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So for St. Patrick’s Day this
year, then, we’re going to do
a really amazing Green
Goddess salad.
If you were with me last year,
you remember we did these
green kale chips which went
down an absolute storm.
It’s got to be green on
St. Patrick’s Day.
And so we’ve got the salad and
then in a second video I’m
going to show you a really
nice mint chocolate chip
smoothie, which is just going
to make for an amazing St.
Patrick’s Day meal if
you get into it.
So let’s do this.
The first thing we’re going to
do is make our Green Goddess
salad dressing.
So cashews into your
high-speed blender.
Now, you don’t have to have
a Vitamix for this.
If you’ve got just a really
powerful, the most powerful
home blender you can get will
work, as long as you soak
those cashews preferably
They only really need soaking
for about 20 minutes.
But to get them really nice and
soft if you haven’t got a
very powerful blender, then
overnight in the fridge, soak
them up, rinse them off, and
then they’ll be ready to use.
Then we’re going to use
our herbs here.
So we’ve got some parsley.
Now, for each of these herbs,
I’m just going to reserve a
little bit, because we want the
dressing to be green, but
we also want a few flecks of
green colour in there as well.
So I’m going to keep a few of
the chives back, a little bit
of the parsley.
That’s just going to
go in as it is.
A little bit of the tarragon,
we’ll save that.
And then we’ve got some nori
here as well, nori flakes or
nori just ripped up.
That’s going to go in as well.
I put all of that in.
And then we’ve got our lemon
juice, or apple cider vinegar,
whatever acid you want to use.
And I’ve got a little bit of
garlic that’s going to go in
there as well.
In this recipe, I’m actually
going in with lemon juice and
apple cider vinegar.
So you can just follow this
recipe as it is, or you can
change around the acids if you
want as well and just make
your own thing out of it.
So a little bit of pure water
in there to blend that up.

And then we’ll get this
nice and smooth.

So it needs a little
bit more water.
And also, what I didn’t put in
there is my seasonings, so I’m
going to add some salt.

Now you’ll see if you’re just
following the recipe, the
amount of salt in the recipe
is there for you already.

So I’ve got that nice,
smooth dressing now.
And this is where I’m going to
pop in the greens or the herbs
that I saved.

So we’ll just bunch those up.
And what we don’t want to do is
bruise them, so I’m going
to bunch them up nice and tight
and just go through
probably just once.

Then we’ll put them
in the blender.

And then just give then a little
bit of a quick pulse.

So that’s our dressing ready.
Now what else I wanted to do
for you here was do to a
little bit of a couscous, a
green couscous made out of
broccoli and cauliflower.
So I can use the food
processor for this.
I’m going to cut out the stalk
and maybe just cut out a
little bit more of the stalk
there so we don’t get any big
huge pieces.
And you can reserve
these for–
you can actually even
juice these.
You can juice up cauliflower
and broccoli no problem.

And then you can get to that
point where you can
just break them up.
That looks pretty good.
Just cut up any larger pieces.

Into the food processor.

All right.
So then we’re going to take a
microplane, which is just a
really thin–
a small-holed grater, and get
some lemon zest in there.
So a bit of lemon zest
and lemon juice.

Good stuff.
So we’ve zested the
whole lemon there.
And now we’re going to put in
some lemon juice, which
obviously you could just use the
lemon we just used there.
Once it’s zested, just squeeze
a bit of the juice in.

Dill and lemon is just
a fantastic combo.
So I’m going to bunch this all
up with the little bit of
broccoli and cauliflower
that we just had.

And this just needs
to be a rough cut.
The food processor is going
to do the rest of it.
So we’ll put this in.

Them we’ve got a little bit of
nutritional yeast to go in
there as well.

Then we’ve got olive oil.

This is for our salad.
We’re going to chop the avocado
in there as well.
So that’s everything we need,
really, for our broccoli and
cauliflower couscous.
What I do like to do as well,
and this is optional, because
I know they’re a little
bit expensive.
But if you want to treat
yourself for St. Patrick’s
Day, just a few pine nuts.

Off we go.

A bit of salt in there, which
I could have done
at the first stage.
I just forgot again.
So we can season that up.
What we don’t want to do is be
pulsing it up too much and
breaking it down.
But we’re still good.
If you get to the end and you’ve
pulsed it up and it’s a
good sized couscous and you’ve
forgotten an ingredient, just
stir it in.

And that way you won’t
over-process it.
So we’ve got our couscous.
We’ve got our Green
Goddess dressing.
And now we’re going to put
together just a really nice
kind of simple salad here.
I’ve got romaine.
I’ve got a little gem lettuce.
I know not everyone can get
these, so I thought I’d just
use this one and say that you
can use your romaine lettuce
if you can’t get a hold of a
smaller lettuce like that.
To be honest, just use any
lettuce you’ve got locally
wherever you are.
And all I’m going to do is break
down these leaves, take
them off the stalk.
And then you may have seen I’m
a little bit of a fan of
tearing the leaves rather than
cutting them when they’ve got
this kind of really nice natural
shape to them anyway.
I don’t want to bring
a uniformity
to them with a knife.
I just want to keep them nice
and rustic-looking.

So I’m making perhaps a
one-person portion here.
But your recipe’s going to be
for at least two people.
So that’s what our Green
Goddess dressing
is going to go on.
Then we’ll have a little bit
of avocados in there.

So this is a pretty simple
salad, a couple of different
elements to it.
If you’re a bit newer to raw
food there’s a couple of
challenging parts in there.
If you’re not new to raw food,
there’s going to be some stuff
in there that’s going to keep
you happy, lots of flavour.

So let’s cut these reasonably

All right.
So we’re going to add these
to our lettuce.

All right.
So let’s get some dressing
on to this lettuce.

So we get that in there.
We’re not massaging this or
wilting it down, because these
lettuce leaves are pretty
soft anyway.
So that little bit of salt
in there is going
to go really perfectly.
Look at that creaminess.
So you’ve got the creaminess
of the
dressing and the avocado.
You’ve got the crunchiness
of the lettuce still.
That’s what we’re aiming for.
We’re almost there.

The last thing is spirulina.
It’s going to feature I think
in probably every one of my
St. Patrick’s Day recipes,
because it’s green.
So spinach, olive oil, or the
oil of your choosing, just a
tiny little bit of salt,
and then I’m going to
massage that in.

And then if you’ve got larger
leaves you could just do a
little bit of a tear
on this as well.
I actually quite like leaving
these leaves fairly large.
And then I’m going to take it to
a next level greenness and
just stir in that spirulina.
And then what I also like to add
in there is a little bit
of lemon juice.

You’ll notice when you put the
spirulina in there, because
it’s a powder, it just drys
things up a little bit.
And by adding that lemon juice,
it kept things nice and
more like a salad dressing than
just drying up the leaves
And that’s looking fantastic.
You’re going to end up with
a really green hand.
I’ll just have a quick
wash there.
So we have to, of course, serve
this on a green plate.
I’ve got like a family-style
green platter here that I’m
going to use.
And I think the first thing
we’re going to put down is our
lettuce Green Goddess salad
mixture with the avocado in.
I’m just going to have this
family-style on the plate,
building up the layers.

So you know, you can make a big
batch of this up, have a
few people over, and just
impress everyone with some
fantastic raw goodies.
Lost a bit of avocado.
Can’t leave that behind.

Then sprinkle on your lettuce
with the spirulina on.

And being sure not to cover
completely the rest of the
salad, so you get the two
different colours.
Then we’re going to take our
couscous mixture from the food
processor and do the
same with that.
So just strategically place
that around the plate.

There you go.
And then I’ve got a couple of
other little treats here.
So I mentioned the pine
nuts beforehand.
So if you’ve got a few of those
left, if you do want to
use them, just a couple of those
on top, because we’ve
got a lot of creaminess in
here, so we’ve got extra
crunch with that couscous.
And those pine nuts are giving
us extra crunch as well now.
And then we’ve got some
hemp seed here.
So treat yourself with a little
bit of hemp seed there.
Sprinkle that around.

And finally, a little bit of
extra dill, just a few sprigs
thrown around the plate,
kind of rustic style.
This really finishes
off it nicely.
Really pleased with
this recipe.

And then just one last thing to
finish it off, a little bit
of black pepper.
Or I’ve got a multicoloured
peppercorn grinder here.

Get a bit of that on there.

And there you go.
Put that in front of anybody,
if they’re raw or not, this
St. Patrick’s Day, and you’re
sure to impress them.

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