Taste Testing 3 of LA’s Best BREAKFAST BURRITO’S Ft. React

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  1. This is not representative of LA. You are in one tiny section. You have The Valley, The Westside, East LA, San Gabriel Valley, the South East of Whittier, Pico Rivera, Downey all the way dow the 605. Your vid is not "Whole of LA" You were in a small piece in the Northern section of LA County.

  2. Ok guys i have a serious question. Why does Barry and Jamie wear a ring (wedding ring) on their right hands and Mike has a ring on his left hand? Is he married or not? Im confused

  3. You boys have lost your way. My girlfriend and I miss your actual cooking videos. Still love ultimate battles and step up to the plate. But not your novelty electric shock videos, or your stupid relay team videos where you just waste food, or your let's go eat somewhere fancy in a country that no one else can get to videos, but your actual recipes. And now you've made big night in exclusive to VIPs. ☹️ We miss having cheer up lols like the olden days, but with actual food content.

  4. I know you guys are doing LA and NYC but you should deffo do London's best Indian food. I know it's challenging since there 10000 of them in London but I guess it would be fun!!

  5. I want to crush Jamie's glasses and scatter them to the four winds. What are you doing to your lovely face, man!?!

  6. If you guys ever come to Colorado, scratch that you need to come. You need to do Denver’s best omelette. The omelette is what we are known for and I would love for you guys to try to find the best one.

  7. WTF?! No East LA burritos? So disappointing. Y'all asked the wrong people for help. These React people must originally be from the east coast or midwest or something. Please come back and ask people who ACTUALLY know what their talking about, not white hipsters originally from Ohio. Love you guys, but this one was an epic fail.

  8. So much debating on what is considered breakfast… I’ll throw anything in a burrito and eat it for breakfast. Shrimp, chorizo, bacon, short rib, sausage, steak, whichever! No judgement on what protein you want in that burrito. Barry, I’m with you! I’ll have shrimp and steak in my breakfast burrito! Surf and turf all the way.

  9. Tacos Villa Corona in Atwater village. The spinach and bacon breakfast burrito is incredible. I'd put it up against any other place in the city.

  10. Sleeping on Rick's drive in breakfast burrito similar to lucky boys but more they actually put salt on the hash brown


  12. Anytime an ethnic (and I say this as an Asian American) food establishment has a one word name of the ingredient I know it's Americanize. In the Asian community you see a Thai place called Lemongrass and you just think hell no. Shitty Asian Fusion by non asians. Apricot is another example. I wonder if it's the same thing with Cilantro. Anyone know for sure?

  13. I use to go to Lucky Boy. I really like the guy that works there. Google the "the guy who takes your order at lucky boy." It's a local meme.

  14. Oh~ to be honest you guys should do the Asianfood scene in San Gabriel Valley. 626 Night Market is the BEST. Or just go to the Santa Anita Mall or something. You guys barely have Asian food. Or Thai food in Thai town. 😛 A few fusion places are good Chego is good, Kogi Food Truck, Somisomi Ice Cream. There is a looootttt.

  15. Stop telling everyone about Cilantro, it has to stay secret, the lines have already been getting worse over the last year.

  16. It’s weird how I consume so much American media and don’t notice American accents when watching tv, but whenever I hear Americans “out of context”, like on British or Irish tv or radio or whatever, they always sound so weird, so fake, and so strongly American. I don’t understand it.

  17. you want the best burrito in LA, corn by the crib on Mondays when my mom makes Chorizo Breakfast Burritos from leftover Sunday morning Chorizo Breakfast..

  18. to Barry's defence. some of the best food I've had has been at Mexican Fast food/ Gas Station. but Shrimp and Chorizo doesn't sound good together

  19. You know, the Sorted logo on the bottom right made it look like the Lucky Boy Burrito has Bacon, egg, cheese, and pot. I mean, granted, this is LA but I still got confused.

  20. If you guys go to the East Coast of the US, you should go to Annapolis, MD and try the ice cream/milkshakes. On a day when it feels like you're on the inside of a humidifier, it's heaven.

  21. Guys. Come back to LA and go to Tacos Villa Corona in Atwater Village. Cheap. DELICIOUS. Family-run. And if you like him, Bill Burr's a regular customer.

  22. Alright, “age old question”. Don’t steal Rhett and Links line from gmm. And I’m sorry I’ve had lucky boy several times growing up in Pasadena, it’s good but certainly not the best, it’s pretty cheap meat and greasy and well just over hyped. And gas station lol, their not bad. But out of all of LA come on berry do more research

  23. The corner cottage, it’s just old fashion make it at home. How about going into LA and how about the Rose in Venice

  24. If you're ever back in the states you got to come to New Mexico or Colorado. We have some amazing food. Our breakfast burritos have green chile and you will be amazed. ❤

  25. If you ever want a real breakfast burrito rather than the LA things you bought,. You need to go to South Texas and got to a Taqueria where you get the real thing not those things. Chorizo, beans, potato, egg and cheese in a toasted tortilla

  26. Not from LA but there’s a place in the burbs of Chicago and like it’s a big ass breakfast burrito with beans and cheese and Egg and potatoes and I get chorizo and it’s soooo good

  27. I agree with Barry it was a boring breakfast burrito its comfort food I mean it's bad when it tastes better but is less exciting than a mcdonalds breakfast burrito

  28. Lol in Australia shrimp (prawns as we call them) are a pretty common summer breakfast food especially on Xmas morning, new years day and Australia day. but we eat them cold.

  29. It's so jarring to hear an American accent after marathoning Sorted videos. Like frick, dude. I'm American and I've never been more self-conscious of what I sound like.

    Also I loved the video, my dialect crises aside.

  30. I've had a Cilantro burrito and a Corner Cottage burrito. I've always thought Corner Cottage was overrated. I used to live literally 1 minute away from CC and I'd still drive to Norms to get their burrito instead. The Cilantro burrito is fire, they use tater tots for the potatoes. Game changer. Don't let the gas station exterior fool you. If you're ever in NoHo though Tom's Family Restaurant has Tom's Burrito and I'd say, of all of the breakfast burritos I've had(and I've had a lot), that one takes the cake.

  31. Wow, you found the three most boring knobs in LA. This is the first video I haven't liked–and I live in LA! Ah well…

  32. already started in the wrong areas!!! SMH! It's Paramount,compton,long Beach,Lynwood,south gate,Downey, But they are from England

  33. What you need is to head on over to Arizona and find a filiberto's
    Best burritos ever
    Also carne asada fries – literally the only thing i have ever eaten that made me hate myself for not being able to eat more

  34. 4:18 seconds in …that’s a Godmother sandwich from Bay Cities Italian deli!! Come on guys!!! Maybe you’d know if you came to west LA lolllol 😉

  35. Saw your best pizza in NYC video. Given how inaccurate that mess was I can only imagine how ridiculous this will be. And I was right. Terrible video. How can you compare things that are all so different?

  36. Some weird prejudices at play regarding foods at time-of-day! Barry was robbed, and I like those other people a lot less, now.

  37. I’m so fortunate to live down the street by corner cottage, I pass by there every morning to get my self a burrito before I got to school.

  38. I’ve been going to Corner Cottage since the 80s and they’ve been making that break fast burrito since then. Corner Cottage wins hands down.

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