Traditional Chinese Malaysian Food – CHARCOAL STEAMBOAT in Penang, Malaysia!

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  1. Hahahaha…loved the 'blooper reel' at the end…follow your own advice…blow on it before putting it in your mouth! lol

  2. wow that's expensive. the steambot at Perlis (one of Malaysia's state) is only RM 13.00/person. U could have as many beef as you want.

  3. really enjoyed your video. so glad you appreciated the traditional steamboat especially from that shop as it's one of the famous ones where locals go frequently, I grew up eating there (now has become a tourist attraction with long queues).

    hope you realised you actually scoop the garlic oil into your bowl (as much as you want from time to time) and the little saucer is for the chilli and soy sauce to dip your food with.

    the mini electronic fan had replaced the old school method of manual hand fanning the bottom airway of the steamboat hence eaters won't have to take turns in fanning the pot. (that's what happened last time).

    ohh, these bring back wonderful memories 😍

  4. Mark nice video thumbs up, btw I live in Penang if you planning to come to Penang again I can take you to some great food places maybe you and your wife haven't been be4

  5. Not all good food in Penang. Hot pot u need come Klang, Malaysia. Fishing town is here where u get all the fresh sea products. Ur hotpot ingredients looks processed, frozen from factory. Come Kuala Lumpur and Klang and I'll show u.

  6. Actually the garlic oil is supposed to go into the soup in your bowl. They should have a proprietary chili sauce for dipping. I blame the restaurant for not running that through you. The quality of the soup base usually is the determining factor of a good Steamboat experience or otherwise. Many modern Steamboat restaurants (also uses induction cookers now) uses loads of MSG for profit purposes. I don't really know a place this time and age that makes soup they're supposed to anymore……except for an invitation to a friend's home served Steamboat party.

    I'm glad you enjoyed his. I always enjoy a great steamboat meal on rainy days or out in the mountains where the weather is cold.

  7. HEEYYYY, you didn't close your eyes and tilted your head when you ate the peanuts…. What the hell??? lol, joking: i love your video's !

  8. I really enjoyed watching your video Mark. I know some of the food I cannot eat but I still want to know how they cook and serve it. I am from the Philippines but I am now living here in the US. I am from California.

  9. You need to make a complaint to YT. The only add I see on your videos in the past month is a Hep C commercial. I normally watch ads to make sure you're making money, but you can only watch a hepatitis medication commercial so many times. And your vids are the only one I'm seeing it on so I suspect you're loosing quite a bit of ad revenue.

  10. Hi Mark i am big fan of yurs food & travel style……. when ever u have plan to visit india….plz visit delhi with me..
    …i plan for u sum awsum places for authentic indian food veg & non veg…

  11. This is bullshit! really expensive tho!
    U can get below RM25 per person with UNLIMITED refil buffet style.

    Fresh: prawn, squid, fish, crab, clam, beef, pork, chicken
    Ball: fish, squid, chiken, prawn, crab, beef
    Extra: Vage, Fried noodle/rice and many more

  12. Sorry to be a party pooper. Fishballs sold at restaurants contain only a small fraction of fish. My grandma used to make 100% pure fishballs – lots of hard labour scraping the meat off the bone and skin and then slapping the meat into a paste with just water and a little salt. After that, more hard labour wiping bits of fish meat off the kitchen tiles. Nowadays it's all machine made and with LOTS of additives other than fish.

  13. You should drop by and try Charcoal Queen Fish Steamboat Restaurant @ USJ 1 Regalia Business Centre Very sure you will love it.

  14. Must Try! Opening Discount 15% on food…limited time only #hainanstreetsteamboat

  15. Try Kelantan food if you planned to come to Kelantan, Malaysia.
    Plus, you can try Thai food as well (but requires rent a car to get there and it's outside Kota Bharu).

  16. Mark, you are an amazing explorer of foods and site seing. Daily enjoy watching your videos  with your lovely family. You are an Ambassodor of happiness, a guide of humanity. Noble happiness prize belongs to you. God bless you and your lovely family. Fantastic work you are doing for the whole world to see. Welcome to the Sultanate of Oman.

  17. this shop has shut down and turn into a Nyonya desert restaurant. Traditional desert in Penang (baba nyonya culture). in penang you also can try the herb pork soup which is quite famous.

  18. if you would like to try the steamboat you should try out the fish soup steamboat which the fish broth is milky white colour that is damn yummy, beside that nasi lemak in penang also very famous.

  19. there is also a small Chinese restaurant operate cook variety of food to eat with rice the special one is the Indonesian curry with prawn,buttery pork ,potato leave with sambal vow way. Which cook with the Prawn damn yummy also.

  20. Mark the way u eat and the mass u can close down allot of restaurants…lol…and u so skinny and so much wrinkles on you….u r doing very well and God bless…but I think it's some type of abnormalities…see a medical professional buddy…it might not sound rite…plzz go

  21. At 0:21 the "restaurant" is 吳發成茶館 Wu Fa Cheng tea house and it is translated as Goh Huat Seng and this means the owner must be a Teochew or Hokkien and Wu Fa Cheng is the name of the someone.

  22. It’s a little disturbing that mark eats the meal himself what about wife when does she get to eat? Are yu following the the Indian culture where only women are only allowed to eat after men!

  23. authentic name is "Mongolian Fire Pot" and if you ever go to a Library and get "time-Life foods of the world" series "Cooking of China" book you'll see the MOST spectacular photo of one on the cover

  24. Don't let anyone tell you, that you can't play with your food. Steamboats can make for a good fun inexpensive meal and or if entertaining .

  25. Do they use charcoal indoor… I just bought Japanese yeritoki grill. I want to use it indoor… I see all use indoor in Asian countries.. any suggestions please.. thanks

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