UK Vs. USA: Breakfast Cereal Swap

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  1. So all the U.K. cereals where the grown up or dietary reduction type… where were our coco pops, crunchy nut honey corn flakes, chocolate and frosted shreddies to name but a few…. nah, not the best I’d say.

  2. americans probably think us british are so healthy but they showed all the cereals that are good for you not any of the really popular ones like coco pops, rice crispies and shreddies

  3. Growing up British you learn to love the boring shit and hate the sweet stuff, actually glad we grew up on healthier less sugary foods then these diabetes inducing foods meant for kids 😂😂

  4. Literally so many of the British cereals we have in the United States. Y’all really don’t do your research for these videos.

  5. What's with the terrible matchup in cereals? What about all the sugary british cereals like golden nuggets etc? Most of the cereals used you are supposed add stuff like fruit and honey to

  6. You went and chose the most boring cereal for the UK ppl in comparison tho. Im from Portugal and in the EU we share a lot of the same cereal and the exact same brands (well at least here we do) so I KNOW you brits got a lot of good stuff that could've matched all the sugar you brought out for the Americans… Special K? Thats healthy/diet cereal lmao

  7. The only true British cereal is wheatabix. I'm American and my mom would buy shredded wheat and special K back in the 1970's.

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