The Ultimate French Toast Breakfast Sandwich

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– Hi everyone.
Today I’m gonna share with you
my ultimate breakfast sandwich.
This thing has a little bit of everything.
It’s got hash browns, eggs, bacon,
cheese, all of that sandwiched between
two slices of French toast.
I’m gonna get started with the custard.
We have six eggs here, keep in mind,
that the recipe is for four servings,
we’re making one today.
While you’re beating this, you want to
make sure that the yokes
and the egg whites are
well incorporated, otherwise it comes out
uneven while you’re cooking it.
You could skip this portion and
just make your ultimate egg sandwich with
just two slices of bread, but that really
doesn’t constitute it
being ultimate, right?
Pour the eggs into the pan.
I’m using a shallow dish,
so it’s a little bit
easier to soak our bread.
We’ll add our cream and milk.
A little bit of sugar.
Our cinnamon.
And, lastly, the vanilla.
And take this and mix it all up.
So that the cinnamon is all mixed in.
It has a tendency to settle
when it just sits there.
Let’s grab our bread and get going.
For the bread you definitely want to
have something that’s going to
retain its structure when
you soak it in the custard,
so go for something that is hardy,
it’s crusty, not something soft.
And the reason I’m telling you that is
I made this for the first time, and,
well of course I used like,
the softest white bread, right?
I put it into the
custard, I pulled it out,
and half of the bread was in the custard,
and the other half was in my hand.
So you definitely want to use something
that will hold its shape.
Press it down.
Let it just sit there for a bit.
And we’ll flip it.
Okay, we’ll let these soak
for about a minute or two,
you just want to make sure
the custard seeps into the bread.
Okay, let’s get started
on the hash browns.
We’ll carefully add one in.
We’ll let that cook, and
we’ll have the bacon cook.
We’re gonna let this go for
about three to five minutes.
It looks like our bacon
and hash browns are ready,
so let’s just transfer
that over to our board.
Now we’re gonna cook the French toast
in the pan that the bacon cooked in.
It has all that nice
flavor in there already,
so I don’t want to waste it.
We’re gonna have that cook on medium until
the underside gets nice and golden.
Our French toast is ready, it’s nice and
golden brown, as it should be.
So we’ll move them out of the pan.
Make room to cook our egg.
And I’m using the same pan.
This won’t take too long,
what we’re looking for is
something that’s across between
almost a soft-boiled egg, and
still runny at the center.
And you can check your egg
just by tapping the yolk,
and that is still a little
bit too runny for me,
so I’m gonna let it cook
just a tad bit longer.
No breakfast sandwich is complete without
some melted cheese on top.
Okay everyone, we’re almost done.
We’re going to go ahead
and layer our sandwich.
Get your hash brown, put it down.
We’ll put the egg on top.
There’s some bacon on there.
If you’re like me, you
like a lot of bacon.
Doesn’t that look good?
You can see the egg,
it’s already beginning to
drip out of there.
Last part, we are going to dust
some powdered sugar on top.
This just makes it extra
decadent, I love it.
If you’re my husband, you
will pour syrup all over this.
That’s just a little too crazy for me.
Let’s cut into this.
And there we go.
The yolk is almost like a soft-boiled,
the way I exactly like it.
Okay, now here’s the fun part.
You guys get to watch me bite into
this giant-sized sandwich,
and let’s see if I can do it without
getting food all down my shirt.
I’m just gonna enjoy this.
Okay, so it looks like
there’s a lot going on
in there, because there is,
but you can see it’s
not too terribly messy.
I don’t have too much food on me.
Oh, there is a little spot there.
But I always have food
on my when I’m cooking,
so never mind that.
I hope you enjoyed this recipe,
and don’t forget to subscribe and
leave a comment and tell
me what you think of it.
I’ll see you next time, bye.

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