The Blues Infusion – I Just Wanna Make Love To You

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[ Chorus ] I don’t want you, be no slave I don’t want you work all day But I want you to be true And I just wanna make love to you [ Music ] All I want to do is wash your clothes I don’t want to keep you indoors I don’t want your money too I just want to make love to you, [ Music ]
Love to you, ooohooo And I can tell by the way you walk that walk And I can hear by the way you talk that talk And I can know by the way you treat your man I can love you, baby, till the night train I don’t want you, make my bread, I don’t want you, make my bed, I don’t want you sad and blue And I just wanna make love to you [ Chorus ] Love to you, ooohooo


  1. About, The heavy blues-soaked rock blues of the Vienna band"The Blues Infusion" excites the broad spectrum individually

    of the blues. The music moves a little harder in the crossover

    Maelstrom of blues and mixes original compositions and lesser known gems of the genre with pounding steaming classics.

    The band consistently incorporates elements of rock or jazz into their show

    and creates a musical variable. The result is a fresh, funky groove!

    Peter Dürr (voc.)

    Peter Peduzzi (guit.)

    Dusan Milenkovic (dr.)

    Fritz Salek (bass)

    Werner Müller (keyb.)

  2. Thank You,
    Definitely Different,
    You have always had
    A Good Choice when
    It comes to the Blues.
    Ride on Honey, Love
    the Bike, goes with the
    Rock 🎼🎵🎶🎤👏💕🇬🇧😎😎😎

  3. Brilliant !!! Exciting blues infusion ! Adorable couple…on the love road ! Do you accept the challenge to drive this motorcycle through the desert ?!… :)))
    Congrats ,RGM !

  4. Espetacular! Como vc, que nos proporciona estas raridades e um canal notável, Red! Chave de ouro 🔑! Obrigada pelo carinho e atenção! 🌟👑💎🏆👏🎸🎶❤️💐🍷

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