The Perfect Boiled Dinner – Classic New England Boiled Dinner

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do you like a traditional boiled dinner I’m your personal chef Mike Moses maybe you haven’t had one well I’m here to change all that the traditional corned beef and cabbage or the New England boiled dinner is what’s on the menu today and it’s actually two meal in one and we’re going to start cooking right now if you like this video please don’t forget to click the thumbs up icon and if you’d like to be notified of more of these please subscribe I add a new video every Sunday you’ve seen these packages of meat of brine at the local grocery store being from Nova Scotia it can only mean one thing a boiled dinner and the next day a corned beef hash many think that corned beef and cabbage originated in Ireland but the corned beef made it an American dish with the influences from the Irish American Jewish communities combining brisket with potatoes cabbage turnip and carrots the corned beef and cabbage originated in the Manhattan ghettos today this meal is enjoyed all over North America with new england claiming it as tthier own. the beef is cured in a salty brine and picking spices to avoid a super salty meal something that has turned many people off of this dish I’ll show you how to have a tender beef and a broth you can enjoy with your meal want to know how to do it keep watching here’s what we’ll need three pounds of corn beef for medium carrots two pounds of potatoes one small turnip to diced onions one head of cabbage cut in quarters and one big pot for cooking our brisket I’ll show you how to prepare that brisket right now this is our brisket she is it’s good-sized brisket but we’re going to do is drain the liquid and bring it back ok now that we’ve got our brisket basically drained of all the liquid we want to trim off some of the fat it’s usually there’s a fat cap on these as you can see right here we have a fat cap be careful when you remove the fat and want to get a lot of meat just want to take off most of the fat quite a fat cap on this bad boy sorry just to make it a little leaner it also helps get rid of some of the silver skin so now our brisket is all trimmed up she’s here ready to go into the pot in the pot and I’m gonna fill the pot up to be about one inch over the brisket this is a big brisket temperature is at 90 degrees Celsius or about 195 degrees Fahrenheit we want to keep it just under the boiling mark we do that our briskets going to cook the salts from the leech out of the first 30-minute cook and it’s not going to shrink you’re going to have lots of meat anyhow 90 degrees cover the brisket and back in 30 minutes after 30 minutes of simmering discard the water and then cover the brisket with fresh water about an inch over the meat now that you have a nice simmer going leave this for about three hours keeping an eye on the level of the water while your briskets come out of the water you can put a bowl or plate on top of a meat to keep it from floating let’s get the veggies ready let’s peel the carrots with a peeler removing the other skin then chop and carrot into about two inch pieces peel the potatoes with a knifet to remove any eyes or blemishes that are usually found in the winter potatoes then cut into quarters you can see here the sizes you need I’ll cut up the turnip peeling the outer skin to get to the inner flesh and then chopped up into slightly smaller pieces and the potatoes if you remember the Brussels sprout reference the small cabbages in my last video this is a big one and want to peel the outer leaves off then quarter the cabbage I like to leave the stock in the middle so that the cabbage does not fall apart during the cooking process two and a half hours into the cooking of the brisket add your root vegetables first of potatoes carrot and turnip these will take about an hour to cook after 20 minutes or so add your onions and cabbage cover and let this simmer so your time is up check your vegetables for the fork and see if they are done if the pork slides into the core of the cabbage you’re ready remove the vegetables from the pot and put in separate bowls being careful not to break them up for the cabbage you can remove the core and for your brisket remove and let drain on a plate then put it on a cutting board you can put your vegetables back in the plot to keep them warm you want to slice the brisket against the grain just like this we’ll put some brisket in a large shallow bowl or load three slices then had a few potatoes some carrots and turn if the onions sneak into the mix don’t worry this just adds more flavor and texture and there is your traditional boiled dinner the other part of this dish if there is anything left is a corned beef hash for breakfast chop all your veg and corned beef into one quarter inch bit and frying to get a crust on the potatoes and beef constantly moving around in the pan to prevent if you like this recipe please leave a comment and a like and if you’d like to see a particular recipe or topic let me know don’t forget to subscribe I’ll be putting new content on the site weekly and if you want more information you can head over to the personal chef top blog where you compress the recipes presented here and I add new content every other day thank you for watching I look forward to helping you eat healthier shop smarter and cook better

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