Veggie Filled Homemade Meatballs. Go healthy with all these added veggies!

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– Hi, this is Renee Seltzer.
Welcome back to Feeding My Kid.
And in today’s episode, we are gonna make
the most delicious meatballs
that you’ve ever had.
They’re gonna be filled
with tons of veggies.
And you’ve seen in previous
episodes where I talk about
the value of not hiding veggies.
So I really do love to
incorporate tons and tons
of veggies into the foods
that we’re making already.
But not for the intent
of hiding them from kids.
So all these veggies, you
can go ahead and roast
some red pepper along side this meal
and still offer it to your
kids so your kids have a chance
to see that they’re eating red peppers,
they’re eating onions,
they’re eating mushrooms.
So really kinda think
of that anytime you add
a lot of veggies to
whatever you’re making.
Also serve it alongside
so your kids are still
seeing the veggies and
getting exposed to them,
which is so important
to overcome picky eating
and getting kids to eat a larger variety
of healthy foods.
So I’d like to introduce my friend
and personal chef, Maria Rivera.
She is amazing and
personal chef in Orlando,
so if you’re ever interested,
there’s all of her contact
info is gonna be below.
And I’d like to, let’s get started.
– Okay, sounds perfect.
I figured this would be a good way
to incorporate something
different instead of,
a leaner meat sometimes,
instead of red meat.
Sometimes people don’t wanna
use ground beef that often
or you just wanna change it up, you know,
even if you don’t mind eating red meat,
you kind of wanna just
do something different,
have a lighter meal, this
is a good way to do it.
So we’re actually gonna use ground chicken
for these meatballs today.
– Yay!
– Yay. (chuckles)
– I’m on a big kick to cut out red meat
or as much as I can.
– Perfect.
We’re also, in this recipe,
using some ground flax seed,
or flax meal, instead of
egg, and that’s gonna just
add a little superfood boost
where it’s easy to just
add those anywhere you can
because sometimes you have to
eat so many flax seeds that
it’s hard to incorporate them
everywhere, so just add
them in, sneak ’em in
wherever you can.
And then instead of flour or bread crumbs,
we’re gonna use some pulverized
oats or some oat flour.
So this is gonna be a great recipe.
I’m really excited about it.
– Yay!
All right, let’s get started.
(cheerful music)
(upbeat music)
– Okay, so I should probably
talk about what I’m doing.
Okay, so I have some chopped
onion, red bell pepper,
and garlic, and I’m just
gonna saute it in a little bit
of extra virgin olive oil
just to take the edge off.
(veggies sizzling)
There’s that sizzle we wanna hear.
These just gonna take a couple of minutes.
Don’t want any raw onion flavor
in our chicken meatballs.
Onion and garlic always make
the best smells in the kitchen.
If you ever want your kitchen
to smell good and you don’t
really wanna cook, this
is a good way to do it.
You can see that it
softens up really quickly.
It’s already turning translucent.
And I’m just gonna season
this with a little bit
of salt and pepper ’cause
you always wanna season
every layer of your cooking.
And that’s it.
I’m just gonna turn off
the heat so it doesn’t keep
cooking and it starts to cool a little bit
while we put everything else together.
(energetic music)
So now we’ve got our ground
chicken sitting in a bowl.
We’re gonna add our mushrooms.
These are just chopped up mushrooms.
Now that our onion, pepper,
and garlic have cooled
a little bit, we’re gonna
throw that in the pan.
Then I’m just going to
quickly chop up some of these,
this is some oregano and some basil.
Doesn’t need to be super
fine, but that way we get
lots of great herby
flavor in our meatballs.
It’s always my favorite
is the herb flavor.
Just once or twice across
and you’re ready to go.
Herbs go in.
And we’ve got our flax
meal and water mixture
instead of an egg.
And we’ve got our oats.
I’m just gonna add a couple
tablespoons of oats to start
and then if I need to
add more I always can.
And the last, but certainly
not least, salt and pepper.
I’m gonna use all of this salt.
We may need to actually add more.
People tend to use less
salt than they think
than they need because they
think that they don’t need
very much when really, you’re
seasoning a lot of meat, here.
So I’m gonna start with my fork.
Just to start mixing this all
together and then of course
I’m gonna end making
meatballs with my hands.
Okay, so at this point
something that a lot of people
don’t realize is that
really you should make
a little test patty of
anything that’s ground up.
So if you’re ever making
meatloaf, meatballs,
hamburgers, anything like
that, really you can’t
taste it until it’s
cooked, so you taste it,
you cook it a little earlier.
So we’ve got, we’re gonna make a little,
let me take my ring off.
We’re gonna make a
little, tiny patty, here.
Just like that, and we’re gonna put it.
(energetic music)
Okay, so I’ve made this
little, tiny patty.
I’m gonna taste test it
and see if I need to add
anything else to the seasoning.
Definitely needs more salt
and it definitely needs
a little bit more of the oat flour.
Delicious, though.
Really get that oregano in there.
You could also add some
Parmesan cheese here,
that would balance, you
would add a little bit
more saltiness with that
instead of adding more salt.
But we made these cheese-less.
So there’s no dairy in these meatballs.
Okay, gonna mix up a
little bit more, here.
All right, there’s our meatball mix.
That could actually sit in
the fridge just like that
or you could make the
meatballs and let them sit
for a little bit before
you form the meatballs.
I’m gonna go wash my hands
after I put food in my mouth
and then I’ll be forming some meatballs.
Okay, so now I’m just
gonna take a little bit
of the mixture.
And kind of a trick here
is you want your hands
to be wet when you get started.
That helps with sticking.
So I usually get a little bit of a way in
and then I wash my hands
again and rinse off
the chicken and start again.
So these are about an inch
and a half to two inches wide.
I’m just gonna work through these
and make all these meatballs.
Okay, so I just finished
forming my meatballs.
I’m gonna wash my hands
and then these are gonna
go in the oven, so you can
do these two different ways.
At this point, you could
leave it in this dish
and then stick it in the
oven or you can actually go
to the stovetop and brown them
on all the different sides
and you could finish ’em
in a sauce or in the oven
or just brown them all
the way through there
and then eat them.
(energetic music)
These are going in at
350 for about 25 minutes.
We’re gonna check them at that point,
see if we think they’re done or not
and if they are, then we’ll take them out,
if not, then they’ll just go
in for a couple more minutes.
As far as the different
methods, this is definitely
the easiest, so if you’re
running around with kids
and you just need to get
this done, you just put it
in the oven, you can
ignore it until it’s done.
As far as flavor goes,
the best flavor comes
from the stovetop because
as you’re browning it,
you’re caramelizing, gets
more flavor, gets that crunch.
So that’s the most delicious
way, but this is gonna be
just delicious enough and
you’ll get it done faster.
Perfectly firm in the middle.
These are ready to go.
So we’ve got some zucchini noodles here.
I’m just gonna plate this all up.
– They look amazing.
And firstly, we have actually gotten off
most of our pasta noodles
and moved to kinda
zucchini noodles and
just other veggie noodles
and bean noodles.
– And then these are
meatballs made with chicken,
and mushrooms, and onion,
and garlic, and bell peppers.
– That’s a big long noodle.
– Big long noodles.
– I want some more sauce.
What do you think?
– I mean, I made it, but. (chuckles)
It’s pretty good. (laughing)
– It’s amazing.
You have to try it.
I have food in my mouth.
All the recipes are
below in the description.
It is so good, I can’t even.
Maria’s info is also gonna
be in the description.
Make sure you give lots of
comments and lots of cheers
to her to thank her for coming in today.
This was amazing and we really
hope to have her back soon.
And I can’t wait to add
this as a regular staple
to our family.
– Great.
– Thanks again.
Don’t forget to subscribe to
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, everything, we’re everywhere.
And hopefully, together we
could take back that dinner
table and help our kids eat
a lot more nutritiously.
So thanks and until the next time.
(upbeat music)

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