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Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, “Atlas”
With Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner
of FoodChallenges.com
Very, very excited this morning. Me and my good friend Emma Dalton.
We both dominated our pizza challenges last night. Today we are in Burton-upon-Trent.
At Mac’s Cafe. We’re taking on their undefeated “Almighty M Challenge!”
As you can see, it’s undefeated for a reason! It’s huge!
We’ve got four foot-long sandwiches, eight eggs, eight hashbrown, bunch of sausage, bacon
we’ve got a small bowl of chips. The food challenge is undefeated. We’ve got one hour
If we fail it’s 15 quid, but we’re not looking to pay for the challenge.
If we win we’ll get the meal free and we’ll be up on their Wall of Fame.
Are you ready for this? Lets get it started!
You ready? Lets get it started! One, two, three!
I have no idea what I’m going to do!
12:30 – We’re refilling our water and then we going to get down on these sausages.
and then get all the bread down. Chips will be last.
19:00 – she’s still working on the bacon. Lets get our last three sausage down!
Less than 46 minutes in – Last bite of the sandwiches.
This was really stupid. Last bite!
53:38! First ever to win and I know why – it was way harder than I expected!
Got the 15 quid meal for free, and best of all I didn’t lose in front of all these people!
Win # 233! Thanks for watching!

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