Traditional Chinese Malaysian Food – CHARCOAL STEAMBOAT in Penang, Malaysia!

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good evening everyone it is mark Wiens with migration ology comm I’m in Georgetown Penang Malaysia and tonight we are going to eat dinner at a steamboat restaurant which is a type of hotpot so we’re on our way there now I hope it’s open and that’s where we’re eating dinner yeah first table inside hello steamboat yes thank you we just arrived and they are open and we just ordered the steamboat I’m not sure if they have a menu but we just ordered for two people and I think it will come with that just mix of everything and it will be a surprise what we get actually to start off we have a little plate of salted I think they’re fried peanuts okay two plates have just arrived that looks like fish and there looks like there’s some dumplings on there and some kind of meatballs and then on this other plate there are some shrimp some quail eggs some tofu and some needle mushrooms the steamboat has just arrived and it is absolutely glorious it’s like a it actually looks like a steamboat and one of the best things about this restaurant is that they are still using charcoal for their steamboat so in this like within the chimney there is charcoal below there which is boiling the soup it’s definitely going to have more of a pentacle taste to it and then they brought the soup and around it surrounding are looks like Chinese cabbage and some pieces of bean curd and then we will just toss in all of the meats and all the dumplings and all those random goodies but I think we might also order some mung bean noodles and some more vegetables but this is already smelling incredibly delicious I could smell that charcoal and then I can smell that soup oh and he just brought us come check this out he just bought us a little a little miniature fan that’s going to keep the maybe the charcoal keep it flaming hot this is an amazing kitchen appliance well before I add in all the meats I think I got to taste this cabbage that is nice and salty and I can taste like crispy garlic in there oh that’s awesome I’m going to toss in these shrimp oh there are some meatballs below here this is definitely one of the coolest cooking devices I have come across in a long time it is just a beautiful device it looks almost like a bucket on the bottom and then with that chimney and you can actually see flames don’t put your hand too close to the chimney because there are actual flames coming out of the top of the chimney yeah when we take up let me grab a shrimp I’m gonna put a few things into my all awesome pieces of the pork grab a meatball the tofu full of almost balanced out this is guaranteed to be extremely hot okay for dipping sauce I’m just gonna add some diced chilies and it looks like this is looks like this is toasted garlic I think with a little bit of oil and then there is some soy sauce that I’m gonna use oh that’s gonna be good that dipping sauce ball is a little small some out of them kind of scoop on words okay there should be good oh that’s awesome Oh that pork is delicious and that dipping sauce Wow I did not actually expect it to be so flavorful that garlic is yeah that’s definitely deep-fried garlic outrageously fragrant and salty with that soy sauce spicy from those chilies that’s incredible all that bra it’s unbelievably soothing it almost has like a mushroomy flavor it’s salty it is yeah it’s just extremely soothing time to go in with the next plate and we’ve got squid squid on this plate maybe two types of squid and there’s fish so I want to be kind of careful oh I want to be careful not to cook over overcook the fish these are some kind of meatballs more meatballs and then the little dumplings let me go for I think the dumplings are all ready now these little little packages dip into the that toasted garlic is just unbelievably flavorful it’s but it’s kind of hard to like get enough of it on there on each bite again that should be good I think that dumpling is just filled with minced pork and then just has that kind of like egg noodle wrapper around it that’s good especially with that host of garlic putting some of the toppings into my ball is actually a an easier idea that’s the fish this is so good we also got a plate of glass noodles or mung bean noodles I think and these cooked really really fast just in a couple seconds so actually you can almost you can almost just put them in and take them out immediately oh yeah oh and a squid came with oh thank you our soup was getting low so he just added in some more soup it’s all about that toasted garlic water morning glory and for my final course oh and the soup is getting a little low I’ll just gonna have to put in a little bit at a time I just want to give it a real life light Blanche I should be good how it advised you to but really blow on your fights before you eat it is outrageously hot after being boiled in that soup we have just completed our steamboat that was an awesome meal i partly loved it just for this amazing steamboat device I have had hot pots in many many places and many times in Thailand but this old-school fire pot is just an absolute beauty I love how they still use charcoal so it has a bit of a smoky flavor to it and also it just it just looks really cool and the restaurant has really picked up business there are a lot of people here now as opposed to it was almost empty when we first arrived right as they opened thank you very much for watching this video big thumbs up for the steamboat and for this amazing steamboat device leave a comment below and I will see you on the next video Wow as I moved over here I got like some smoke from the charcoal in my eyes I’m about to tear but that was a good meal I’m gonna go in for one of these big I think there are fish balls Oh or look like a sponge of fire Wow not like burst into flames in my mouth

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