The Truth About Allergies and Food Sensitivity Tests

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  1. So my IGE level turned out to be >3000 and did an extra Comprehensive Allergy Test which costed me inr 16900 (usd 236.5) and after the result came out, doc told me to avoid chicken, shrimp and peanuts. As I couldn't visit the doc again I had to contact his assistant over phone. So, now my question is, can I take these again in small quantities so that eventually my body may go tolerant to them again?

  2. I don't understand why this doctor said if it's an allergy, you'll have a reaction every time. That's just not true. I've been to an allergist who told me what I'm allergic to, and I do usually have allergic reactions to those things, but not every time. Sometimes I don't react noticeably at all. I don't know why he'd say that. Maybe he's including reactions so mild one won't notice them, but otherwise I think he's just being inaccurate.

  3. I recently found out I’m allergic to shrimp. I’m not sure if it all shellfish. Sadly I grew up eating shrimp so it really sucks. Also a little worried i might be allergic to something that causes me to have a rash on my hand. Not sure what it is. So unless I know for sure m, is it hard to pinpoint?

  4. One of my children was seeing the dietetics department at the childrens' hospital in my state. We were told that a reaction within the 30min mark is an allergy, a reaction between 30mins and 4hrs is an intolerance. This was after being rushed to hospital twice to hospital with breathing difficulties after attempting dairy (tolerated breastmilk but dairy formula as a no-go), along with other symptoms. They done testing and such and said allergy to dairy and due to history (going forwards) that he had intolerances to other things (he was vomiting, having rashes, etc). Dietetics worked with us with doing food desensitization, which helped heaps. He can now tolerate dairy without breathing problems, however he is diagnosed with dairy intolerance now and so we try to avoid dairy and only small amounts of dairy so that he doesn't get really unwell, as he still does. He may also have celiac disease which Drs have wanted to test him for but I'm not sure about having him tested, although starting to think it is a good idea as he is really skinny, even though he eats reasonable amounts and does not have worms. By really skinny, I mean it is becoming concerning.

  5. A lot of people are “lactose intolerant” because humans are weird and are the only animals who consume milk after infancy. And we’re also the only animal who drinks other animals milk. Cows make milk to get their babies nice n fat in a short amount of time, and humans aren’t build well to handle that. Pretty sure “lactose intolerance” is like the #1 food sensitivity/allergy, etc.

  6. Plsss help!!! I have a really weird allergy when i panic or get excited over anything or even be sad or angry my whole body starts to itch so bad feels like neendle pricking mainly over my hands

    It starts even when i am warm aur feel warm like standing in direct sunlight even for 5 allergy starts and the red small spots appear when the allergy is slowly going away…
    My dermatologist said its chronic and heat urtecerio and they are not sure about it because it only happens during winters 😭😭 😭
    And recently my right hand fingers joints started to swell and hand became very stiff i got a ANA test done and it was negative.

    Right now i am taking anti histamine tablets on daily basis to prevent this allergy and I don't know why but this is also preventing the pain and swelling in my fingers can you please give some advice on this?? Would really appreciate your help…

  7. I have bad eczema on inner parts of my arms and legs. Unsure why. Doctor is unsure but given me some steroid cream for it. I wonder if I have an allergy to something

  8. 👋🙂💖👣
    ANTES que nada quiero agradecer mucho por los subtítulos Mike.
    Gracias por la información tengo familia y conocidos que tienen alergia a los mariscos, y los cacahuates.
    Bueno qué tengas buen inicio de semana.
    Te me cuidas mucho okey. Amore.

  9. Hey Dr Mike. I am anaphylactic to bee stings but before I became anaphylaxis I had been stung by bees before many times and never had an reaction. Then all of a sudden I get stung by this one Bee and had an anaphylactic shock. Why?
    And does this mean I will have anaphylaxis again if I were to get stung again in the future???

  10. I'm a 22 year old college student, I've noticed having hair fall problem since I've started working on my thesis and as it turns out, I'm slowly balding.. Is this generally caused by stress? also can you possible regrow hair even if balding is caused by genetics?

  11. My cousins lives in Columbus Ohio..and one of my cousins friend became very sick and was in the Nationwide Hospital and was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. Unfortunately when she got home, On Christmas Day, the parents found her dead in her bed and realized that she had a seizure

  12. So, how about MCAS, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. It's another histamine response condition and I'm expecting to hear something about looking further into it after a diagnosis that has MCAS as a related condition

  13. I went to many doctors with no help. Changed my diet after a food sensitivity test from a doctor and all my autoimmune diseases are gone. And I kept a food journal as well. I am healed and feel incredible. I also have done parasite cleanses, a gut protocol, and hormonal protocol. I am never bloated and feel like I am 18 again.

  14. I have a chronic illness called gastroparesis, I took ige test and came up that I was sensitive to gluten and dairy, it was done by my gastroenterologist. I feel like you should have gone in more depth about why people would need to test for allergies and how to do it properly.

  15. A lot of these "vague symptoms" could be attributed to dehydration. I'm not a health professional, but it's probably not going to harm you to take a look at how much water you drink and increase if necessary.

  16. Hey Dr. Mike, you've ranted and raved against vitamin supplements and the like, but what about diet pills like carb blockers (Garcinia Cambogia, kidney bean extract), or fat blockers (Raspberry Ketones)? There's a whole bunch of others, and I'm dying to know what you think about them.

  17. If someone regularly has a reaction to cow milk when they are younger but then as an adult they don't seem to have the lactose intolerant symptoms any more, what does that mean?

  18. Please I need help
    This has nothing to do with the video BUT 1-5 times every week I get really bad “cramps” in my legs. Like when you grow over night, that happens at day. If the normal growth pain is a 3/10 this is 8,5/10 (I have a kinda high pain tolerance) My doctor don’t seem to “care” about it, he just gives me some pills and I go home. i need help why does this happen?*. (I am 12, always had this, I am tall for my age). *PLEASE IF SOMEONE KNOWS ANYTHING PLEASE ANSWER

  19. Hey Doctor Mike, one day I woke up and discovered I couldn’t read with my left eye, the letters looked distorted also the colors looked pale. Went to ophthalmology and they said there is water behind my iris but no treatment, just some vitamins that didn’t help. Now I live with a “bad eye” and don’t know what to do.

  20. Hey Dr. Mike I have a question. If you remove certain foods from your died for a prolonged period of time (for me it was 90 days) and then reintroduce it to your diet, could you develop a sensitivity to any foods? That is what I observed. Foods that I never had a sensitivity to prior (dairy, onions, nuts, etc) I now feel sensitive towards. I just feel like if you take anything away from your diet for a long time and then start eating again your body might react to it since it is no longer used to it.

  21. I have a strange question. I've been through an accident a year ago and since then, my lower right rib keeps poping. Is that normal?

  22. Grew up allergic to nothing. At 19 I actually had an allergic reaction to fish and shellfish but I wasn’t educated on what to look for. My throat was scratching, my noses was burning my eyes were watery and I had hives on my throat, chest, hands and face. I just popped an ibuprofen and went to bed 🤣 when I turned 24 I was in constant hives daily. I finally went to the allergist cause I was also having issuing breathing. The skin test showed i reacted to trees, grass, dust mites, ragweed, fishes, shellfish and cockroaches. If I walk on grass barefoot my feet will swell up, if I touch a tree I will get hives. I love to be outdoors but some reason my body is like “nah not anymore!” And recently my new thing is lactose intolerant. My question has been why now? Why does it randomly happen?

  23. My multiple food allergic teen tests IGE positive to foods she eats safely every day. We would never, ever-ever remove those foods! However, those foods that are true IGE triggers, are very clear. If she is exposed to that food in any amount….. she has a severe allergic reaction, requiring treatment with epinephrine. If we were ever to run a 'food sensitivy test,' I could only imagine what her new list of false allergies would look like. A few years ago, I was talking to someone who obtained a food allergy test from their yoga instructor….. (AHHH!!). Thank you for a science based discussion. Looking forward to part 2. 🙂

  24. i have both allergy and asthma. i have to take allergy meds everyday as my reaction happen out of no where and when i did the allergy test(foods, animals, meds, bugs, trees, brushes, etc) my whole back was inflamed and itchy. one day i did not took my allergy med i broke out in hives on my neck, a red inflamed itchy spot on my knees. my asthma was acting up, my face was swollen up and sagging down. it happened so fast lucky i found a allergy pill in my purse.

  25. I would be interested to see this talk continue to other types of hypersensitive. I guess as an allergen you only deal with type 1 hypersensitive?

  26. Video suggestion: apple cider vinegar being added into diets. Does it help you lose weight? Does it make you feel full longer? Is it just another internet craze?

  27. I work in childcare, if a child has a nut/ tree nut allergy we do not allow the product in the classroom. Should we still do this?
    When I eat shellfish I get hives and itchy tongue, but not all the time. My test came back normal. I had to leave a restaurant due to hives and swollen lips and itchiness and red chest due to a bite of shrimp.

  28. So what if I’m intolerant/not allergic to various foods? What can I do to single out and identify those foods in order to avoid/prevent pain and discomfort?

  29. You always ask for your most upvotes to be videos, but have you ever thought to do one on your most downvoted? Some of us are just as intrigued by your skeptics as you are of others…

  30. What is your opinion on sensitivity/intolerance hair tests? My family did one just to see what it would show, we were surprised to see that it actually had correct things that they couldn't have known, specific to person (I.e. mosquitoes for my sister, corn for me).

    Also I think you should make a video about Elimination Diets.
    (I'm doing one right now and it can be a little tough at times.)

  31. I had an IgG year done and had the SAME EXPERIENCE! it came back I had a high sensitivity to bananas. I HATE them. I never eat them. I figured it was bogus at that point. Lol

  32. Hi Mike! Idk if you'll see this or not but if you do I have a question. I'm trying to loose weight. I'm not overweight I just feel like loosing a bit of extra fat that here and there. I've been trying to eat a little less and not to overeat but every time I try to follow my meal plan I instantly start shaking whenever I'm a little hungry. Why does this happen? I could eat a good breakfast and it should keep my hunger steady for the next couple of hours but as soon as 2 hours passes I start shaking and feel light headed. It's really bothering me since I'm trying to live a healthier life style with healthier food options and portions. I can't workout for long either since I get really lightheaded and I feel like I'm about faint. I always eat an hour before I workout but it doesn't prevent me from going dizzy. I eat normal portions that keep me full but it only keeps me full for about 2 hours and after that I start shaking and feel dizzy. Does this mean I eat too little? Or do I need to force my body to get used to the planning of my meals?

  33. So I'm probably going to have a total thyroidectomy due to graves disease. I hate every part of this. I am very sraced and the doctor who is the chief of general surgery is an absolutely arrogant fart head. I am trying really hard to understand why in 2020 this is the only solution to my condition. I am trying to fight this, I am trying to find a way to avoid any kind of surgery. I fear I am failing. I fear modern medicine is failing me. I I feel small and powerless and that soon will probably cause me to lose an important gland for my body. Now all I want to do is cry and grieve the life I could of had, had the medical system not failed me.

  34. I get cold sores rather often. I normally just use Carmex and a cold compress. Is there something else I can do to shorten the lifetime of the breakout or is there nothing else I can do.

  35. Not cool, lumping RDNs in with people who sell woo. And going to a MD for an elimination diet? On what planet do medical doctors get more than a semester or two of nutrition?

  36. Dr. Mike and Dr. Dave:
    Do you generally think that the "no opening bags with any kinds of nuts in the entire airplane through the entire flight" generally just an over-reaction from airlines who does not want a potential lawsuit on their hands?

  37. I did IgE testing and elimination diet with food challenges at the end of 60 days and know I need to stay away from gluten, dairy, walnuts, trout, peaches and apricot. Also, childhood allergy to strawberries was proven that I grew out of it.

  38. Am I the only one that gets an upset stomach, and acid reflux whenever I eat meat ? I have tried eating red meat, “fat free” meat, lean meat cow, sheep, goat meat they all give me the same result in the end and I am really confused is this an allergy? Is my body just rejecting meat?

  39. I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease which explains so much about my life long stomach issues. It has caused vitamin D deficiency and hyperparathyroidism. I also get rashes and hives from just about everything! What I don't understand though is it's so hard to get in with the specialist (I've been waiting since November and my appointment is in April) and the Specialist wants me to keep eating my normal gluten diet until I see him. Why can't I start gluten free now so I can start healing?

  40. Hey mike! I really like your videos. I’m a 14 yo from India. Btw I’m just as much as Generation Z as a US teen. I have a serious nail biting problem. I’ve been biting my nails since I was born. I’ve really controlled myself and haven’t bitten my nails since 3 days. The problem is that I used to bite my skin as well because of which my nails look clumsy. Now I want to change that. Is there a faster way to regrow my skin. I’ll not bite my nails but I need a catalyst in the situation as well. It would be really great if you could help out.

  41. So I have severe GI issues. I mean severe, I have intestinal failure meaning my whole GI tract is paralyzed. I rely on TPN (IV nutrition) for my nutrition.

    The number of people who have told me to not eat or do this diet is absolutely crazy. They act like eating this or that will magically fix me.

  42. I had a friend one time that told me they wouldn't go to Texas Roadhouse because of all of the peanuts on the floor because they were allergic. So what hes saying is that my friend would have been just fine going there? Good to know. I'm bout to change his life.

  43. the way doctor mike looks at the specalist is the same way i see my friend eating pizza and knowingly I can't have it rip

  44. Very well explained!
    I am officially diagnosed with allergies and I also have intolerance's. I recognize that my allergies always trigger a reaction, but my intolerance's don't always trigger a reaction. The intolerance's are more difficult imo because it's not always sure they will cause a problem, which can make me doubt myself. Allergies are clear: don't eat that stuff (or breath/touch etc.)

  45. dumb question but what do u do when you break your arm and the doctor give you a cast and he put it in a way where where when it heal you cant move your hand so you have to get surgeury? my grandma was just in this situation and i would like to know what to do

  46. This is really interesting. I had a food intolerance test done and they explained it pretty much exactly this way. It was also very inexpensive and is the first thing that helped me to not feel sick when eating in 25 years, despite many doctors visits and much more invasive testing of all kinds. I am curious why (some? many?) doctors don't talk about food intolerance when dealing with chronic issues around eating. An elimination diet was all it took to figure out what foods make me feel sick. But that was never suggested by any doctor I saw.

  47. So my mom is going through something horrible. Sorry to be a sad kid in the comments section. Union hospital in Cecil County has rightfully screwed us. After having a baby last year, my mom kept having problems with her hips and can't get medical help because any other hospital she has gone to denies her medical attention. We have the feeling the feeling Union hospital botched something and don't want people to know about it. We really don't know what to do.

  48. I fart the night away every time I eat even a tiny amount of bread, definitely not two bowls of pasta as you mentioned. I can have whatever amount of milk and dairy with no consequences whatsoever. Could it be the baking additives/ enhancers or quick yeast?

    I’m an EMT in Seattle through a small but rapid growing private ambulance company.

    Not sure how often you get to work the ED but could you touch on how we as EMTS can help more in the hospital setting? Also when doing IFT’s how we can help before transport.

    I’d love to meet, when are you coming back to Washington?!

    Love your channel!

  50. Dairy doesn’t make me feel good so I avoid it. No matter what dairy really ; cheese, ice cream, yogurt, but milk is the worst. I haven’t been diagnosed with a dairy allergy but I just avoid it anyway and eat dairy free. I’m vegan anyways now so idrc for dairy. I also avoid grapes and bell peppers because I don’t feel good eating those either.

  51. I don’t agree with this. I was very, very ill and the test I took was exactly what was causing my problems after going to 10 plus medical doctors for different things. You are trying to get money as Doctors, through the prescription drugs you prescribe. Diet is everything to your health and the amount of chemicals and genetically modified foods out there, people should read labels. This is propaganda.

  52. I have a question that I'm hoping someone can answer… If I eat certain things and my mouth gets numb — every time I eat it — is that a symptom for an allergy?

  53. This was super helpful! I had an allergy test done 10 years ago and they told me I was allergic to the top 6 food allergens. I didn't eat them for 7 years. I want go to get another test because I feel like some of the things came back and that I'm sensitive to most fruits (wtf). Nice to have this information going in this time ❤

  54. Whenever ppl complain about cat allergies I scoff because I’m allergic to cats and sucked it up to get my cats. Couldn’t breathe for 2 months but it was worth it! 🐱🐈

  55. I have Coeliac disease and I really enjoyed this video. I'd be interested in finding out more about HOW gluten exposure to Coeliac patients makes them more susceptible to things like bowel cancer and osteoporosis. I've tried googling it and finding it hard to find more involved information that is reliable, but my doctor doesn't know an awful lot about it.

  56. Dr Mike, isn’t food awareness making our life more difficult than before. Nowadays we can’t have chicken because it’s injected with hormones, farmed fish because it’s got mercury, vegetables and fruits because those are grown with hydroponics and artificial fertilisers, fortified cereals because they contain synthetic multivitamins, canola oil or any commercially produced oil because the process of producing it is bad etc. The list can go on then what do we eat ! It’s a dilemma now.

  57. I love how Dr. Mike is just nodding every second while he's talking. I always do this while I'm listening and interested too 😂😂❤️

  58. I have a problem with saying you have medical professionals that tout allergy sensitivity test and then listing; nautropaths and chiropractors. It is giving legitimacy to groups that do not practise medicine.

  59. I have a few real allergies and am also intollerant to several foods. I must admit I expected that watching this would get me irritated in one way or another because of things I've had other doctors say over my lifetime. I'm happy & somewhat relieved to see a doctor talking about allergies in a way which matches up to all the different things I've experienced. Really nice to see this.

  60. I'm deathly allergic to ants. I'll go into anaphylactic shock. My now fiance thought it was the dumbest allergy he ever heard of and didn't believe it was real. One day I got bit by ALOT of ants before my throat started closing up I told him to grab the epi pen. Now he treats our yard for ants regularly and if I do happen to step into a ant pile he's ripping clothes shoes socks and throwing me over his shoulder. He said that was the scariest thing he ever witnessed in the time it took him to grab the pen I was already swelling all over and gasping for air and in and out of consciousness. Lamest allergy because I love the outdoors. Needless to say he now believes I have an ant allergy 😂 he now joins my family in calling me the Michellen man from my swelling from the bites. Thanks mom and dad 😩

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