Weight loss diet for breastfeeding mom | Weight loss diet plan in Tamil | பாலூட்டும் தாய்களுக்காக!

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Let us discuss about the weight loss diet plan during the breastfeeding time

So many of you asked about this post pregnancy diet plan

I am dedicating this video for you all

During breast feeding , don’t skip your foods
It is not only affecting your health but also not good for your baby
And also we need more stamina during this time

So its not good for us to taking only fruits without food

so we will see how to reduce our weight during post pregnancy

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This diet helps us to lose our weight as well as prevent the weight gain.

Let’s see the diet menu now

First of all what i want to say is about cumin water effects

Mainly it helps to lose excess amount of fat and also ease digestion process
It not only promotes weight loss but also very good during breast feeding

it improves breast milk also. So who are all not have sufficient milk, will too drink this

Let’s see how to drink this cumin water

First thing in the morning we have to boil 1 liter of water with 2 tsp of cumin

Then cool it and drink this water full day along with the normal water

It is very good to melt all the fats from the body

And also prevents the weight gain
One important thing is while you boil the cumin water
take a glass of cumin water and once it warm, squeeze a juice of half lemon in it

it is very good for weight loss and also makes you energetic on a whole day

Drink this 1 cup of water in an empty stomach regularly

Morning drink a cup of milk but don’t add sugar in it

Becos calcium is very important on this time
Either you can add any kind of brown sugar in it

so don’t avoid milk

At the same time if you are taking bread and rusk means
Try whole wheat bread or rusk

So avoid white bread becos maida is not good for weight loss

So always prefer whole wheat bread or rusk

So there is no chance for weight gain

Next breakfast
Eat any breakfast but always prefer healthy food

but avoid deep fry foods

You can have idli, dosa, chapathi and millet recipes

And also eat food on time
Have breakfast before 9 am

Becos it is one of the most reason to gain weight, so have the food on time

so have milk or some other drinks at 7 am
next 8.30 to 9 am have a breakfast

then at 11 to 11.30 have some snacks

You can have juices or fruits
try salads also
but prepare juices in home don’t drink cool drinks or store bought juices
becos you should avoid white sugar for weight loss

if you want some sweetener means add brown sugar in the juices

Have fibre rich fruits which is very good to lose weight

but you can have any kind of fruits , all the fruits are good for us

Avoid cool drinks, soda items and fried items completely

next for lunch, have it for 1 to 2 pm

Maximum try to eat at 1 to 1.30 p.m.
have a small quantity of rice and take double the amount of vegetables even it is cooked or raw

Have any kind of vegetables

if you are taking 1 cup of rice means reduce it to half cup and take a cup of vegetables for lunch

it is good for weight loss
avoid white rice if possible
becos it have more carbohydrates compare to millets
so try to take millets

it has less carb and more fibre

so it is easy to lose our weight
for evening snacks
take nuts or pulses

even you can take sprouts which is the best snacks

it is very healthy too

for dinner have healthy food
but eat before 2 hours of sleep
it avoid the accumalation of fat
so have dinner at 7 to 8 pm
even you have rice or tiffin, but have healthy dinner

but rice means have it like lunch. for 1/2 cup of rice take 1 cup of veggies

use only little amount of oil for your food
so its very simple to lose our weight during breast feeding time

if you take more fibres and less carbohydrates means definitely you can lose weight

it will not cause any harm to us as well as it gives good nutrition to our baby

do some brisk walk along with this diet

but we can’t do exercise during this time, becos we need more stamina for that

so for one year after delivery don’t do any tough exercises

so best is do a walk for about 30 minutes to 1 hr per day

atleast do a walk for 5 days a week

it is very very good for our weight loss journey

Try all this and soon lose your weight

do some breathing exercises along with this to reduce our tummy
it will take time to reduce the tummy

If you follow all this means surely you will achieve weight loss

along with this diet try to drink weight loss drink which i have posted earlier
just check the description box for the video link

drink it before going to sleep

All the best for all moms

so you won’t lose your energy and you will lose weight easily

Try this and post your comments

i will give a quick reply as my level best

Will see you soon with another useful video

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