VEGETARIAN For Peace & Happiness: Ep 30 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

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Greetings and welcome to Awakening With Brahma Kumaris. Sister Shivani is with us. Welcome, sister.
Om Shanti.
Om Shanti and welcome to Soul Reflections.
Thank you.
I had a personal experience based on what we discussed.
I used to think of and create so many restrictions for myself – but I should not eat here, I should not eat that item, not eat from money earned in a certain way and so on.
But I would also think whether those beliefs are true.
I never believed in that.
But ever since we have discussed this topic and after I have started going to the centre.
I had asked in the centre.
They said my food can be cooked separately.
But once I gave up eating onion and garlic.
One day I was served a fruit.
But they had cut that fruit with the same life which was used to cut onion and garlic. So I could not eat it.
I was uncomfortable with it.
It is a small place opposite house where a couple cook. I employed them because both of them are pure vegetarians.
Once I started eating that food, the way I used to look at things.
Earlier my perspective about somebody would be – he is like this.
Now my perspective has completely changed.
Can you believe it?
Yes I can believe it because it is very scientific.
The question is for me then, whether I can believe it.
We have heard about the influences that are vibrations have.
We have read about them also but we have never experimented with them.
And because we didn’t experiment, we have not experienced it.
Unless we experience, how can we validate whatever we have heard or read?
You mentioned that you would listen about it, but you had not taken it very seriously.
I used to laugh at people when they said such things.
Somewhere we would’ve even thought how to implement it and how to bring it into practicality.
Don’t eat this, don’t eat there, don’t eat such food.
The things which we need to implement outside are very simple.
They are very simple as compared to the proportion by which the soul’s strength increases.
Today we say that in order to silence our mind
To increase our will power
To be happy and be contented we are ready to do anything.
When we are ready to do anything for it.
Why don’t we do these small things?
You mentioned that they used the same knife to cut onion and garlic and then that fruit.
You could smell it.
You didn’t like it because you had given up onion and garlic since a very long time.
It has a very strong smell and you didn’t like that.
Even now we look at things at a physical level.
That we got the smell or we got that taste.
It will not affect us that much. It is only about our acceptance that we don’t like it either because of the taste or smell.
You didn’t escape only from the smell and taste when you give up certain food items.
You saved yourself from their vibrations.
When will soul power increase?
You can move away from an item’s smell or taste.
So only the nose and mouth will not get them physically.
But because you are in those vibrations, the soul will receive it.
You mentioned that everybody is food was being cooked in the same kitchen earlier.
And you were eating it for many years.
The effect of food on the mind.
All varieties of food get cooked in that kitchen.
At times when there is an occasion of guests at home, non vegetarian food is also being prepared there.
We do not eat non veg food.
You do not eat it.
So physically you are not taking it in.
But in the fridge vegetables are kept along with that non vegetarian food.
Even the vessels used to prepare them are kept together.
Its vibrations.
If it is non veg, it is tamasik food.
It is the lowest energy food.
So when it is kept in the fridge what are its vibrations?
What is the vibration of a non vegetarian item lying in your fridge?
Pain hurt, helplessness, anger and hatred.
When we see the videos of how these animals are treated.
What they go through.
The way they are packed in the slaughterhouse.
It is not the pain only when it is slaughtered.
It is the pain while it is in captivity.
Even while the animal is in the farm how is it treated?
They might already sense that they will be killed because they see other animals being slaughtered.
Yes but they see only on the date is going to happen.
But suppose they are kept there for a month.
Animals can even sense a Tsunami before it happens.
Can’t they see their death coming?
What is the vibration of the place where they are all kept?
Many animals are slaughtered.
It is going on every day there.
Everyday so many animals and birds are killed there. So what is the vibration in that place?
Pain, hurt, death.
The people were employed there, how is their thought process going to be?
About the work they do.
You mentioned that was animals sense it all before-hand.
So they will already know what will happen to them.
So for a month or even for 15 days.
If somebody comes to know that they will be killed.
The place where they are kept has vibrations of death, hate and pain.
That will also influence them.
The next is the way they are treated there.
Even if the animal is physically troubled in captivity.
They are not allowed to move.
If this happens for days or for a month.
Even animal is a soul. That’s all is absorbing, sensing and feeling.
So what is its aura?
Pain, anger, hatred, fear, resentment.
And helplessness is a very big emotion.
But it is not able to bear it – that feeling of helplessness.
The aura of that animal – with its Energy field and vibrations.
It has now reached the kitchen.
It is in your fridge now.
It is the Energy field there.
When is the physical effect.
Non-vegetarian food has a physical effect.
Dead energy and so many things with it.
Now we need to start looking at the vibration of that food.
You mentioned that fruits and vegetables are also kept in the same fridge.
And the kitchen everything is kept together.
Even utensils and mixed up in the process.
If we look at the generation of our grandparents and great grandparents.
They would carry their own utensils whenever they had to travel.
My mother would carry her own spoon. She would pack it and take along.
She had brought it to a restaurant once when we all went there.
I was a bit embarrassed about what she was doing.
Later on I understood why she did that, and that she takes it everywhere.
Why? Because everything has vibrations.
In today’s times we say it is not practically possible.
We say it is very old fashioned and very conservative.
But it is very scientific and very spiritual.
And these are simple things because of which the soul’s power such people was very high.
And these are simple things because of which our solar power has been decreasing.
You mentioned that the utensils are mixed and items are kept together.
So just like negative energy influences us.
The vegetables and fruits in the fridge will have the influence of the non vegetarian food kept along with them.
My father used to eat such food but my mother would not eat them. She is to keep them separate.
She would never mix the utensils used to prepare both.
Those days there was no fridge.
Today we have it.
Today we have a fridge.
And eatables get preserved for many days in that fridge.
We buy in bulk quantities and store them.
Today in the freezer and cold storage a lot of food is stuffed.
Do we realise it is like storing a dead body?
Preserving it in our fridge.
We don’t even keep human bodies at home after death. They kept in the hospital and brought home later.
Only for a few hours it is brought home.
If it needs to be preserved for two or three days, it is kept elsewhere and not at home,
But in our fridge we store bodies of dead animals.
Will it not influence us?
At some point I used to think eggs are ok to eat.
But when I realised the way hens are treated in poultry.
They are tortured and kept inside small cages.
There are used lights that are always turned on so that the hens always feel it is daytime.
So much torture goes on.
A lot of people ask whether egg is vegetarian or non-vegetarian.
It is very important to check what process it goes through.
And what is its vibration.
At the Brahma Kumaris today there is a very beautiful project which is called Yogic Kheti.
Where meditation is done in the agricultural fields.
We have seen beautiful results.
The brothers and sisters at a Centre will adopt a portion of those fields.
They take care of that portion of the field.
Taking care means those brothers and sisters do meditation everyday in that portion of the field.
The fruits vegetables and flowers grown after meditation.
The result which the meditation on those plants gives.
There are only to be seen to be believed.
No chemicals and pesticides are used there.
Actually many people take care of this aspect – that we want organic crops.
So we don’t use Chemicals and pesticides.
But when there is focused meditation done.
So what vibrations do those plants get as they grow?
God’s Love peace and power.
They will also have the influence of the vibrations of the environment around.
Today when we discuss about why our health is not very good.
We say today vegetables and fruits don’t have as many nutrients as they used to provide earlier.
We talk about pollution and pesticides being used.
So even if we are vegetarians that power is not there in our food.
We are able to look at the physical pollution.
But the vibration of the environment on those vegetables and fruits.
Even that pollution is affecting them.
If we do a very specific meditation on those vegetables and fruits.
As we discussed last time, we live in a common environment but every morning we go to the centre.
So what happens to our vibrations? They raise.
Our frequency is raised.
Likewise in that field where yogic kheti is done, the field is in the vibration of the world and influenced by it.
But for a few minutes everyday, vibrations of a very specific meditation influences that field.
The size, quality and taste of everything being grown in that field.
It is completely different.
We can just do this experiment in a garden and see the results.
We can even just have one plant at home and experiment this, to see the results.
Even if we cannot do this, all of us get vegetables and fruits from the market only.
But even after they brought home, if we take them in a bowl.
And just for 5 to 7 minutes, meditate on them.
Right now it is all raw, not yet cooked.
Usually as soon as it is brought We Wash them and soak them in salt water to remove the effect of pesticides and Chemicals.
We do all the purification physically.
Now we need to do the purification of the vibrations also.
When you keep it in the fridge and add water.
All the chemicals get removed.
Now sit for 10 minutes with it.
Then in the remembrance of God.
Invoking the powers and purity of Gods vibrations
Visualise them as getting that it to every bit of the fruits and vegetables.
They are healing its existing vibrations.
Just like how black energy is being removed in pranic healing.
And the divine white light is getting filled in it.
So the fruits and vegetables are getting purified.
Every soul who will eat them today.
Every soul who partakes it, his mind becomes peaceful and happy.
His Physical health will be perfect.
It has to happen with all this energy.
Invest 5 to 10 minutes to do this. It is an investment of time.
If we invest 5 to 7 minutes in it.
The entire house will get the result of it.
I can share my experience of the entire house getting results.
Kids were refusing to eat, the other day. We gave them so many options but they didn’t want anything.
Both my grandchildren were not eating on that day.
They went to the other kitchen where the maid was cooking vegetarian food.
They stood on small stools and started to prepare their own food with Atta.
And then they ate it happily.
This is an effect of vibrations.
The other day, you mentioned that those children enjoy the time at the meditation room in the centre.
Yes, they said there so much silence there.
They caught the vibration.
They will also be able to make out the difference in vibrations of the two kitchens at home.
Even if you prepare their food separately in both the kitchens, and offer to them.
They can make out the difference.
Whenever there is Tamasik food, the vibrations there are heavy.
But this must have been a coincidence, must have happened by chance
Maybe they didn’t feel like having that food.
It is not about hunger.
Sometimes when the mind is restless or agitated.
Or is there is an anxiety, we do not feel like eating.
We need a harmony here.
To consume that food.
So the children might not have felt like having food. Maybe they were playful.
But after coming here they felt a soothing effect.
When a soul gets a soothing effect
Its influence will show on the mind and body.
The thoughts in the mind calmed down and became silent.
That will have an influence.
And the food which they finally got, also had Satvik vibrations.
When people come to the centre or to Mount Abu.
The food served will be very simple but it would have been prepared in a meditative state.
So a majority of them say they over-ate.
They say they cannot eat so much at home but here they felt like having more food.
What is the reason?
The vibrations of that food will be very attractive.
Because it has peace. What is every soul looking for?
They are looking for peace and purity. So wherever they find it.
They’ll be happy to receive it.
Each time we cannot go to a Mandir or Ashram.
At home, we should start preparing food the way it is made in a Mandir or Ashram.
Why was the term grihasth-ashram coined?
It was a concept – that our household resembles the lifestyle of an Ashram.
So when will it become grihasth-ashram?
When the food at home resembles the food prepared in Ashram.
When the money at home resembles the money at ashram.
When the mind of the people resembles the purity in the mind of those living in an Ashram.
House becomes an Ashram then.
If we take care of these three aspects.
Food, money and mind.
Then a house becomes equivalent of an Ashram.
If we don’t take care of these three aspects.
Then even an Ashram cannot remain an Ashram.
It is not about the place.
Very easily we say – we live in a house.
A house can become an Ashram.
If we just start taking care of these little things about purity.
But if there is no attention to them even and Ashram will no longer remain an Ashram.
For namesake it’ll be called an Ashram but if not have those vibrations of purity.
So everything is here. It is not here.
We live in a different vibration at home.
Then for a few days we go and visit an Ashram.
For some time we go to a Mandir.
When we go there we need to learn things.
And we should start doing them at home.
For example, at all the centres of Brahma Kumaris.
The food prepared is Satvik, which means no onion or garlic also.
And Satvik means food prepared in a meditative state of mind.
After it is prepared it is first offered as Bhog.
It means all the food is kept in one plate.
Connect to God and do a focused meditation.
And fill his powers into each morsel of that food.
Earlier we used to think that food is offered to God.
That it has to be fed to God.
But what is the meaning of offering Bhog to God?
It is not about feeding it to God.
But his powers are to be added and mixed into that food.
How will God eat that food?
That food has to be energized.
Taking His powers, we need to energize our food.
And then we distribute it to other people, it becomes Prasad.
Everyone can do this.
If we just bring the small change into our life.
You have already experimented this on your grandchildren.
Earlier what you would do is.
You would eat from the same kitchen, but you would eat only vegetarian food.
Even then you saw change in yourself.
After you changed your diet, it made a huge difference.
Which means it works.
Even after I changed the milk I consume, I saw difference.
I would consume buffalo milk but later I switched to cow’s milk.
That also made a huge difference.
Which means the food we eat influences us.
When we shifted from Tamasik to Satvik food.
This was a very big shift.
And it started to show in our frequency.
Then we did a second experiment.
That the Satvik food that is getting prepared.
It is getting prepared in a Satvik environment.
It was prepared by a vegetarian cook.
His thought will also be Satvik.
The person cooking food will have a big influence on that food.
If he is preparing it in an agitated, restless and anxious state of mind.
It will influence the vibrations of the food.
That was the second step. The first step was.
Changing your diet which is a very big step.
That since childhood you would have non-vegetarian and Tamasik food.
And then You shifted. You even changed the source of milk.
And you started with Satvik food.
You experienced a very big shift.
This is very important, you can experience it.
And it is not just a shift at the level of physical health.
You saw shift in your spiritual health.
You saw changes in your thoughts and Sanskars.
But at that time where was that Satvik food being cooked?
In the same Kitchen where Tamasic food was being cooked.
So all the items were kept together in the same fridge for a long time.
That also was a very big shift.
When we shift our diet at a physical level.
That we don’t eat a certain item, there will be a change in us.
Your second experiment was that Satvik food should be cooked in a Satvik kitchen.
Where only Satvik food is prepared.
You started getting food prepared in that environment.
And the person preparing that food has adopted as Satvik lifestyle.
So you experience the much bigger shift with that.
You saw the difference between the food cooked in two different kitchens.
The shift was not visible only in you.
But even in those kids who would eat in that other kitchen everyday.
Those kids would eat all the items that are prepared in that kitchen, daily.
But when they ate food from your kitchen just once, it had an influence on them.
It means the influence happens so quickly.
The change happens very quickly.
When people ask how long will it take for me to change.
It does not take long to change. All it takes is to make these little shifts.
The fourth stage is
Once the food is prepared.
And once it is served to you.
We should not eat it, as it is.
If we take care at each stage.
If I pause for a minute, connect to God.
Even earlier we would remember God. But what would we say then?
Thank you very much God, you have provided me food for today.
It was a prayer of gratitude.
We used to praise God before eating at school – God is great, God is good.
Thank you for the food.
Which is beautiful because what vibration did we create?
Of gratitude.
We remembered God so we created that vibration.
Now we will add one more small aspect to it.
Gods powers are filling every bit of the food.
See it, make it happen.
Visualise it, create that thought.
Gods powers are getting filled in this food.
And then we need to give that intention into the food.
Of what we intend to become.
So again – I am a divine soul.
My every thought, word and action.
Are perfect, pure and accurate.
I accept people as they are.
At this vibration into the food.
I accept everyone, the way they are.
My body is perfect healthy.
This one minute meditation.
Add these vibrations to the food.
So now these vibrations become a part of that food.
When having food with other members of the family – When we say I accept, it means I am saying it about myself?
We are doing it with our plate of food.
But if family is also with us and we are having food together?
You want to energize the entire food?
Each soul accepts each other, as they are.
Each soul accepts everyone as they are.
If I have to put this thought into your mind
Our relationships are very beautiful.
So what should I do now?
I have to add that intention in the food and serve it to you.
Our relationship is very beautiful.
We radiate respect and love to each other, at all times.
And now we cancel this food to everyone.
Thank you so much, Sister.
Om Shanti.
Om Shanti.
Thank you.

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