TOP 4 Diet Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making

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Hi, I am Jyothi Chabria. I would be talking
about diet mistakes in this segment. The actual
mistake that people really make when they
want to lose weight is that get on these crash
diets, these fad diets which don’t work in
the long run. Initially they might loose oodles
of weight but very soon they see it coming
back in more. So, ideally I would definitely
not recommend anyone to go on these crash
and fad diets. But lot of eating disorders
we have seen where people have this binging
syndrome where they eat all that they want
at one go and then what they try to do is
try to get it out of their system by inducing
vomiting. This is actually called bulimia,
where they tend to eat a tub of ice cream
at one go and get it out of their system.
That of course is associated with a psychological
problem, it is definitely an eating disorder.
Another thing is anorexia, a condition where
people don’t eat at all, because they feel
the minute they eat anything at all, they
are going to gain weight. And they are so
stringent about not gaining weight that they
are so scared to eat. But, that again is not
a normal phenomenon and one should not indulge
into something like that. What’s important
to do is to eat small frequent meals through
the day, the right kind of food, the right
combination of food compromising on no nutrients.
Its important to take all the nutrients in
the right quotient coupled with exercise and
adequate sleep, I think would give them the
results that they are looking for. What people
seldom come and ask us is they are so scared
that once they come to us for weight loss,
we are never going to allow them to eat anything
at all. what I personally believe is that
if a patient is starving on a diet, the diet
is not correct for the patient or the person.
Now, its not that the person is never going
to eat a probably a hamburger all his life,
of course he is going to eat it, but its just
that when you get aware, more conscious of
what you are eating, you probably do not indulge
in hamburger with french fries and mashed
potatoes and butter and noodles and all of
that. You will just probably cut off half
of the hamburger or a smaller portion rather
than having a large size portion of the same
or become indulgent in junk you. You become
more conscious of what you eat.

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