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[lauren] so this is like the tofu transformation.
[lauren] “oh you’re vegan? all you eat is tofu?”
[lauren] and i’m like “yea, i love tofu.” you can do so much stuff with it and i’m gonna prove it to you.
[lauren] today.
[lauren] how’s it going? it’s lauren from hot for food and today we’re gonna do another
[lauren] RECIPE?!
[lauren] this is the type of video where i don’t know what i’m gonna make today.
[lauren] i’m going to go through the fridge, pull out all the stuff and things and food that’s in there including leftovers,
[lauren] and come up with some type of idea and you’re gonna see me develop a recipe from scratch.
[lauren] and hopefully, it turns out to be delicious.
[lauren] so let’s get this started.
[lauren] okay
[lauren] lots of food.
[lauren] leftovers.
[lauren] where do i even begin?
[lauren] well first of all, i’ve got leftover umm, tofu.
[lauren] i’ve got a lot of kale and a lot of romaine so that’s probably something i should use up.
[lauren] oh, look, more tofu.
[lauren] okay, we better do something with tofu.
[lauren] more tofu!
[lauren] this is leftover tofu feta, then i fried that tofu feta from our greek salad recipe and i fried it for like a rice bowl,
[lauren] and got it crispy.
[lauren] then i’ve got this unopened package so i don’t even know if i need this but we gotta do something with this tofu.
[lauren] so we’re gonna have to transform it from tofu feta to
[lauren] something else. we have to use this so that’s what we’re doing, i gotta come up with an idea first.
[lauren] let’s use this, so we can make a salad, caesar salad? some lettuce wraps?
[lauren] some, what about a caesar salad?
[lauren] with tofu on it
[lauren] no, but you know what?
[lauren] would be crazy?
[lauren] cos i have so much tofu and i have to use this up cos it’s not gonna last much longer,
[lauren] is
[lauren] i mean, the greatest thing about tofu is that it can become anything.
[lauren] you can take it,
[lauren] and you can season it
[lauren] and it will taste like whatever you want it to taste like.
[lauren] we can make umm, tofu bacon bits cos i can just take our bacon seasoning that we use on our coconut bacon and cook it on
[lauren] the tofu and get it crispy.
[lauren] i mean we have a caesar salad recipe on the blog,
[lauren] but the dressing is made with cashews.
[lauren] and everyone’s always saying “i’m allergic to cashews! what can i sub the cashews with?”
[lauren] and i ignore you because i love cashews.
[lauren] but we could make a dressing out of tofu.
[lauren] a caesar dressing out of tofu so take basically what my caesar dressing recipe is
[lauren] but i’ll show you how to make it with tofu.
[lauren] and then you can stop your complain and um, except then you’ll be like
[lauren] “i’m allergic to soy, what can i use instead of tofu?”
[lauren] so i’m gonna try and make a caesar dressing with tofu,
[lauren] and bacon bits with tofu.
[lauren] i don’t really have any- oh i do have some uh, bread in the freezer so we can make a real crouton.
[lauren] this right now has a feta brine around it. if you remember our greek salad recipe.
[lauren] so it’s vinegar and almond milk which that could also be used in the dressing.
[lauren] and then i’ll roast some garlic which is what i do in my normal caesar salad dressing.
[lauren] okay, let’s do this.
[lauren] so i think that uhh, this is cubed and already kind of crispy but
[lauren] in order for it to be bacon bits i think it needs to be smaller so i’m actually going to crumble it with my hands.
[lauren] and then put the marinate over top.
[lauren] so i’ve made “bacon” many ways with many things.
[lauren] we’ve done cassava bacon, portobello mushroom bacon, coconut bacon, tempeh bacon,
[lauren] it’s the exact same marinates. sometimes in different ratios depending on the amount of like, product you’re using
[lauren] and the actual bacon,
[lauren] so i’m just gonna eyeball this and pour all the ingredients into it,
[lauren] uh, soy sauce, maple syrup, liquid smoke, smoked paprika and sea salt.
[lauren] and that’s it.
[lauren] i probably don’t even need sea salt, i’m just going to add water.
[lauren] okay, so i’m just going to let this sit off to the side to marinate a little bit.
[lauren] so to do the roasted garlic, you’re gonna take a whole bulb and just cut a little bit of the top off,
[lauren] like that to expose the cloves.
[lauren] and i just bake it in tin foil like this,
[lauren] and then i put olive oil on it,
[lauren] and then just hit it with salt and pepper.
[lauren] so we’re just gonna lay out the tofu bacon onto a baking sheet with parchment paper,
[lauren] and bake it until it’s crispy!
[lauren] so i’ve got my oven at 425F, the garlic i normally bake at 400F but it doesn’t really matter.
[lauren] i’m just gonna keep my eye on it, and then kind of watch the tofu and see what happens
[lauren] cos i don’t know. so let’s try to make this tofu caesar salad dressing now.
[lauren] so i’m basically gonna follow our caesar salad dressing recipe from
[lauren] instead, i’m just gonna use tofu instead of cashews.
[lauren] so that looks like enough.
[lauren] so we’ll add some olive oil,
[lauren] so we’ll add sea salt,
[lauren] we’ll add a medjool date and nutritional yeast,
[lauren] and we’ll add dijon, and ground pepper.
[lauren] kay we’re gonna add lemon zest and lemon juice.
[lauren] and i’ll just add a little bit of water.
[lauren] and don’t forget about the roasted garlic.
[lauren] okayy
[lauren] looks the same.
[lauren] i don’t think it needs anything else!
[lauren] little more water and little more olive oil, i think.
[lauren] so the bacon’s been in there, about 25 minutes
[lauren] and it pretty much looks like bacon bits
[lauren] you know what actually turned out better are the really really tiny pieces.
[lauren] so i think this is good! 25-30 minutes depending on your oven.
[lauren] it was at 425F. so far this is a good recipe.
[lauren] mm!
[lauren] i don’t wanna make croutons. i have to unthaw the bread.
[lauren] maybe we could make a wrap instead. like a caesar wrap.
[lauren] now we already have a lot of tofu in here so we wouldn’t want to add like
[lauren] if we did chicken, i could put a chicken breast in there.
[lauren] a vegan chicken breast.
[lauren] which i have. which we can cook up.
[lauren] and then cut it into strips, and then make the caesar salad with the bacon and then wrap it up.
[lauren] cos i have some wraps that we bought to make something else that we’re doing
[lauren] changing it up. chicken caesar wrap.
[lauren] with tofu bacon bits and tofu caesar dressing.
[lauren] there they are, our vegan chicken caesar wraps.
[lauren] and wow. can i just say.
[lauren] the tofu bacon bits worked out perfectly, i’m just eating the leftover salad and it’s delicious.
[lauren] and now, you guys have a substitute for cashews in our caesar dressing!
[lauren] and it works so perfectly.
[lauren] i’m very proud of myself.
[lauren] these just keep getting better and better, don’t they? these RECIPE?! videos?
[lauren] alright, i guess i should eat a wrap.
[lauren] can even dip it in more dressing on the side.
[lauren] mm
[lauren] the only thing i wasn’t sure about was grilling them on the flat top because then it makes the lettuce hot
[lauren] and wilted so i actually wouldn’t do that.
[lauren] it kinda helped me for like display purposes, to like make it look like that. but
[lauren] if you’re making this at home, i would just roll it in like a nice
[lauren] soft wrap. keep the lettuce crunchy.
[lauren] and cold and then have the chicken be hot. regardless, so good!
[lauren] mm, okay!
[lauren] i hope you try this one out.
[lauren] whether you make just a caesar salad with chicken on top, vegan chicken.
[lauren] or a caesar salad with no vegan chicken,
[lauren] or wraps. or whatever!
[lauren] give the dressing a try, if you’ve avoided making it because of the cashews,
[lauren] and that’s pretty much it! another successful RECIPE?!
[lauren] uhh, tag us @hotforfood or #hotforfood if you’re making this
[lauren] or anything else from our channel or our blog.
[lauren] cos we love seeing all the pictures you guys post.
[lauren] as you’ve noticed, i do see them and i like them and i comment on them cos i think they’re so fantastic!
[lauren] so keep that coming, we love you guys, thank you so much for watching and subscribing and following along with what we’re doing here on hot for food.
[lauren] umm, vegan takeover is in full effect!
[lauren] pretty much, we’ll see you next wednesday for more hot for food.
[lauren] bye!
[lauren] gimme, gimme, gimme.

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