The Breakfast Myth

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They say breakfast is
the most important meal of the day
most important meal of the day
So we better eat breakfast.
A study from none other than Harvard University
states that men who regularly skip breakfast
have a 27% higher risk
of suffering a heart attack.
This disease will lead to heart attacks and strokes.
Heart attacks and strokes?
Oh no!
I skipped breakfast,
But I’m not worried because I now know
there’s no proof that
skipping breakfast causes heart attacks
or any other problem.
That Harvard study?
The authors actually concluded
it “remains unknown whether specific eating habits
influence heart disease risk”
There’s no proof that skipping breakfast
is harmful in any way.
It’s been pushed, it doesn’t really hold water
Nutritionist Ruth Kava points out that all
the claims about breakfast being especially important
are just unproven.
That strokes and heart attack news persists because
people who skip breakfast have more health problems
but that’s partly because
breakfast skippers are more likely
to smoke and eat unhealthy foods.
There is just no proof that
skipping breakfast itself causes problems.
I’ve skipped breakfast for years
That’s fine.
Really? Fine?
It works for you. You’re not fat.
[Stossel] We’re all different.
Yeah. We’re all different,
we have to do what’s comfortable for us.
Another myth about breakfast is
that skipping it may make you fat.
People who skip breakfast were more likely
to be the big weight gainers over time.
The government claimed that, just 9 years ago.
Saying not eating breakfast has been associated with
excess body weight.
But that’s not true either, according to a new analysis
They looked on a number of different studies,
and they did not find that eating breakfast
helped people lose weight.
get it so wrong?
Partly because eating habits are hard to study.
You can’t follow test subjects for years
controlling what they eat.
Most studies are based on what people say they ate.
And people forget or lie.
[music] Kelloggs corn flakes
Also, we may have been suckered by studies
funded by cereal makers.
[Music] it’s great!
Of the 15 studies involving children
mentioned by the government,
five list funding from
General Mills or Kellogg.
Yeah, well they’re the ones that are interested
in having their products sold,
In fairness, not all cereal companies spin the results.
One study, funded by Quaker Oats,
found eating breakfast did not help people lose weight.
This study was unfavorable to Quaker Oats,
but Quaker Oats said “let’s publish it.”
Good for Quaker Oats.
But let’s not count on companies to
tell us the truth about nutrition
Study found people who didn’t eat breakfast
could lose weight by starting to eat breakfast.
Kellogg’s touted this on their cereal boxes.
Don’t get your nutrition education from cereal boxes.
Are you okay?
But what if instead of a cereal box,
it was America’s first Lady on Sesame Street?
I am very tired and have no energy.
Well I think I know what would help.
What, secret service?
Air force one?
[laughs] No, Grover.
A healthy breakfast!
Now there is data that shows
Children who do not have decent nutrition
during the course of the day,
had been shown to do better
if they get some food into them in the morning.
That’s where that comes from.
And it’s valid?
it’s appropriate.
Unfortunately, on Sesame Street,
Michele Obama doesn’t just say children.
She says everyone.
Grover, breakfast isn’t just for first ladies.
Everybody should have a healthy breakfast.
Oh not me.
And much of the media push nonsense like claims
that if you eat the right breakfast
you are going to end up boosting your metabolism,
losing the belly fat, restoring gut health
restoring gut health?
There is so much bad information out there.
The current consensus is
Eat breakfast if you’re hungry.
Eat breakfast if you’re hungry, if not, eat a little later.


  1. Bullshit… if you want stamina in the evening, eat a VERY high protein breakfast… and NEVER EVER eat cereal, or any grains, or potatoes or sugar in any form, even honey, because "those" things are what cause heart disease. Sugar is poison.

  2. It’s in the name break fast everyone breaks their fast just at different times so no one skips breakfast ,unless they never eat !

  3. I eat breakfast every day because I like it. I don't care if it's good for you or not, I like it. Eggs , bacon , ham or sausage and some potatoes …;) I love it!!

  4. My siblings and I grew up NOT eating breakfast. No sugar coated cereals. Corn Flakes was the only cereal my mom bought us. Lunch at school, a snack after school (if we were hungry) and dinner in the evening. Next day we'd wake up NOT hungry.

  5. I stopped eating breakfasts around 3 months ago and already lost at least 5 kilograms. I've also ditched sugar, sweets and bread. Meat, veggies, eggs, cheese, butter and tea keep me going well!

  6. I'm a body-builder and train five days a week. I'm up at 4:40am and eat two cups of plain oatmeal an hour and a half later. I'm starving again by 11am. Eating a HEALTHY breakfast is a good idea. Not pop tarts or some bullshit sugar-coated poison corn passed as cereal.

  7. Being a Gastric Bypass patient, I end up eating 4-7X/day. . . & even I don't eat "breakfast" every morning when I wake.
    Go figure.

  8. My body likes to eat breakfast at either 4am or 1pm and has no interest in eating in the mean time…
    What it does want is WATER!!!

  9. thank you. I noticed my kids never get hungry when they wake up. I realized this must be for a reason. when they get hungry they would tell me. I stopped forcing them to eat in the morning and it has never been a problem.

  10. Let's not count on companies to tell us the truth but even more we dam sure can't trust our government to be truthful to the American people especially after obama weaponized every government agencies against we the people who are not democrats!

  11. Unless you do heavy physical work you don't really need breakfast, I went to the gym for a year and a half. for the first 6 months I lost 5 lbs and then I started eating some thing for breakfast and I lost another 5 lbs, It does get your metabolism going more if you eat something early.

  12. Breakfast can be just as important as any other meal depending on what your goals are. Not everyone has the same goals. If you're a high endurance athlete or body builder/strongman competitor…. Then yes you're definitely going to want to eat breakfast everyday. If you're just a regular person who has a boring desk job, it might not be super important to eat right away first thing unless you need to because you've been doing it that way your whole life. If your goal is to lose weight you might want to skip breakfast and remain in a fasted state as long as possible and use your fat for energy and then consume a healthy well rounded lunch. It's called intermittent fasting. You get all of your calories for the day inside a 4-6 hour window usually starting around lunch time.

  13. I've wondered why people in Mexico City or Cuernavaca or Guanahato are healthier than Americans who are so overweight or obese. I think the reason is that for them, breakfast is the big meal of the day and lunch and dinner are light snacks. Of course, they also do more walking than Americans do. At any rate, it doesn't hurt to look around and see what other people are doing right.

  14. Your wrong John. If I would have taken the time to eat breakfast I would have avoided the 2000 car pile up on the Superstition freeway.😆😆

  15. I eat at 10 am every morning. I try to drink a glass of water first thing, or at least as soon as I think about it, and I've noticed a difference, but I don't eat when I am not hungry.

  16. I can’t live without breakfast lol I might eat anyone next to me if I’m hungry lol but I’ve never ever ate lunch my whole life makes me nauseous if I force 🤷🏻‍♀️ I eat giant breakfast and dinner 😉
    FIRST LADY 🤢🤮🤢 she and her husband was a waste of humanity !!!!!!!

  17. I used to eat breakfast as a kid then skipped breakfast for 20 years – had no affect on me – same health and slim build. Last 5 years I've started eating breakfast again: nothing's changed, my health and weight haven't changed at all.

  18. You know 20 years later you can just see the bullshit as clear as day. What if we do that 20 years from now about the stuff they're telling us now?

  19. Attacking the first lady while talking to grover? Oh C'mon. Kids need to eat or they go crazy by 1030 sitting in class with no access to food until 12

  20. It’s better to not eat breakfast! Cuz if you don’t eat you won’t spike your insulin! And in the end you won’t get as hungry and have less cravings for carbs and sugar!

  21. Breakfast is just the first meal of the day so if you’re doing a form of intermittent fasting such as one meal per day then there you go.

  22. John Harvey Kellog said, 'It could be said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.' Which is NOT 'Breakfast is the most important.'
    In the 1950s, 'Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper' was an advertising campaign.

  23. Its mis understood…breakfast isnt the most important meal…the truth is….the meal you choose to break a fast is the most important….if you fasted for 24 hours and became hungry that meal you choose is important..time of day is not relevant…..if you are hungry and want to.break a fast….eggs toast butter milk are good items to break your fast….get it?

  24. Hehe, good for Quaker Oats. For my children, I was sure they ate in the morning. For the old man, it's different. Tending herd years ago, we ate at first light. You had do do that, because that next meal was always an uncertainty in the field. And yes, give me some cowboy coffee before daybreak!

    Years later, breakfast depends on how the old man feels. That included a 28km cycling ride to work everyday.

    You just can't cram breakfast in if the old machine doesn't want it.

  25. In Asia the concept of breakfast, lunch, dinner actually only arrive after modern working routine like in the office and factory. Back then, the mother will cook batches of food in the morning and we will grab the food when we hungry.

  26. I have power breakfast, i eat soup, rice, sandwich, donut, fruits, veggies cook with butter, pancakes, and well i'm a little over weight, i don't feel hungry until 10 or 11 pm

  27. Listening to studies may actually increase health risks.

    Listening to the government will definitely increase health risks.

    That's because they are all corrupt by special interest money. Forget about all of them.

  28. The problem is that “Cereals” fail to actually have the nutrition that is needed for the supermajority of bodies. Except for Musilex, supposedly that one is abundantly better about it.

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