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– Hi guys.
So Thanksgiving is almost
here and I have to tell you
it is definitely one of my
favorite holidays of the season,
mainly because of the
food but also because
I get to see my family and my friends
and I thought it would
be fun to share with you
one of my favorite side
dishes for the occasion,
my creamy delicious mac and cheese.
This recipe is famous in my house
and I thought it would
be fitting to invite
some of my favorite
people in the entire world
to show you guys how to make it.
Alright guys.
I am so excited because
here are my special guests.
My amazing brothers.
This is my brother Tavior.
– What’s up?
– He is the youngest out of all of us.
And this is my brother Tahj.
– Sup?
Son what’s up?
– But you guys
are both younger than I am.
– Yes.
– So I’m your bigger sister.
– We get it.
– I used to change this one’s diaper.
– Oh my god.
The one thing he hates
the most.
– And I
used to feed him his bottle.
Like he would literally be in my bed
and I would like
– Oh my gosh.
– Put the bottle like in his mouth.
This one I would pull him around
in a red wagon.
– My turn now?
– Like he was just this
little, little tiny little.
– My Radio Flyer.
– Yeah.
You know what’s so funny?
I feel like these guys
don’t care if I show up
for Thanksgiving, they
just care about this
mac and cheese showing
up for Thanksgiving.
– Nah.
– That’s false.
– That’s false information.
The mac and cheese is real good, though.
– Yeah.
– And you may be right a little bit.
– Well the only, I know
because the only reason
why I say that they’re like
hey Ti we’re so excited
about Thanksgiving.
– If you didn’t make it.
– Are you making the mac?
– Are you making
the mac and cheese?
I’m like really?
– Yeah if you didn’t make
it it would be a problem.
– It would be a problem.
– It would be a problem.
– Exactly.
Like so with that said, you
guys are helping me today.
– Alright.
So instead of me
always making the mac and cheese
for you guys you guys
are gonna help me today.
– Okay.
– so right in front of me I
have this cast iron skillet
and I like to use a big pot because
you know, this is Thanksgiving and you’re
feeding a large group of people.
I also like to use a cast iron
skillet because it heats evenly.
Oh also, what I think is important
to note is I have this on low heat.
You want it really nice and low
cause you don’t want to burn the cheese.
Let’s get this started.
I’m gonna add some butter.
– Ooh wee.
– We can hear the sizzle.
– [Tahj] Yep.
– For all the exact ingredients for
this recipe look in the description.
I want to make sure that
this melts down, right?
– Even the butter looks good.
– For real though.
– One thing about this dish
I feel that you should have
is just a lot of patience
because you’re just gonna
be waiting until things,
you know, melt down
but this was actually pretty fast, right?
This is so cool cause you
guys, you guys usually just
eat it and you never really
get to see how I make it.
– What’s good?
– Oh who’s that?
Who’s that?
– So I’m really excited about this year
because, you know, of course
this is a family affair
but we have a new addition
coming to the family.
You guys were so sweet
when I told them the news.
Like Tavior was jumping up and down.
– Yeah.
– Well, no.
Cree told you.
– Cree actually told me.
– Tell them the story.
Wait, before we tell them the story,
I’m gonna add some cheese.
This is sharp cheddar cheese.
I love using sharp cheddar just because
it’s really nice and cheesy and tangy.
– Oh yeah.
– Ooh.
– And you know what I’ve done too?
– I’ve cut it up in these
kind of squares and chunks
and I find that when you just cut them up
in smaller pieces it’s
easier to melt down.
Thanks bro.
Tahj, you want to tell them how
you found out that I was pregnant?
– Oh yeah. We were just
at a restaurant and like
– Cree can’t hold no secret
– And Cree like,
and Cree looks at me and he’s like
uncle Tahj, uncle Tahj, uncle Tahj.
I’m like what man?
What’s wrong with you?
And Tia’s like
wha-wha-wha-what are you doing?
– I’m going like this.
No. Not yet.
– And he’s like
I got something to tell you,
I got something to tell you,
I got something to tell
you and I’m like what?
What? What?
Mom’s pregnant.
She’s pregnant.
He like yells it in the restaurant.
– I was like really, Cree?
Look at this.
The cheese is all melted.
Tav, do you mind continuing
to do this really quick?
– Yep, I got you.
– And then I’m gonna ask
you, crack that egg for me.
And just give it just a
little whisk, not too much.
– So am I just like keeping this
moving so it doesn’t settle?
– Yeah, so it doesn’t settle
and so it doesn’t stick.
This mac and cheese, it needs a little bit
of babysitting but it is
oh so worth it, right?
– Yeah.
– So worth it.
– I’m gonna add the egg to this and again
you wanna make sure that the temperature
is really nice and low
because we don’t want
the egg to turn into like
a scrambled egg in here.
You didn’t know about the egg, huh?
– I didn’t know the egg was in here.
– Yep. Just mix it in.
There you go. Perfect.
How about you Tav grab the
macaroni noodles over there.
Look at this.
Do you see how the cheese,
it like changed color?
– [Tavior] Yeah. It’s
crazy what the egg does.
– [Tahj] Yeah.
– Does. Yeah.
Okay, so now what we’re gonna do.
Look at you all ready.
– I know. He ready with the knife.
– Let’s go.
– He’s like I am ready for this.
Okay. So we’re just
gonna slowly but surely,
cause we don’t want this to
splatter all over the place.
Just add in, you know.
– [Tavior] Is this too slow?
– No, you can add more.
I mean, if you want an
arm workout, oh my gosh.
You’ll definitely have a
great arm workout with this.
But look at that. Ooh.
– Just makes me want to cry.
– And it’s not over yet.
– It’s so good.
– It is not over yet.
While I have both of you guys here,
I don’t think I even asked
you this question before.
How am I as a sister?
– Very, very, very, vivid memory.
It’s just like Celine Dion
constantly being sung by you.
– Yeah.
– And then just the hair.
– The hair. Everywhere.
– Everywhere.
– There’s just hair everywhere.
It’s in the sink.
It’s in the shower.
It’s on the walls.
What’s that?
– Okay.
The cream?
– So this is
half and half, yes.
– [Tahj] Wow.
– So just gonna
add that and that’s just gonna
make it just really nice and creamy.
Look at that.
– Man.
– And then.
– It changes it instantly.
– Right? And it’s
not over yet.
– The creaminess.
– I’m gonna add some cream cheese.
So it’s just gonna make it even
more cheesier and creamier.
– It’s worth it.
– It is worth it.
It’s so worth it.
– Look at that.
– Is your wrist okay?
– I know.
– I see you need some help.
I’m just sitting here.
– Here. Here bro.
You do it.
Go for it.
– So just
keep like flipping it?
– Keep on flipping it and
again you wanna keep on
flipping it because you
don’t want the cheese
and the noodles and all
that to burn at the bottom.
– Ah. I see.
– And this is also a time when I taste.
Tahj, can you grab me
that spoon over there?
– This one?
– Yeah. Just so I can just taste it.
Cause you always have to
taste your food, right?
Okay. Look at that.
I’m so nice and cheesy.
How about you taste it bro?
– Oh yeah Tav, get it.
– I get to feed him like how I used to.
– Oh my god.
That’s your spoon.
– Okay, okay, okay, okay.
– That’s your spoon.
– Okay, okay, I won’t do that.
No, go ahead bro.
Ready, go.
It’s good, right?
– This is fire.
– Oh dang.
And it’s still not even like finished yet.
– Did you want the noodles
like a little firmer?
– I did. I do want them
to be nice and al dente
because you’re gonna finish
them off in the oven.
Okay so this looks perfect, right?
It’s nice and cheesy.
Everything is combined nicely.
So now we’re gonna work
on the topping, Tahj.
I’m gonna need
your help with this.
– Alright.
– What I like to do is I
like to use panko crumbs and
basically it adds a nice
texture and a crunch
to the mac and cheese and
you boys you love that
about the mac and cheese, right?
The crunch.
– I think this is it.
– Yeah, that’s the cheese.
– That’s cheese. Yes.
– I got this.
– Okay. So just add all
of the panko crumbs.
– All of this?
– Yep. And then you’re
gonna add some salt.
– [Tahj] Boom.
– Okay. Then you’re gonna add
one tablespoon of olive oil.
There you go. Perfect.
Okay. So while you do that,
I am gonna start putting my
first layer of mac and cheese
into my casserole dish.
Okay Tavior.
Now you’re gonna do the honors.
Sprinkle some parmesan cheese,
just adding another layer of cheese.
– Yeah bro, I’m topping it off.
– [Tia] That’s fine bro.
Okay and so now we’re just
gonna the rest of this.
– Oh and then you do like layers.
– Mhm. So you do layers which makes it.
– There’s levels to this.
– There’s levels to it.
– Okay. Perfect.
– Do I sprinkle the rest
of the parmesan?
– Yes.
So sprinkle the rest of the
parmesan cheese onto that.
There you go.
– It’s lit.
– Look at that.
The parmesan cheese, it
adds like a really nice
salty flavor to the mac and cheese
so it’s like cheesy and salty and creamy.
It’s just…
My gosh, it’s just so delicious.
– I gotta get all the corners.
– Right in the corners.
– Yeah, cause.
– The corners is the best part.
– Why?
– Cause it’s the crunchiest.
– Yeah. Like after the oven.
– They like fight for the corners.
You are, you are the, you’ll get the edge.
The corner.
– Oh yeah.
I’m already eyeing it.
– You gonna get this whole edge.
– And then what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna add the panko crumbs on top.
– Alright.
– And that’s again what gives it that
really nice crunchy, there you go.
Good job.
Make sure you get it all
like around there too, bro.
– [Tavior] Oh, yeah.
Look at that.
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh.
So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put this
in the oven at 375 degrees
and I’m gonna let it
cook and melt down for about 40 minutes.
Alright guys.
The moment we’ve all been waiting for.
You ready to dive in?
– I’m ready.
– Let’s go.
– Let me do the honors and serve you guys.
Okay Tavior.
You love the edges, right?
– The edges, you gotta get
the edges.
– Okay, so you
pointed out that part right there.
– Yeah.
– You already had your spot pointed out?
– Yeah, cause this had
a little crisp on it
and I was like ooh.
– You do gotta have your spot.
– That?
I know right.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Ah. Look at how.
– [Tahj] The bottom.
– Your spot looked better than mine.
Ah, thank you.
– Alright. Let’s dive in.
– Bless this food.
Here we go, y’all.
– This is so fire.
– Oh yeah.
– Mm.
– Oh yeah, the bread crumbs.
– The panko?
– [Tavior] Yeah.
– My gosh.
– Yum.
– This is so incredibly good.
This is definitely a family
favorite at our house.
I hope it becomes a
family favorite at yours
and from our family to
yours we just want to
wish you guys a happy Thanksgiving.
And make sure you guys subscribe, okay?
I’ll see you next week.
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