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Hi I’m Krystalle Welcome to my kitchen one question i hear from people a lot is how do you continually stay on a live food diet? Cause if it didn’t taste good, I would probably stop doing it. Make sure it’s fun and easy especially if
we’re having a really busy day and we’re in the middle of
a lot of different activities or meetings how I…this is a meal that I typically eat uhmm… at lunchtime or as part of my dinner So I have a box of mixed greens I purchased these organic
greens from the grocery store Of course it’s even better if you have fresh greens
growing in your yard use those Um, its February and really cold outside so I have
store greens And quite simple, greens in your bowl.
YAY!! That was easy. I like to tear the leaves up a little bit and the frisee, as fun as it is to eat I try to put this whole thing in my mouth
its not pretty So I just make smaller pieces and then I basically look and see what I have
in the fridge
today I looked and I have carrots I have celery I have avocado and I actually had some beets as well and i just
chose carrot over beet its a little cleaner and uh, since I’m doing a quick daily salad, carrots are easier on the cleanup
than beets are. so i just chop up my carrots So if it’s just a salad for me I
just chop as much carrot as I like hm, hm, hmmm So I just have salad carrots to my salad and just add as much as you choose If I’m not
gonna finish this I just put it back in the fridge Celery! This is how I make celery fun and easy.
Instead of taking one stalk at a time and chopping the whole stalk up,
I take the whole bunch… Ta daa!!
(children): YAY!! Avocado Take the little tag off I slice my avocado in half
with a nice sharp chefs knife This is my essential kitchen tool Twist it in half, and just take this
little dark spot out last night we had some lentils we soak and sprout lentils And that actual process of soaking and sprouting lentils takes a couple of days so we soak and sprout
a lot at once and then we steam them So you can see they’ve been steamed a little bit
I’ve added olive oil, salt, and pepper since we prepare a lot at one time there’s a little
extra left over that I can add to my salad right now as far as fat, maybe a little protein content we have avocado But I can definitely add lentils, this is a great… great source of protein and it tastes really good heh, “lentils overboard!”
there we go… so I just sprinkle a few lentils on top of my
salad. I always steam my lentils lightly maybe just between five and eight minutes
in the steamer because they digest so much better that way alright, from here my salad is pretty much
complete. All I require doing is topping it and i usually have, um, apple cider vinegar
another alternative to apple cider vinegar is a new product on the market called
coconut vinegar. Its made by a company called “Coconut secret” it’s the same idea, these have both been fermented so um, they are both great products today I’m going for apple cider vinegar just sprinkle a little bit on its probably somewhere around a teaspoon maybe a teaspoon and a half Chlorella powder So another really good source of protein is
chlorella. Its a very green powder. Now this is an acquired taste. my salad as it is, is already complete so you don’t have to add chlorella. If you have it in your house, though its a really good addition So I sprinkle, mmm about a half-Tablespoon on top of my salad You’ll notice my measurements are not exact Because this is the fun and easy way, which
means you don’t have to measure it, just sprinkle then my other secret to my salad is coconut aminos
This is the same idea as a wheat-free soy sauce, or tamari coconut aminos are made with coconut instead of soybeans so what i do is i put mine in a spray bottle and then i just spray it about six or seven sprays and then I use organic
extra virgin olive oil And there are a number of different brands
Its readily available and then I use my seasonings. Now I love
sunfire salt. Sunfire salt is from Sunfire Superfoods, my favorite salt to use so I sprinkle a little on top and then you can do black pepper, or chipotle
powder, I love chipotle powder! So I… now technically chipotle is not raw it has an amazing flavor it is smoked jalapeno
peppers. That’s what chipotle is It has an amazing flavor But you know, if you prefer, you can just
do black peppercorns that’s my salad. And this salad in itself is going to be
really nourishing and filling. and if you find you require even more maybe protein content or something that
feels a little more filling Have it with a nori sheet Now I use the raw nori You can also use toasted nori if you desire and then you roll it up and eat it!
Yummy! It’s quick, its easy and its simple and definitely helped me out with staying staying into my live food even
in the midst of a busy day. Have a great day!

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