Vietnamese Food – The BEST Breakfast I Ate in Saigon (Bánh Mì Hòa Mã)

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Mark Wiens I am in Saigon Vietnam, and I’m sitting down for Vietnamese breakfast at a place called
Banh Mi Hoa Ma
The environment here could not be more spectacular
The restaurant is located on the main road, but then they set up tables only in the morning in this alley
Along the in the alley along the side of the wall, so I’m sitting on at one of the tables the environment is spectacular
It’s it’s busy yet at the same time
It’s calm and peaceful, and this is like a haven of food
But thank you all for recommending this restaurant to me. I am excited to be here for breakfast
I think they opened at about 7 a.m.. And there they sell out
Pretty early so you have to come you have to come for breakfast
Breakfast only here, and it looks like a lot of people are not only
It’s full now when I came I guess we go
I came right as it open so we were the only ones here, but now the tables are full
But it also looks like a lot of people. Just do take away then just park their motorbike there
I wish you could smell this it smells
unbelievably good
I ordered the hoa la which are eggs and it’s in a little it’s in a little skillet a flaming hot skillet
and I got two eggs there are some fried pieces of meat and
Then some onions, and then yeah topped with some onions, and it looks incredible
This is one of the most beautiful breakfasts
I think I’ve eaten or I’m about to eat in a long time and it’s served with some toasted bagettes
Really crusty loaves and also I got a little extra little full of pate and mayonnaise
To go with my bread and then finally there are some
pickled Vietnamese vegetables
as well as
uh tea, okay, I think I’m first just gonna take some pepper
And let me let me pepper it up first
You never go wrong with pepper and eggs
Hahaha, yes, okay, that looks good, and maybe I should go in with uh
oh no, okay, let me just go in for a bite first, first steak, for a steak bite
All that is amazing. Thank you.
oh that’s beautiful
Oh yes
that egg
That egg is perfect. It is runny on the inside and then crispy on the edges
That meat tasted like spam, so it must be some kind of fried luncheon meat
And then yeah that egg is just perfect with the black pepper
tear into this aw it’s so it’s so crusty
Let me dip into that I’m gonna, try to
oh the bagette the bagette is so crusty. You can actually like use it and cut your egg
ohh man just that is just a beautiful thing
Oh yeah, that’s awesome
Okay next up. I’m gonna try some of this pate. I’m not a huge mayonnaise fan though, but
tried to take a bit of that pate and put it onto my
crusty loaf…oh yes
and I might add. I might add a piece of egg a piece of egg to that as well
to go the extra mile
Oh, that’s so good
the pate is so light and like fluffy
the egg again
Is just cooked perfectly a little bit crispy, but then soft… soft through and through
So good, I’m gonna add a bit more pepper
And then maybe some pickled
That was an absolutely outstanding breakfast I did not want that to end
um, it was so simple
But just so good and hot and fresh, the eggs were cooked perfectly just kind of kind of crispy on the edges
But then soft and gooey and and runny on the inside, and then I think what really made it amazing
are the caramelized onions
So the caramelized onions just gave it a little like oniony, uh, sweet flavor
but just
Absolutely a beautiful breakfast. I think this is one of the top egg breakfasts
I’ve had in a very very long time if ever
That was delicious the food is amazing and the atmosphere here is
could not be better. Again huge thank you for recommending this restaurant I
absolutely loved it a great way to start the morning in Saigon


  1. The East knows how to eat breakfast the right way. Here in the West we eat front loops. Come on. I want to move to Vietnam now.

  2. I like your channel, there are many beautiful scenes in Vietnam, especially in the Mekong Delta, hopefully one day you will come back and explore our countryside, thank you very much.

  3. I don’t know english, but i hope… you will com back vietnam, why? Because nord vietnam have many food is good too (for ễmple: “bún chả; chả cá lã vọng, bánh cuốn thanh trì, bún chả cá, phở, cà phê trứng….)

  4. It wanst mayo in vienamese it have a different name but if in english it would be some thing like buttery egg sauce

  5. Hi Mark – hope you don't mind, but I use this video in my English classes (I teach at a centre in Sai Gon). I want my class to get used to different accents and natural speaking, as well as new vocabulary. They love your enthusiasm, but feel you were overcharged at 91 000 VND (for 2). Many thanks 🙂

  6. That dish comes along well with soy bean
    So when you dip your bread it almost tasts salty instead of adding bland pepper.

  7. Mark, when does ying get to eat? Before or after you start vlogging. I saw yings plate wipe clean. Another yummy 😋 video mark I’m craving that now…

  8. You need some sauce to go with that egg. Without any sauce (even soy sauce), it's really dry and hard to eat. Try next time

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