Ultimate French Toast Breakfast Sandwich Recipe – with How-to Make BACON SYRUP! – Chef Tony

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Hi, I’m Chef Tony Matassa. Today we are
preparing an epic french toast breakfast sandwich on our Lynx Asado Griddle. Now for the french toast, I like to pick up
a couple loaves of country white bread, and make thick slices of toast, about 2 inches
thick. I place the slices in the oven at 300 degrees for a few minutes so that they can
crisp up a bit. For the french toast batter, start by combining
corn starch with some confectioners sugar and sift it into a mixing bowl. Here I have
6 egg yolks and 4 whole eggs, give this a good whisk and add in a couple teaspoons of
vanilla extract. Once combined, pour this mixture into a mixing bowl, and whisk the
ingredients to combine. Now to sweeten up the batter, I like to use
honey because it gives nice flavor to the french toast, and helps to emulsify the batter.
Finish this off with some melted butter that has cooled, followed by some half and half.
It’s time to give the slices of toast a dunk in the batter, make sure to coat both sides
well, you’ll be glad you did! Go ahead and heat up your griddle to medium- high heat
and throw some butter on there, because butter and french toast is always a great combo!
After a minute or two, the first side should have some good color on it, you can go ahead
and flip to the other side. These are looking great, I’ll go ahead and remove them to a
pan and grill up the rest of the sandwich ingredients… and where would this french
toast sandwich be without some thick cut bacon? No worries, there will be some eggs and cheese
too, but I like to get a good coating of bacon fat on the griddle before the eggs. I always
love cooking up bacon on a griddle like this, because I just can’t fit all the bacon I want
in one pan! Once the bacon is good and crispy, it’s time to scramble some eggs for this sandwich.
Luckily eggs cook quick, because I am pretty ready to dive into this french toast sandwich!
It’s time to build this monster! Start out by setting down a slice of french toast..
followed by some scrambled eggs.. a slice of colby jack cheese.. now for the bacon,
nothing says breakfast like the combination of syrup and bacon.. but why stop there? Why
not infuse bacon into the syrup itself?? This is really easy to make, I cooked down a half
lb. Of bacon, chop it into bits, and heated up a cup of maple syrup with the bacon bits
for a few minutes, then just cool and let it infuse overnight. After a drizzle of bacon
syrup, go ahead and add the top layer of french toast.. and you’ll want to and top the whole
thing with bacon syrup, because.. why not? Oh, and don’t forget the final garnish of
butter and powdered sugar! Now I could stare at this all day, but I’m pretty hungry so
let’s dig in! Phenomenal flavor combo.. bacon.. french toast..
bacon maple syrup.. forget about it! Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed
it and I hope if you have any questions on the Lynx Asado grill, you’ll give us a call
or check us out online today. I’m Chef Tony Matassa, and remember.. at BBQGuys.com, we
SMOKE the competition!


  1. I need this for breakfast in 2 hours, damn that looks good Tony!  killer breakfast for sure !  dig that grill too !

  2. I had a bowl of cereal today :'( …..and you go and post this. Not too happy about that Tony. Haha just kidding excellent job!

  3. OMG – this looks AMAZING!!!! if i eat one of them – i will be 10 lbs heavier by the time i swallow it…… LOL, not fair that you can do it!!!

  4. I like this sandwich so great thank you about the video thank you very much I love this sandwich she's so cool even my mom loved it she left because the honey and eggs and all of their stuff is so yummy thank you but that video do extra videos please make extra videos please and this is I am Ali by I give you that message twice too I love you send out which you sent that to you send out what youre so cool I love it why are you so amazing about that fender which make extra video that's so cool send that with everybody loves it and I wasn't even to my friend that sandwich and it still cool and he said I'm going to make it I'm going to send me some message and he said okay send me some messages you said okay I love dancing with you but I sure thats Tamil I think I trying to say it just make extract videos so I can know what your

  5. Ramsey and oliver all follow rules, you just wing it with "why not?". I think you must be the most 'bro' chef there is. Definatly makeing this tomorrow!

  6. I know this isn't a recent post. But had a question on the bacon maple syrup. Do you keep it in the fridge once infused with bacon also how long does it keep?

  7. Who are the 35 idiots in the world who didn't like this video? I knew there were at least 35 vegetarians in the world..

  8. Man if I could I would reach through my phone grab it right out of your hands pull it back through my phone so I could eat it myself because that looks delicious

  9. Lordy, Lordy! He-man breakfast sandwich there. Whose health can afford to eat like that? Looks good but I just can’t do it.

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