Tip For Perfectly Boiled Eggs: Freedom Kitchen Mantra #21

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Today, I bring to you “Ande ka Funda”
This “Ande ka Funda” is all about boiled eggs.
People boil eggs everyday.
It’s nothing new; no big deal
The thing is, that when we boil eggs…
very often, we end up with something like this.
Do you see this? The egg is inside AND outside!
And when it looks this messy, neither do you want to eat it,
nor do you want to offer it to anyone else.
Now it won’t work if the shell is half broken!
But if there any cracks, they will definitely get sealed.
So the next time you boil eggs,
whether you can see any cracks or not…
(when the egg is boiled, the cracks get bigger)
So next time, don’t risk it.
Make the most of this “funda.”
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