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– Hey everyone, I’m Devon. – And I’m Jared. – And have you ever noticed you can tell a lot about a person by
what they choose to eat? Jared! – What? – Did you know that
Hitler had a sweet tooth? – I don’t think much
about Hitler, honestly. – Did you also know that Audrey Hepburn was addicted to carbs? – Everyone is addicted to carbs. – And did you know that
one of Helen Keller’s favorite foods was a salad? – No one’s favorite food is a salad. – I know, it’s fucked up. On this show, Jared and I are gonna recreate the recipes left behind by our most talked
about historical figures and attempt to spill the
tea on their personal life. – Ooh. (laughter) – I bring the stories, Jared does the cooking
because he’s beautiful and he can actually follow directions. – Girl, get out. But it’s true. – Some of these recipes
are gonna be delicious, some of them are gonna be terrible. But I promise you, all of them
tell an entertaining tale. Jared has no idea what these recipes are. – Very excited to see how this goes. – Let’s dive in! So this week, we’re starting with Marilyn Monroe’s stuffing recipe, which the New York Times deems as handsome, balanced and delicious. Funnily enough, those are the three words I use to describe Jared here. – You’ve never called me any
of those things to my face. – This recipe is especially noteworthy because it was penned on some stationery from a title insurance
company in San Francisco. Do you think you can follow this? – [Jared] I literally can’t
read any of these words. Why is it so faded? – Because it’s history, Jared. Because it’s fucking history. – We shouldn’t be cooking from history. – This recipe was written
between 1955 and 1956, around the same time Marilyn
Monroe met and married playwright Author Miller. Which brings us to the
scandal that this stuffing is going to un-stuff for us. Who do we think was Marilyn’s true love? This slip of paper holds
the answer to our question and also details that we
have to buy turkey livers. – You did not tell me that. – We have to buy turkey livers or hearts. – I refuse to touch a heart on this show. – (gasps) You didn’t tell me
that when we went into this. – You didn’t tell me that
when we went into this! – Jared, this recipe holds the truth. – Let’s go! So this recipe includes
eleven different ingredients, plus salt, pepper and five
different herbs and spices. – The usual suspects. – But before we get all of that, it’s time for our first Tea-bit. – Our first what? – Tea-bit! It’s like a tid-bit of information, but it’s tea. – I hate how excited you are about this. – (laughs) Come on,
Jared, let me have this. – Tea-bit number one! – Okay, we’ll just leave
this here, I guess. – (jazzy instrumental music) – So Marilyn Monroe was actually married to Joe DiMaggio in 1954 at
the San Francisco City Hall. – Okay. – Jared! – Oh, San Francisco? Where she wrote the recipe! – So the recipe was
actually discovered in her New York apartment that she
shared with Arthur Miller. And I just think it’s interesting that it’s written down on stationery from a title insurance company
from San Francisco. Walnuts! – Is that the only nut we need? – Hey-o. Celery! – Why is it so wet? – Pine nuts, because we did need more than just one type of nut. And you made it weird. – No garlic. Raisins. – Oh, look, cheese. Parmesan. I can grate it myself, I’ll be so nice. – We should buy it grated. – No. Okay. Do you want
this to taste good? – Yeah! – If you shred it
yourself, it’s way better. – I didn’t know that! Okay, alright, alright, you’re right. – [Jared] Bread, bread, bread, bread. – Let’s get this man a snack. (groans) – What? – You’re eating here? – I’m gonna pay for it! – Ready to dip your bread in some California-grown chicken livers? – Those are very close to my face. Just gonna take these away from you and put them way over here. (upbeat music) – We fucking did it. – Now that we’re back in the kitchen, it’s time for Tea-bit number- (thumps) – Tea-bit number two? – This is why I don’t cook that much. – Cooking tip number one is to probably remove any rings and/or loose jewelry that might end up in our food. Okay, time for Tea-bit number two. Did you know that Marilyn
Monroe wrote poetry? – I have told you so many times that I don’t know anything about her. So, no, I didn’t know that. – She did, and it was
actually very, very good. Marilyn, if you can hear me, girl, I just want to let you know that your poetry is really good. And don’t listen to a thing
that Arthur Miller has to say. – First of all, that
drama is just not vibing with our set right now. – (sighs) Okay. – Second of all, what
did Arthur Miller say? – Well, I’ll tell you about that later. But first, let’s get to the ingredients. – Well, so we had the eggs boiling. First what we’re gonna want to do is prep these fresh ingredients. We have a lot of chopping to do, which I’m going to delegate to you. We’re gonna need four stalks of celery, and I would cut it however
finely you’d want to chop them. – It says four celery stalks but this is a smaller stalk than this so I would just chop it up to do five. Is that not following the recipe? – So the thing about cooking is that the ingredient ratios
don’t make a difference to whether the dish is
actually gonna work or not. So don’t overthink your celery game. – Let me tell you something
about Marilyn Monroe, now that you mention overthinking. – Oh, okay, good segway. – When she first got into the relationship with Arthur Miller, she was really overthinking it. In fact, she wrote a
lot of poetry about it. Girl was in love, very much so. That said, this is still
Joe DiMaggio’s recipe. The sheer fact that she took
a recipe from San Francisco, that was like a Bay Area
recipe for Joe DiMaggio, back to her apartment in New York City that she shared with
Arthur Miller, is a lot. (laughs) I am wielding this knife. – (laughs) I was keeping an eye on it. It makes sense that if
she had a recipe that she was really proud of that
she would just keep using it. – True. But you think she’d be like – “Okay, if I’m not marrying
Joe DiMaggio anymore I can add garlic.” – [Jared] I will say yeah. – [Devon] Alright, I’ve chopped celery. Look at me go. – You’ve done a great job. Let’s chop parsley. We need like two whole cups of it. As I am just handling these
nuts, I’m gonna toast these now. You’ll know when it’s done
just because you’ll smell it. See, can you smell that? – Ooh, yeah. – Smells toasty, that’s
when you know it’s done. Tell me more about Joe DiMaggio. Other than I love the sound of his name, I don’t really know anything about him. – He was a Yankee slugger athlete. But it’s feel like that he
kind of really fell in love. – (gasps) What was that about love? Just kidding, I’m so gay. – (laughs) It feels like, from everything
I’ve read about Joe DiMaggio, that he really fell in love
with “at home Marilyn”. She really started to
blow up in her stardom, especially for being a sex symbol. He had a problem with it. – I’m not checking my phone. I’m just checking the
timer for these eggs. – [Devon] I think the eggs are ready. – Which I didn’t even set. So they’re probably done. (laughs) – [Devon] Do you think
it should be smaller? Because this is… – [Jared] This is chopped. This is Devon’s chopped. I’m insulted. Do you wanna peel these eggs? – [Devon] Look at how
nicely this is chopped. – [Jared] Honestly, I can’t
say a damn thing negative about that, that looks great. – [Devon] Thank you. – [Jared] Okay, you’re gonna want to do one cup of grated Parmesan cheese. – [Devon] Okay. – And, in the meantime,
I will cut up the onion. I can already feel this
onion trying to make me cry, that’s really fucked up. – We should soak this bread. Ooh. – [Devon] Okay, here we go. – [Jared] This feels really wrong. – [Devon] Yeah, it does. – [Jared] I’m not even doing it. Oh, it feels so bad already! Touch it. – (squeals) So this has to go for fifteen minutes, and then we have to
boil the chicken livers. Let’s dive right in. – We don’t have to until the
water’s boiling, we can wait. We can do the other meat first. – So as we chop, and saute, and work with this raw meat, I want to talk about Arthur Miller. There was no segway there. Did you know that he went
to University of Michigan? Go blue. – I didn’t. Oh, you went to University of Michigan. – I did. Did you know that your girl performed in the Crucible as Goody
Proctor on her senior year? – What does that have to do with this? – It really doesn’t have
anything to do with it. It’s not a Tea-bit, it’s just
a fun little factoid about me. (laughs) Honestly, Jared, I used
to be such a huge fan of Arthur Miller because
of University of Michigan. But doing all this research
about Marilyn Monroe, I am low-key changing my mind about him. Shortly after Marilyn Monroe
broke up with Joe DiMaggio, she met Arthur Miller. And when I say she fell
hard, the bitch fell hard. That happiness in the
marriage didn’t last long. – [Jared] It never does. – It really doesn’t. In 1956, the couple moved to
England, and shortly after that Marilyn found a diary
entry of Arthur Miller’s where he said that he
was embarrassed by her and was disappointed to
take her around his friends. – [Jared] Ew! That’s fucked up. – [Devon] It’s so fucked up. – But also, what was she
doing looking at his diary? – Okay, but that’s not the
point of this story, Jared. (oven dings) Oh! Timer. – Our bread is ready! Something tells me that
you’re really excited to tear this bread apart. (laughs) – Why, Marilyn? Why? I’m gonna start putting this together. (snaps fingers) – [Jared] Love it. We’re done. – Ready for the meats?
– [Devon] Yes. – In you go. Fat and all. I’m sure Marilyn would have drained that, but I don’t want to do that. – We’ve saved the best for last. – [Jared] Ew, gross. (groans) No. – [Devon] Jared! If Marilyn can work with
chicken livers, so can we. – [Jared] Okay. No. – [Devon] This is for Marilyn. (laughs) – Why are you making
direct eye contact with it? I’m a biohazard now. – [Devon] (squeals) – Put a wooden spoon over it,
put a wooden spoon over it, put a wooden spoon over it. (laughs) Now that these livers have
given us enough trouble, it’s time to cut them up. – It’s so bulbous. (groans) – [Jared] (laughs) What’s that sound? Do you want me to take over? You look really upset. – [Devon] I’m not upset,
I’m just stressed. – Every moment of my life moving forward, I’ll think of your
strength in this moment. – It’s nothing like
Marilyn Monroe’s strength, because after her marriage
ended with Arthur Miller, she actually committed
herself to a psych ward. – Oh, shit. It was that bad? – Well, she committed herself because she was an insomniac and
she just needed some rest, but then they held her against
her will for three days and she wasn’t even allowed a phone call. Isn’t that fucked up? – [Jared] How is that even legal? Let’s put it all together. I’m getting tired of
standing here with you. – [Devon] You’re never tired
of standing here with me. – [Jared] I’m tired of
standing, that’s not a lie. – [Devon] Ooh, it smells so good. It’s so green. – [Jared] It is very appealing visually. – [Devon] Wait, should we put an M in it? For Marilyn? – [Jared] That doesn’t make any sense. – [Devon] Hear me out, hear me out. Watch, watch, watch. – [Jared] That’s not going
to translate through baking. – [Devon] Well, she’ll know! – That one’s for you. – That’s for you, Marilyn. – [Jared] Well, alright,
let’s put this in the oven. Let’s get her done. – [Devon] Wait, Taste is
actually very, very busy today, so we don’t have access to their ovens. So can we go to your house? – Yeah, I guess so. – Let’s go! – My kitchen’s not ready
to have people inside. It’s kind of dirty. – Hey, Jared. – Yeah? – Don’t drop it. I really thought you did! – It’s really sunny out
here in the real world. Put your phone down! My keys are at the office. – Unfortunately we don’t have enough time to go back to Buzzfeed to get your keys, so we’re just going to go to a neighbors. – Let’s do it! Don’t go in the oven. Bye, stuffing, see you in an hour. (upbeat music) Hey, look at that M that you made. It looks great! We didn’t anticipate how hard it would be to get a hot thing back to the office, so I hope this blanket’s
graded for this temperature or I’ll just get a bunch of
melted polyester on my lap. What a goddamn journey
this has been today. – It certainly has been, Jared. Before we dig in– – [Jared] No. – [Devon] Yeah. – [Jared] I want it now. – I have our last and final Tea-bit. – Okay. Fine, what is it? – So after Marilyn Monroe was committed and held against her
will in the psych ward, there was only one person
who could get her out. And that person was Joe DiMaggio. – [Jared] (gasps) What? – And they kind of rekindled
some sort of romance, and when she committed
herself to the psych ward he was keeping tabs on
her and he broke her out. How cute is that? – That’s pretty sweet. – Rumor has it that they
were going to get remarried, but she died shortly thereafter. – What? – I know. – That’s the saddest story that somebody could possibly have. – Let’s dig in! (laughs) – I dedicate this dish we made to Marilyn. – It’s to Marilyn. Serve yourself. Who the fuck do you think I am? I’m not your mom. – [Jared] What? – [Devon] So whether
she loved Joe DiMaggio or Arthur Miller, the
world may never know. But she loved to cook, which I didn’t know before I started doing
research for this episode. – I didn’t know that she
loved any of those things before I was here yesterday. – Full disclosure, I’m
not really a stuffing fan, but I really do love the taste and the
texture of this stuffing. – This is actually really good. – It’s very good. – There’s a lot of rich flavors. – Yeah. – Like the chicken liver’s
a really deep, meaty flavor. The Parmesan’s really
musky – it tastes romantic. I suspect that this might be something that she used to impress every
man that she met in her life, because it would work on me. – [Devon] I think that I would definitely make this recipe again just because it makes me feel closer to Marilyn. – I mean, she tasted exactly this. We’re sharing a mouth feel
with Marilyn Monroe right now. That’s really cool. I’m actually very excited
about this and definitely want to do this with other
people throughout history. I think this is a really fun thing to do. – Those Tea-bits aren’t too bad, are they? – They’re whatever. Should we go share this with
people around the office? – Let’s do it, let’s
see what people think. – Oh my god. – [Devon] You like it? – Wait, is there really raisins in there? That’s a cool touch. – I can see her just
putting that on the table and being so proud of herself. – If I made this for my boyfriend, I think he would be really into it. – Maybe break you out
of a mental institution a couple of years down the
line if you needed him to? – I think so. – Fuck yes. – You guys did a really good job. – And the chicken livers, they don’t suck. – Oh. (laughing) – [Woman] Are you serious? Oh my god.


  1. Marilyn Monroe also had endometriosis which led her to have chronic pain and multiple miscarriages. Her whole life story is actually tragic despite her fame and success story.

  2. Real cute story. Except Joe notoriously beat Marilyn. So I imagine he was just using the events to control her.
    Even so loved this video and presentation!

  3. Tea-Bit:  The Crucible was a play written by Arthur Miller.  Devin played Goody Proctor in college.   This is how Devin is connected to Arthur Miller.

  4. After Marilyn Monroe died, Joe brought her flowers to her grave everyday for 50 years as he knew it was her favourite flower.

  5. this episode is soooo much more funnier than the audrey hepburn one, that was was boring
    the shopping montage was cute and enjoyable

  6. I made this and it was TERRIBLE (I forgot the raisins!!)
    If you make it at home, DO NOT FORGET THE RAISINS and OMIT THE LIVER.
    It smelled heavenly until the very moment I took it out of the oven and saw a disgusting GREY mess.

  7. I love you Devin! but the way you hold the food and the knife makes me suuuuuper nervous! put those pointer fingers away!!

  8. "The thing about cooking is that the ingredient ratio isn't going to effect the outcome of the recipe" This just isn't true.

  9. I been super into famous peoples diets . So this is very helpful for me . I’d love to cook this meal

  10. Jared: Everyone’s addicted to carbs
    Me watching this at 4:30am: That’s not true. Why do you always have to be so judgmental geeze
    Also me: Sits on Beyond Bread chip packet and shoves peanut butter filled pretzels under bed

  11. Her and Joe were actually going to get remarried and had plans to the month she died. I've never understood volatile relationships, but they did stay in contact after their divorce and more so after her split with Arthur.

  12. Certainly nothing "ladylike" about this video. Unless that's the point ?. Could not watch to the end as the girl is just sooo annoying.
    That being said I could do with having whatever she is on.
    Hey ho . Won't be tuning in again. Not that they will be bothered. Each to their own.

  13. Just realized that Jared's personality and attitude reminds me of Damon/Ian Somerhalder from Vampire Diaries lol


  15. And he had flowers delivered to her grave every year on her birthday. Red roses, either 1 dozen or two. Until 1995.

  16. did you know other than singing acting and all despite the contriversy her had a very high iq he dummbed down and died her hair to get excepted despite everything she was a survivor

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