Trick To Making The Perfect Boiled Egg

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hi guys welcome back to my channel again
and today we’re going to be boiling eggs and it’s just two eggs in water and
basically the eggs are already in the water as you can see is two eggs in
there okay so the eggs around in the water so what’s the best trick to get
the eggs to easily crack once they boil it’s simple the trick is you just grab
some baking soda and sprinkle you sprinkle the baking soda on the eggs
just a little like a teaspoon this is the brand that I’m using and then I’m
we’re gonna let the eggs boil and once they’re ready I will show you how easy
it is to peel after you’ve put the boiled egg in there I will see you once
the eggs are ready okay guys welcome back this is the egg that was boiling so
we’re gonna go ahead and fill it up crack it on the counter and you just
take it off it pills pretty easy pretty pretty easy see just comes right off
don’t have to struggle peels right off still hot voila there you go and last time 35
seconds you got this so yeah and it’s all filled out like there’s nothing
hanging out so just put baking soda in your water next time when you’re boiling
your eggs and tell me if you know what is the difference I will see you guys in
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thank you so much for watching I love y’all

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