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(club music)
– So it’s late at night
and you can find all the things to drink,
but you can’t find anything to eat.
Don’t worry, boo, I got you.
Wait, let me put these
back, just borrowed it.
Welcome to Drunk and Delicious,
the ultimate food series
on late night eats around the world.
You may or may not be tipsy
but everything you eat is gonna be tasty.
– Meow.
– In today’s episode,
we’re taking you to eat
late night Taiwanese breakfast
in the city of Taipei,
where the locals’ breakfast
is an all day thing,
and you’ll see why.
The first place is a 24 hour restaurant
that serves steamy and ready
to eat breakfast foods.
This particular breakfast
shop is really, really popular
among students because it’s
in between two universities.
Another quick titbit, a
really famous and popular
breakfast shop is actually two blocks away
and it’s called Yong He Soy Milk King.
So you have choices,
you can go to that one,
you can go to this one.
I really like this one
because it’s quite cheap
and there’s a variety of
options, we’re talking
dessert items, traditional
breakfast items, even noodles.
Right in front of me, I
have a massive selection
of delicious breakfast
food and one look at it
and you may just think,
oh, this is carb heaven,
and you are correct.
The first item that we’re going
to try are the leek boxes,
if you check them out, this
is called jiu cai he zi.
Inside, there’s little vermicelli noodles,
there’s massive amounts of chive,
and I think they even
added some tofu in there,
that’s quite special.
Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom!
Ooh, really tasty seasoning,
I think they put a ton of pepper in here.
There’s minced egg pieces in here,
it’s quite filling for this little guy.
I think the tofu pieces are
such an interesting add.
This is a nice chewy thing
that pops in with the crunch of the chive.
This massive bowl right here,
now I know it looks
quite interesting, okay,
but what this is actually soy milk
and then they dump vinegar inside.
The vinegar is what cures the soy milk
to create these little cloudy bits,
and right here we have the crispy donuts,
which is youtiao in Chinese.
Like a savory tofu soup!
I really love the way the
vinegar has cured the tofu soup,
it gives the soup a lot of texture.
Mmm, oh yeah, that’s real good.
Let me move this little soy milk here,
which by the way, make sure
you guys get this soy milk,
they have a fridge filled
with cups of soy milk.
It’s a breakfast drink heaven right there.
What I like about this restaurant,
they kind of lay out all the items for you
and you can select how
many things you want.
So, if you’re like, “I
want some dumplings,
“and I want some baos, and
I want some radish cake.”
You can just pick how many you want.
So right here, I picked three guotie,
this is fried dumpling, and
look at the shape of that.
Look at these long dumplings.
Love long things!
This right here, you
guys, is sheng jian bao,
and it’s basically a
bao that is pan fried.
And you can see on the
front, it’s like soft dough
and you see that oil,
it’s nice and glistening.
At the bottom, it has hardened up,
and look at that beautiful
golden brown color.
Oh, yum!
Check out that pork filling,
nice crispy crunch from the cabbage.
This is a beautiful bite,
whole thing in my mouth.
This guotie, it’s about the
same filling as the bao,
this one just has a slightly harder dough.
I quite enjoy it actually.
The difference between this pork pie
and like this bao right here,
the filling in these are so much juicier.
The meat is like a soup,
when you bite into it
the soup kinda squirts out,
I mean, it’s fantastic.
So our soup that is just
coming out from the meat,
it is so, so juicy.
Usually in the rice roll
you’re gonna find crispy donut,
you’re gonna find some of that pork floss,
and you’re gonna find radish.
So once you bite into it,
expect gooey, mushy rice
with a nice crunch on the donut,
and another nice crunch
from the radish as well.
I actually really enjoyed the
crunch on the crispy donut.
The donuts here are especially crispy.
Let me take another bite.
Mmm, oh yeah!
Well I have a lot of items to finish
before the next restaurant,
but don’t go anywhere
because it just gets better.
♪ And it’s a good time ♪
♪ Chasing every moment ♪
♪ All the good nights ♪
♪ We’re always looking it at it ♪
♪ It’s a good life ♪
♪ Now we are never letting this go ♪
♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪
– And we’re at our second restaurant.
You can not only get
traditional Taiwanese breakfast
as you see in front of me,
you can also get the most amazing noodles
you can get here in Taiwan,
and that is the beef
noodle soup, look at this.
Send noods!
Which by the way, be sure
to check out the Cup of TJ
merch shop to buy your
own send noods hoodie,
t-shirt, tote bag and even cups, what?!
Woo, just love good commercial breaks.
This is radish cake, or turnip cake,
and basically what it is is
turnip mixed in with flour
into this jello-ey like cake.
When you pan fry it, it
turns mushy and gushy,
and it is just a fluffy cloud of goodness.
Drizzle with the soy sauce, like mmm!
Honey, get in my mouth.
Oh, oh, this is good.
This egg, they actually
added green onion in there,
so there’s much more flavor.
So the savoriness of the egg
paired with the mushy
gooeyness of the turnip cake,
I mean it’s fabulous.
Ooh, you sexy piece of dish!
Sorry, just hitting on
my food, what’s new?
This right here is a shao bing youtiao.
A crispy donut on the inside
with sesame bread on the outside
that is so flaky that it’s
literally just flaking off.
Just look at the bits and pieces
of the sesame bread on my plate.
So this one literally is just
like a carb within a carb.
And there ain’t nothing
wrong with that, honey, okay?
Can’t wait for that crunch.
On the outside it’s flaky
but the inside is actually quite soft.
The reason I like adding an egg
is ’cause it adds a nice
creaminess to the overall dish,
because otherwise it’s literally just
carbs on carbs, okay, bread on bread.
Which again, there’s
nothing wrong with that.
Nothing wrong with that, honey!
I want you guys to know that
there is an English menu here
and there’s even photos, say what?!
What I particularly like
about this restaurant
is like you can have
Taiwanese breakfast food
if you’re craving breakfast,
but you can also have noodles
because the reality is
we’re always craving noodles.
Isn’t that right?
They actually added a piece
of crispy donut in there
and because it’s already
been soaked in that soup,
it’s turned all mushy gooey, look at that.
It almost looks like tofu skin now
and it’s gonna be really flavorful
’cause it just soaked up
all of that beefy broth.
Super soft, it just
dissolves in your mouth.
It really is like tofu skin.
I like the chew on the noodles.
I like the smokiness of the broth.
It’s personally maybe not like
the best beef noodle soup in the city,
there’s definitely much better places,
which we do cover on this channel.
However, late at night
and you’re craving it,
this is an option for you.
♪ And it’s a good time ♪
♪ Chasing every moment ♪
♪ All the good nights ♪
♪ We’re always looking at it ♪
♪ It’s a good life ♪
♪ Now we are never letting this go ♪
♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪
– If you are familiar
with Taiwanese breakfast,
you may know that there is one item
that we have yet eat this entire episode.
And yes, you’ve guessed
it, I knew you guessed it.
It is the egg pancake,
and the reason we waited
is because I wanted to
get a special egg pancake
and it’s right here.
♪ Ahh, yes you look at
it, it is beautiful ♪
♪ It is beautiful ♪
And what makes it special is that
there are beansprouts inside.
It’s literally stuffed with beansprouts.
So what you have here is you have
that thin, beautiful dough
paired with that egg, the
egg is just attached to it,
it’s an eggy crepe.
And then inside, it is
bursting with beansprouts,
look at that!
Beansprouts, beansprouts, beansprouts,
beansprouts, beansprouts!
The thing about beansprout is
it has that crunchy texture,
especially when you pile it on like this,
it’s gonna be so good!
We’re gonna get this juicy
middle piece right here.
Oh hello, pancake.
I added way too much of that soy sauce,
even though it looked epic in slow motion,
I would just maybe drizzle it a little bit
because that is quite salty.
The beansprouts are actually
seasoned with black pepper,
so when you take a bite,
immediately the spiciness of
black pepper hits your mouth
and you’re like, “Whoa, honey!”
Pancake with the creamy egg
and the crispy beansprout,
it’s just wonderful.
It’s a really nice texture pairing.
The final reason why we
came to this breakfast shop
is because they offer these noodles.
Send noods, and not nudes,
ladies and gentlemen.
Look at this.
Oh, look at that creamy sauce, oh!
So this sauce is a pepper sauce
and it’s like a pepper gravy,
and it’s just mixed in
with these chewy noodles.
Of course you have a beautiful egg here,
and look at that, it’s
still kind of runny.
Oh yeah, I love a good runny egg.
And then you have a slice of pork here
for that protein, baby, ah yeah!
I’m just gonna bite into it, ready?
Oh darn, that’s tasty!
That’s tasty, I gotta take one more bite.
So. (laughs)
I love this so much.
The noodles, because of the sauce,
it has really stuck
together, it’s quite creamy.
Gravy that’s very thick, and
then add in those pepper flakes
so it’s kinda got that nice kick.
And of course, if you pair
it with this egg right here,
with this mushy, gooey egg and
some of this chewy noodles.
I mean come on, come on, that’s just.
Oh yeah, here we go.
Now that we have enough carbs,
we’re gonna end this
video with one more carb,
just one more! (laughs)
It’s a dessert item.
Yes, we also eat sweet
stuff for breakfast,
but none of that cereal stuff, okay?
We want something that looks like this,
something thick, T-H-I-C-C, thicc!
Thicc, thicc!
One more time, thicc!
It’s like a crusty,
buttery Chinese croissant.
I think that’s a great
way to describe it, yes.
I’m actually gonna rip it
open so you guys can see,
because it is quite flaky.
Oh my gosh, look at that.
Oh, hello, oh hello!
Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that.
I actually thought it was just,
the top layer of it is
brushed with butter,
but actually inside there’s
a sweet butter filling.
It kinda has that texture
of peanut butter flakes.
It’s quite delightful, I’m
gonna take another bite.
Gosh, flaky heaven right here.
(upbeat music)
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
So those were places you
can get late night breakfast
here in Taipei, Taiwan.
We’re talking carby
goodness, noodles, rice,
egg, crispy pastry, all of it.
All of it.
Hashtag blessed.
Now it’s the part of the video where
I turn it back to you guys and I ask
which of the items that we tried today,
which breakfasty item was your favorite?
Thank you so much for tuning in
to today’s Drunk and Delicious episode,
I’ll see you guys next time.
(upbeat music)
Restart, restart.
Rickity, rickity start.
All right, ladies and gentleman, we…
I think they added pieces of ham in there,
so when you bite into
it, it’s even more savory
because you taste that savory bits of ham.
Do you see that?
You might have to get a little close up,
that’s a little bit tiny, you see that?
Oh, you see it?
How about, oh, I dropped it.
I dropped it.
Well you just have to believe me, okay?
It’s in there. (laughs)
Take it to to the next level.
Level up, level up, level
up, level up, level up.
Ciara, come see me, boo.
Got it?
(upbeat music)

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