Turkey Meatloaf Recipe – With Apricots & Cranberries

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hey folks James from BodMinSou. Meatloaf
is one of those dishes which is
generally a family favorite.
It’s easy to cook on a Sunday, freeze and
use throughout the week. In this video
we’re going to show you how to make a
tasty and succulent healthy chicken
you can also use turkey, right after this.
We’re going to need 1 cup of diced
onions about one medium sized onion red
or yellow will do. A half a cup of grated
carrots a half a cup of diced celery.
Three-quarters of a cup of dry wine, I
personally always use wine that I also
like to drink. Two pounds of ground
chicken or turkey I used the breasts here
and then I minced them in the food
processor. Six slices of bacon. Half a
cup of dried apricots, half a cup of
dried cranberries, one large egg lightly
beaten. 1 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce or you
can also use soy sauce. 1 tsp dried thyme
1 teaspoon of dried oregano or parsley. A
half teaspoon black pepper and two and a
half teaspoons of kosher salt and lastly
a little bit of butter to coat the loaf
Let’s start by soaking the dried
cranberries and apricots in water this
will plump them up and add moisture to
the mix, stopping it from drying out.
They also had a really nice fruity
flavor. Set them aside to soak for about
30 minutes. We’re going to gently fry the
this removes the strong onion flavor and
sweetness the onions by caramelizing
them slightly, you don’t need to soften them
too much as you want to keep some of that
texture and bite in there.
now you can add the grated or chopped
carrots to the pan and the celery
soften them slightly and seasoned with a
little bit of salt.
You don’t need to overcook them as it
will be cooked further in the oven. We can
now add the white wine making sure to
cook off the alcohol leaving the
sweetness of the wine behind. You can of
course leave this out if you wish. In a large
bowl we’re going to mix all the
ingredients together. Start with the cooled
onions carrots and celery mixture,
drain any liquid from the cranberries
and apricots and add that to the mixture.
These should be nice and plump at this
stage. You can now whisk an egg, it
doesn’t have to be too fluffy just whisk
thoroughly and add this to the mixture. Add
the black pepper and the remaining salt
add the thyme oregano or parsley
Worcestershire sauce or if you don’t have
any you can also use soy sauce and
lastly we’re going to add in our ground
minced turkey or chicken. Now comes the
fun part
get your hands right in there and give
this a really good mix, you could use a
spatula but where would the fun in
that be. Now we want to butter or oil the
loaf tin, you can also preheat the oven at
this stage if you don’t want to use a
loaf tin, simply spread the mixture
about three centimeters deep onto a
butter or oil parchment paper. You can
also make an aluminium foil container to
hold a mixture inside a baking tray.
Add the mixture to the baking tray
slowly you don’t want to press it in
make sure it goes in gently and don’t
overwork it. Compacting it will create a
hard meatloaf, a bit like a brick. Once
you’re done place the bacon strips on
top we’re using uncooked bacon here, you
could also use a cured bacon,
this will work perfectly well too. Now
we’re going to bake in a preheated oven
for about one hour. If you have an
instant-read thermometer you can always
check by inserting the thermometer
into the meatloaf. It should register a hundred
and sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit or 75
degrees Celsius. Once cooked through
remove the pan from the oven and let it
sit for about 10 minutes before slicing.
The juices are sweet and loaded with
taste, simply pour over the meat or add a
little cornflour making it into a gravy.
You can also easily divide the meatloaf
into serving portions, add a little bit of
the juices and freeze. This will keep for up
to five months.
Defrost and heat with the juices which
will be reabsorbed back into the meat.
So as you can see a meatloaf is a fairly
simple dish to make, it can be a family
favorite and it’s easily frozen and
reused later. If this is your first time
here we’d love you to subscribe and
every Thursday we have new healthy food
videos, see you again next Thursday.


  1. Wow just have found your channel and is awesome. Love this idea, in my country is so difficult to find fresh bacon…only processed bacon which I don't like at all (highly sodium concentration). But I'll find another way to top this delicious recipe.
    Great job!!!

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