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That still is a lot of butter
Ready? Yeah

Hey guys, I’m Veronica I’m Vanessa and today we’re doing something really fun
we are going to be making tiny food, but
Breakfast verson
But we’re also going to be pranking our cousin Isaac with this tiny food breakfast so our cousin Isaac
loves breakfast
But he is sleeping right now. He’s such a deep sleeper
He can’t ever hear literally anything so he can’t hear us right now
But what we’re gonna do is we’re going to tell them that breakfast is ready and then surprise him with the best
Amazing mini breakfast. He’s going to like he’s gonna be so upset up next gonna love it
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An important message to be spread. So yeah, check out the link below and let’s get back to the video. So today we’re making
Pancakes eggs and bacon, so you’ve got our nice little bacon champ bacon right here
We got eggs. We also have instant pancake mix too. Sweet. We too lazy to try and make our own mix
So now we’re going to heat our ovens
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Alright, so we are going to light our ovens up light. It’s lit its lit
I think I’ve been charging the eggs and bacon and nuts is in charge at the pancakes
Yes. Yes, you can feel this stuff. Okay, pretty hot. You should really get on my pan to heat up in the meantime
I’m gonna go ahead and start making the pancake batter. So this is instant
Pancake mix all you gotta do to pour them into the bowl
We can always make more if that is not enough. Hi
I don’t know how much water I’m supposed to add. You just gotta start mixing up
I need more water from your pour it for you. Yes
need more water
Thanks, there we go. I want to make the rest of the batter
Well, I feel like that’s what it’s gonna be a ton in there. Oh, I love pancake batter mix
Mmm, oh I want to eat it. This is like the perfect amount to eat. Oops. I got it on my thumb. Good job. Oh
You go wash your hand. So basically we’re using just the top as like
The griddle hold the griddle. So I’m probably gonna use like
Maybe this section right here. So we don’t have two little pins like this. So I’m gonna be making the eggs in this pot. Oh
You’re actually going for it. I’m going for it. I don’t know if it was ready. I think you should have done it
This is my test. I mean I could start making some bacon
Yeah, you should start making sundae and I get a nice big slab two slabs of bacon
Just the thing is I
Don’t know. Okay, I see okay. I might do three. Let me try another one over here. There we go. What are you doing?
I’m making another one you’re wasting on the pancake batter. We’ve got a ton. What do you mean?
What kind of pancake is there a messed up one have you freaked me out? I?
Panicked. Okay. Look my pancakes being made over here. Now. We wait. I think this one’s ready to be flipped
I don’t think so Nessa. Oh
It is. Okay, Ronnie
Let me I’m a pancake expert I know how to flip things
Okay, it’s like not cooked at all
It’s like completely white
Dude, these are our test pancakes. Okay, we’re testing them out. Okay, so we kind of had a step back
Wait, what happened was our candles weren’t big enough big enough. I ate one of the pancakes already
It wasn’t cooked enough and here was the other one. It’s not really cooked enough. Do you want it?
You’ve been touching it with your finger. No, I ate it
Mmm, it’s so gooey. Can we need less butter? And we’ll make a tiny pancake. Here we go
There that still is a lot of butter we just gotta let the pancakes cook
Oh, look, they’re bubbling up like normal pancakes. Do should I flip it or let it keep cooking
I think I need to let it keep cooking. It’s the bacon even cooking
Patience is a virtue
If you wanna put it right over the flame
That’s gonna be a lot of eggs. It may not be enough. Oh
Oh, it’s cooking. I’m making scrambled eggs. Oh
my goodness
It’s actually working Oh
Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness
These are like white pancakes, oh my gosh, I’m legit making scrambled eggs
Okay, we’re having a crisis now everything’s all stuck to the oh
You okay
No, I’m not okay it’s all stuck to the sides
You need me to hold it no, that’s fine you can hold it like this
Give me a plate look it up at the age on
All right, just fell out that was so funny I
Know I need to cross the pan next time
You need to grease the pan next tent I did
You know what? I need to put in the eggs. I
Totally forgot Isaac likes his eggs cheesy
like your Bacon’s boiling
It is
What a but Jesus is this is a disaster
Does it smell like bacon cooking kind of?
Yep, you need to grease it that’s that’s some good grease in there. These pancakes are like a fail to be honest
They don’t look like pancakes
they kind of just looked like
Little chips. Yeah, you gotta let them cook
More leave the bit of cheese
Cheesy eggs
Yummy of me. Okay. That’s a ton of cheese for the eggs. So I’m not a huge fan of cheesy eggs. We stand cheesy eggs
Look at me. I’m reading a book Wow. Okay Oh
chef, Veronica
At your service. What is that? We don’t stand you leave a piece of something. So how
What’s happening
Dad that can mean my batter way too thin. All right poured the eggs on top of the eggs. Yeah. Yeah
What the heck get back on the plate
Why is the bacon taking forever to cook the eggs stir? Okay, we’re gonna sprinkle some salt and pepper
Know it’s the salt or isn’t it over my left over your left shoulder
Ronnie your pink salt everywhere. I don’t want bad luck for seven years
I knocked that piece of salt that I knocked it. Oh, okay
Salt is going on
Little bit of pepper and
All right. There we go. We outsource up some eggs over here. Oh it started to turn brown
There we go. Ooh, you smell them now? Oh
That’s not good. I’m making bacon
I’m making bacon and it’s not cooking trying to is it look like it’s being cooked. There’s the rest of my vagin
Oh, shoot. Yeah, you made way too much. Okay, chill out. I’m just trying to feed everybody
Okay, I’m just going to I think I’m just gonna put these here like this. Okay, so I made it very soupy
so maybe this time
It’ll cook
faster Oh
Nessa you need more mix
Actually, I don’t know. Yeah, I don’t think I think that’s by
Okay, I was gonna stall it and say this bacon is cooked. Is it just all are we good with this bacon?
Do we like how this bacon looks I do
Get on a plate
Done I don’t I couldn’t these the last two pieces
Oh, I smell bacon who that smells good. Just not bacon
I think we need more eggs you do. I think we need more bacon
oops, I
Hate a paper towel
It’s cooking on the side of it. Okay. Oh, these ones are gonna be a bit thinner then I
Think this is my best pancake right here. Look at this one. Look
at that one
That looks great. Oh those look like pancakes eggs and bacon
my little eggs
Did you put cheese in there? Yes, I mean, I think we’re basically almost done. It’s a little bacon little pancake and little eggs
Okay, these things are done. Oh
Ouch, my little eggs, the spatula is getting hot
Come on flip
flip there
Flip these last pancakes are just a fail. They’re too thin
Okay, I think I’m done with my pancakes do you want to get the syrup I’ll come the syrup bacon
all right, I
Would say we did a great job Nessa, okay, I mean, yes
There it is. There it is
Our eggs and bacon and pancakes tiny breakfast, too. Okay, let’s put some syrup
Actually, I won’t eat my eggs and bacon first and then I’ll pour syrup on my pancake
Okay. Okay. Here we go
I’m gonna take it like this cuz
I stabbed it me too. Hmm. Oh
Okay. I just actually got the whole thing. Don’t try it with a piece of bacon. Not bad
Let’s see how the bacon tastes. Whoa
Okay, I can’t taste like breakfast I just grab the bacon
Now the real test
No. Oh, did you see that? Whoa, it almost sawed off the edge
Okay, here we go, all right, here we go going to eat the pancakes
Mine is crunchy. It’s so hard
You made rocks
Tastes like a pancake to me
Yawn, why do we did it? Yay?
Pancakes are too crunchy. Okay, so let’s make oh gotta get my orange juice
Cheers Cheers to successful mini breakfasts. Oh
That’s actual orange juice oh I
Get over some orange juice right now. Okay. So here is Isaac’s breakfast. We got a little syrup in here
We got him a glass of orange juice cake cakes a king eggs
His knife and fork and we’re gonna take it to the actual table and when he sits down this is what he’s going to see
So we’re gonna go wake him up. All right. All right. So Isaac is still sleeping. He didn’t hear us filming at all
so we set up his breakfast take a look and
We’re actually going to cover it with this thing to make it seem like there’s something bigger under there
We made some breakfast. Mm-hmm
We made you made you have some breakfast we actually actually filmed it they mean but love for you to try it
Look all right. Come on. Let’s go to Stokes morning everyone
Okay, okay, what do you think it is that is something really disgusting or something really good it’s really good
Okay ready? I’m gonna say waffles
You only get full off of this
And put him in cakes enjoy and this is a meal
Let’s see a really good thank you. Yes. No, it’s not bad. Why are you pranks? I found everything you don’t do that
Makes your fork. I don’t need a fork
Hmm that tastes great
All right, I’m done
Okay, so we actually just we made tiny food for a video and we decided to prank you you did
Yes, and we actually didn’t just can actually have pancakes not
Yes, well, maybe you and we’ll make actual big pancakes cuz we’re better at that than tiny food. It’s took forever
I hope you were to your taste buds enjoyed it. It was good
It was good. I mean, I wish it was waffles, but it was good
And we got you got you yeah, you got me I go back to sleep
Very I think who actually make you
some breakfast
Yes, we will make you breakfast, but I think we got him. I think we got it
This was a success. Our food was success. We pray to Isaac and there’s candle wax radiation
We pranked Isaac the prank went well the food actually turned out pretty good – it was a little time consuming
But we love tiny food. And this was really fun
Let us know in the comments below if you want to see us make something else or prank someone else with tiny food
Yeah, let us know and let us know what we should make next time. Thanks for watching
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We made spaghetti last time, so you guys will check that out and see you guys next time. Bye

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