This Is What Barack Obama Really Eats

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He may have been one of the most fit people
to ever hold the office of President of the
United States.
But just how does Barack Obama keep his trim
Sure, he stays active playing a lot of pickup
basketball, but much of it comes down to his
Want to stay as fit as the 44th President
of the United States?
Then take a look at what former President
Barack Obama really eats.
Coffee is out of the question
Today, upwards of 83 percent of adults in
the United States drink coffee, most of them
during the morning.
President Obama is not one of them.
Yes, despite a grueling daily routine, according
to personal aide Reggie Love, President Obama
rarely drinks coffee in the morning.
Instead, he opts for healthier fare, which
might include orange juice, green tea or simply
Talk about your basic diet!
Breakfast is a big deal
President Obama may not usually drink coffee,
but that doesn’t mean he skimps on breakfast.
His most common morning meal tends to be four
to six eggs, potatoes and wheat toast.
Considering a good breakfast can reduce your
chances of becoming obese, boosts your metabolism,
lowers your cholesterol levels and has a positive
effect on the brain, President Obama’s rigorous
keeping to a healthy breakfast as part of
his morning routine is probably a good idea.
“I think I know what would help.”
“What, Secret Service?
Air Force One?
“No, Grover!
A healthy breakfast.”
Everything’s healthy — mostly
According to Australia’s ex-Foreign Minister,
Bob Carr, President Obama avoids sugar, carbs
and fat.
And he even seems to like his veggies.
Early in his first term at the White House,
the Obamas made a splash by planting the first
vegetable garden on the property since Eleanor
Roosevelt’s during the Second World War.
The garden, which was cared for and run by
Michelle Obama, provided food for family meals
and organic dinners alike, and served to raise
awareness about healthy eating.
It included over 55 varieties of vegetables,
mostly suggested by kitchen staff, and counted
tomatillos, peppers, lettuces, spinach, kale,
berries and more in its line-up.
Chili is his number one recipe
President Obama loves chili, so it’s no surprise
that he has his very own homemade chili recipe,
which is available online thanks to Michelle.
The dish stems from their time in Chicago,
where they’d invite friends and family over
to enjoy it.
It’s a turkey or beef-based recipe and utilizes
red wine vinegar, turmeric and basil among
the staple ingredients, plus kidney beans,
onions, and peppers.
President Obama has even been known to stop
in at chili-themed restaurants from time to
time, so keep your eye out!
He won’t say no to a burger
While health may be at the forefront of Obama’s
eating habits, that’s not to say that he doesn’t
indulge in a treat every now and again.
President Obama has a fondness for burgers
and isn’t averse to stopping at a take-out
every now and again.
In 2009, for example, he and V.P.
Joe Biden took their motorcade to Ray’s Hell
Burger, an Arlington-based eatery known for
its unusual burger toppings.
And a year later, he returned with Russian
President Dmitry Medvedev.
“I’m gonna have a, just your basic cheddar
Medium well.”
But Ray’s Hell Burger was also the site of
President Obama’s biggest scandal, at least
according to Sean Hannity, who was absolutely
outraged – outraged!! – when the president
put mustard on his burger instead of ketchup.
Unsurprisingly, the restaurant later closed
Sweet tooth
During the 2008 presidential campaign, the
Obamas revealed that their favorite purveyor
of fine chocolate is Fran’s Chocolates, which
operates out of Seattle.
After getting some of Fran’s chocolates during
a campaign stop, the Obama’s spread their
love of the sweets to the Secret Service,
and then to The View.
Sounds delicious!
He brews his own beer
In 2014, President Obama was granted lifetime
membership to the American Homebrewers Association
in recognition of his position as the first
President to home brew at the White House.
In 2011, he had teamed up with his chef Sam
Kass to begin crafting their own beer and,
with the help of local home brewers, concocted
two recipes: one for White House Honey Ale
and the other for White House Honey Porter.
“We make beer.
First president since George Washington to
make some booze in the White House.”
The honey porter included black malt, chocolate
malt, and honey, while the ale utilized biscuit
malt, gypsum and honey in its recipe.
The honey that’s used was particularly special,
drawn from the apiary on the White House’s
South Lawn and offering a paler and lighter
honey than most.
Favorites and least favorites
At the end of the day, it’s easiest to get
a feeling for someone’s eating habits simply
by taking a gander at their favorite and least
favorite foods.
According to Reggie Love, Obama’s picks include
trail mix, roasted almonds, pistachio nuts,
water, Dentyne Ice chewing gum, protein bars,
and vegetables — with broccoli and spinach
being particular favs.
And President Obama’s food-related bugbears
would appear to include mayonnaise, salt and
vinegar potato chips, asparagus, and soft
So there you have it.
A lot of veggies, nuts, and water, with the
occasional burger and beer, topped off by
a nice chocolate dessert.
Turns out, eating like President Obama doesn’t
sound so bad after all!
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