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Hi, how are you doing?
It’s Russell.
In this video, I’m going to show
you how to make barbecue
kale chips.
You may have heard of kale
chips, they’re getting quite
popular these days.
And I want to show you this
recipe for barbecue
And it uses no nuts.
You can actually get quite
crispy kale chips using a
cashew mixture, and using
a dehydrator as well.
But this recipe I’m going
to show you, no nuts.
And it’s going to get them
crispy, but also a little bit
chewy when they’re in
your mouth as well.
It’s a really, really
nice tasting dish.
So we’ve got some ingredients
over here, which we’ll come to
in a second, that’s going
to give us our barbecue
But the first thing we need
to do is get some
nice organic kale.
So really, organic is an
essential with kale because
it’s one of those things that
if it’s not organic, it’s
sprayed very heavily.
So we’ve got some nice organic
kale that has been washed and
spun in a salad spinner to get
all the excess water off.
And then what we need to is
take another bowl and just
tear off the kale–
into bite-size chunks, I guess
is probably the best way to
look at it.
And these stalks, as well, you
can save them and juice them
up with a little bit of apple
so that you get all of the
goodness from all of
your organic kale.
So what I’m doing there, as you
can see, they’re all kind
of bite-sized chunks.

So now, we’ve got our kale
nicely destemmed and put into
nice little chunks there.
I’m going to talk you through
these ingredients that are
going to give us our
barbecue flavour.
And they’re just so amazing when
you put them together.
So first of all, we’ve got some
sun-dried tomatoes here,
and they have been soaked.
So you can usually buy
them in a packet.
I would not necessarily buy the
ones in the oil because
they have extra ingredients in
there that you don’t want.
Buy them kind of dry in a
packet and soak them.
And you’ll find that if they
have been packaged in salt,
that they will become
less salty when
you have soaked them.
And they’re much more
easy to work with as
well, nice and pliable.
So we’ve got our sun-dried
We’ve got some nice soft Medjool
dates that have had
the stones taken out of them.
Then we’ve got some chipotle
chiles and we’re actually
going to use the chiles
and the soak water.
So these chipotle chiles are
actually smoked jalapenos.
And if I take them apart, you
can see, they’ve obviously
just still got all the seeds
in, just like your regular
jalapeno will have.
But they’ve been smoked so
they’ve got a really nice
amazing smoky flavour.
And so that’s going to
really help us with
the barbecue flavour.
Taking the seeds out is going
to make them less spicy.
If you’re worried about
them being too
spicy, that will help.
Then we’ve got some tamari, some
olive oil, and we’ve got
some apple cider vinegar,
and then we’ve got
some spices down here.
We’ve got a little bit of
paprika, cumin, garlic, and
honey all in powder form.
So what I’m going to now is just
pop these straight into
the blender, blend them up nice
and smooth, so we can
make a sauce that we
can mix into this.

OK, so sun-dried tomatoes, dates
as well, and with the
chiles here, we’ve measured
out the water.
So we’re going to use that.
There’s plenty of
flavor in there.
And we’re actually going to
use the chiles themselves.

And these just pull apart
really easily.
It doesn’t matter if you
get one or two seeds
left in there still.

We’ll put the rest of our
liquids in and then, all of
our spices.

So there’s our sauce.
It just smells so good.
Got that real barbecue
smell to it now.
Really easy.
The next step, what you need to
do is take that out of the
blender and straight
into the kale.
And if you haven’t got a
high-powered blender like
this, you might just need
to add a little
bit of extra water.
But that’s OK because we’re
putting these into the
dehydrator anyway.
So even if you go a little bit
over the top on the water to
get it to blend smooth, it’s
going to dehydrate off.
So it’s fine.
So this is the fun part.
You’ve got to have very
clean hands for this.
We’re just going to work that
sauce into the kale so that
every piece of kale
is covered.

And what you’ll notice as you do
this, is that the kale will
start to wilt down a little
bit and reduce in size.
So we started with a whole big
bowl of kale there, and now,
it’s kind of reduced to half,
even with the sauce in there.
And now, all I’m doing is just
kind of feeding it through my
fingers like that just to make
sure that every piece of kale
has got some sauce on it.

And once you’re happy that
that’s been done, then we’ll
take a dehydrator tray.

Our dehydrator tray, we’ve got
a mesh sheet on there.
You could put these straight
onto the mesh.
But that tends to make it
very difficult to clean.
So use your non-stick
sheet as well.
And then you don’t really want
to pack it on there.
Because you want the air flow
to be able to get around.
And we’re just going to
scatter those around.

So now, we’ve got those
nicely spread out on
the dehydrator tray.
We’re going to pop them into
the dehydrator, 115 degrees
Fahrenheit for around
about 10 hours.
And that’s going to allow us
to take them off of the
non-stick sheet.
And then maybe put them back on
the mesh sheet just so they
can get dried all
the way around.
And you can’t overdo stuff
in the dehydrator.
It’s not like you can burn
anything, so I like them to
really crispy.
So usually, sometimes I’ll even
end up putting them in
there for 24 hours
just to make sure
they’re nice and crispy.

OK, so here we’ve got our
already dehydrated kale chips.
And you can probably see that
we’ve had a few go missing
over the dehydration process,
just testing, of course.
And it tends to happen.
You probably want to make a
double sized batch for what
you actually want to end up with
because you’ll just end
up eating them halfway
But you can see they’re
nice and crispy.
So we’ve got two trays here
that we are going
to enjoy right now.

There we go.
That’s easily a good snack for
four people for movie night.
It’s absolutely perfect.
So enjoy that and I’ll
see you next time.

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