Vegan Thai Food Recipes: Thai Stir Fry Vegetables – Pad Pak Ruam (ผัดผักรวม)

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today let’s continue the vegan series
with Thai stir-fry vegetables sawadee ka everyone,
Monday, new recipe I’m Nin, welcome to my channel before we start don’t forget to
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description I have a mini cookbook to download for free last week we cooked a vegan Pad Thai and today we are going to cook another
vegan recipe a real one this time Thai stir-fry vegetables
Are you ready? Let’s go! less peel and cut all the veggies peel off the skin of carrot and
diagonally cut it cut the stem off the broccoli separate the head part and shape the bottom part remove the hard part of the stem and cut the tender part into wedges this
one is full of flavor cut the cauliflower in half and use the
tip of your knife to separate florets into bite size remove the tip of baby
corn and cut in half cut your mushrooms in half remove the strings of peas by pinching the curly end of it the storm is coming I hope I will
finish before so now let’s start blanching carrot cauliflower baby corn and broccoli put your vegetables in boiling water two minutes then transfer it into cold water strain it before stir-fry lastly stir-fry everything add oil and chopped garlic then add mushrooms and peas
stir it add soybean sauce soy sauce white peppercorn powder
and sugar stir again mix corn starch with water we use that instead of oyster sauce
to make the sauce thicker add some water and stir you can now add the rest of your veggies mix everything well Nin: do you hear that ? Crunch crunch crunch?
Cy: yeah yeah yeah Nin: I talk with them, didn’t talk with you everything is so crunchy this is how I like it but
if you prefer to eat a bit softer just just let it cook a bit more mmh-hmm don’t forget to subscribe and click
on the notification bell so that you will never miss a recipe it would be great if you can share leave me a comment it really helps also chop that like button thank you for watching see you next Monday kob kun ka
bye bye

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