chose to research and make your own decision and that is a good quality! Keep up the healthy lifestyle; it looks good on you!

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