Turkey Muffin Cups

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I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
It’s the day after so we’re talking about
Now, while I love a turkey sandwich as much
as the next guy, I know by tomorrow I’ll be
looking for a new ways to dress up those leftovers.
So we came up with a quick idea that turns
yesterday’s leftovers into a new fun dish
that everyone will love.
First, we take some leftover stuffing and
mix it with an egg and divide it into muffin
Here’s where you get to play with your food
by pressing the stuffing into the bottom and
up the sides of each cup.
We’ll set that aside
while we mix together some leftover turkey
that we chunked up, with some peas and carrots
(or any leftover veggies), a bit of black
pepper and some gravy to hold it all together.
Then, we spoon this into our stuffing cups.
Once they’re filled, we’ll pop them into the
oven for about 20 minutes until they’re heated
All that’s left to do is remove them from
the pan and serve them piping hot for a new
twist on leftovers that tastes as good as
it looks.
The recipe for
Turkey Muffin Cups
is online now so you can enjoy something hot
and hearty
instead of just another cold turkey sandwich.
I’m Howard in the Mr. Food Test Kitchen, where
every day we’re looking for a better way for
you to say…

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