We Tried Four Different Breakfasts In Singapore

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(exciting music) – So we are here in Singapore. It’s 10:30 right now. Annie really wanted
breakfast this morning. – I also already ate breakfast. – Oh my gosh. Wait, seriously?
– You did? – Yeah. – Where are we right now? – We are at Ghum Moh Road Market Center, one of the best hawker centers. Hawker center is just a bunch of really, really good food stalls. – All right, let’s go eat. Are you going to help us order? – Yeah, sure. – Yo, Singaporean dollar. That’s what I’m talking about. The 50, 10. That one. Yo, this dish is so much Chee Cheong Fun. – Chee Cheong Fun, all right. (electronic music) – Next, next!
– Next! This is the carrot cake stall. There’s like a black version and there’s the white version, and then we gotta get both. Because it tastes different. – This is $2.50. This is the hidden luxury of Singapore. – We’re running out of hands.
– Want to put it down? We’re going to put the food down. There’s too much food already. There is a service that delivers hawker food to your office. Can they deliver to BuzzFeed? – Appam.
– Can we get Appam? (electronic music) – Wait, whoa whoa whoa. What is this? – So this is green apple with yakult. – This is my friend Ryan. They make food videos here in Singapore. – Last food.
– Where? – You guys ready?
– Yes. – We’re going to get Malay food. Mee Siam.
– Haha. The best food. (electronic music) – All right, what should we eat first? Let’s have some fun. This is rice cake with sesame seeds on top and then the sauce looks like
it’s some sort of sweet … – It’s very satisfying to just poke. – You already eat?
– No! – Why are you chewing? Breakfast! – It’s just savory Jell-o.
– That’s Jell-o. – Doesn’t it like melt in your mouth? – It’s also a nice spice. – It’s almost like I’m
drinking it, it’s so good. That’s the good stuff, you know? When you don’t have to
work to eat your food– – Yeah, it can just go down your gullet. (mellow jazz) – It’s the same radish and stuff, but like in terms of
taste, it’s not the same. – Egg, radish, scallion, and it’s all fried together
like almost like a fried rice. We’ve got birds hanging out over there.
– Shut up, birds. – All right, Alex. I think you’ve got enough bird footage. – What is this? – Radish.
– Radish. – Oh. – I don’t think there was carrot in there. – No. Cheers. It’s just like fried rice. It’s like hearty, soulful. I want to eat this every morning. Okay, so it’s exactly the same
thing but different sauce. – Yeah. Which one do you prefer?
– This one. – What?
– It’s so sweet. It’s still salty. It’s just like a step-up. – A theme that we’re having
is everything is very soft. (down-tempo music) – [Annie] You’ve got to stir it first. – All right Annie, don’t eat yet. Cheers.
– Cheers. – I’ve never had that kind
of noodle consistency. – Where have you been?
– Yeah. – I don’t know.
– I love Malaysian style curries
because they are milder. You can just drink up all of it, but it’s also light so it doesn’t fill your stomach up too much. – We call it like, “very shiok.” You know what that means?
– I’m shook! – You’re shook?
– Shiok. It’s like so good that you just say like, “Oh my gosh. This is so shiok.” (mellow music) – It’s like an Indian pancake.
– It’s beautiful. It was rice and coconut. Which one?
– Oh! – What should we eat with? Mine goes straight to this. What is it? – Curry.
– Curry. This one is sugar and coconut. – Whoa!
– Oh, my Gosh. – Orange sugar? – It’s almost like a crepe. – The point of this is
to absorb the flavors of whatever you pick, right?
– Uh huh. – The sugar is really good. It’s my favorite. – Why is it in an orange? That’s for a child. That’s like, straight up sugar! It’s like cotton candy! – Mmm, it’s so good.
– So good, right? – The outside is really crispy. It’s like a crepe and the inside is more
like a doughy bread. I gotta say that the curry
is the way to go here. – Sugar.
– Team Sugar! – Team Spice, baby. – I want to go to sleep. – I got shiok.
– Shiok. – I’m shook. Wait, how do you say it? Alex, you should try some. – [Annie] Not shook. It’s “Shiok.” – I-o-k. – S-H-I-O-K. – Shiok.
– Shiok. – Maybe “shook” and “shock”. – It’s like “shocked”
and “shook” together? Is that what you just said? – [Annie] Shiok. It was very shiok.


  1. missed opportunity for a worth it singapore! food at three prices: hawker, restaurant and the ~*luxury restaurant*~. would have been a fun episode >:(

  2. So.. I went to Singapore this year and I got OBSESSED with Nasi lemak! I ate like 15 boxes of it on a one month trip 😂💜

  3. Sg food is a bit overrated. Especially nasi lemak!! although they taste decent it's quite humble in nature.. its famous just because it has some sort of history(?), tastes decent and because its not expensive. Relatively speaking the traditional food in Sg is quite good but not one that'd knock your socks off and can usually be found in Malaysia too. Also, the local noodles like the omnipresent mee pok, mee siam ,etc. leave noodle lovers who've experienced the world's flavors a bit disappointed.

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