VEG MOMO (भेज मःम) from NEPAL l | VEG DUMPLING RECIPE | Nepali Food Recipe | Yummy Food World 🍴 93

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today I am here with the recipe of veg mo:mo this is highly requested video I hope you all will will like it I have tried veg mo:mo with many different recipes but this is the best recipe So, let’s get started with it’s ingredients 300 grams finely chopped cabbage chop it very finely this is paneer, made from 1 L milk half spoon pepper powder red chilly powder half cup, roughly chopped onion onion is this much thin half spoon, curry powder and cumin powder salt as per taste finely chopped ginger and garlic both half spoon roughly chopped coriander oil heat the pan add 2 spoon oil after oil heats up, add ginger and garlic keep heat in low to medium stir it a bit and add other ingredients onion finely chopped cabbage salt as per taste red chilly powder cumin powder and curry powder add black pepper and stir well cook only for 2 minutes stir it well and add paneer turn off the heat before adding paneer add coriander and mix well mix it well, like above our momo’s stuffing is ready I am taking this out in a bowl while stuffing cools, we will ready our dough I already made a dough I made this with all purpose flour If you don’t know how to make this dough, please watch it in my other mo:mo recipes. I already made it in chicken and mutton mo:mo this is made as a normal dough grease the inside of the vessel with oil we use oil to prevent sticking sprinkle some flour and start rolling the dough. I am rolling the dough roll it slowly sprinkle more flour and roll it it will be easier to roll dough must be rolled out to this thickness it must be thin after rolling it out, cut small piece with a sharp edge bowl or cutter cut like this i already did it Now, we will add stuffing in these small pieces of dough I turned it upside down add filling I will show you how to make round mo:mo If you don’t know how to make round mo:mo, watch carefully follow it while making round mo:mo, right thumb will not move. stretch it with index finger and make it round. Our round shaped mo:mo is ready Now, I will make long mo:mo add stuffing it is very easy to make long shaped mo:mo follow as above while making long mo:mo both index and thumb of right hand will move forward this is how we make long shaped mo:mo you can follow my instructions and make round or long shaped mo:mo make mo:mo from all the stuffing Now, steam it for fifteen minutes after 15 minutes I served it with this red hot pickle you can serve it with your favorite pickle make it like this at home and enjoy this with your friends and family what did you feel about our video? support us by liking, commenting, sharing and subscribing to our channel I will return with more yummy recipe’s till then, happy cooking

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