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Street Food Gets its name Because it’s cooked and Eaten on the streets from the Hawker Market in asia to the new York hotdog Stands there are some Great Chefs Out there Serving Seriously delicious Food That you can Eat on the go my first recipe Is a Special mix of Fantastic Flavors from Around The World Beef Tacos with Wasabi Mayo Great Thing about Street Food is anything Goes the only rule is they’re gonna be really fast and really tasty Now these tacos mix a mexican and Japanese Flavors into a delicious Meaty Mouthful first off Give That Pan Really Nice and hot these are stirred on steaks Sear It in the pan a Little that Fat on Will add Flavor so on Pepper Cover Tablespoons Of olive oil in Pan Nice and Hot hold the steak and Lay It in Holds Their Way Through The Pan Little Shake and It Stops The Steak from Sticking Looking for Color but if It Sticks it’s gonna Burn While the steaks are cooking I’m going with My super quick Marinade Now Two Tablespoons of Miso paste Yes sir fermented Soybean That Gives a Really Nice sort of rich Sweetness Tablespoon of Sugar Couple Tablespoons Rice Wine That Gives You a Really Nice Vinegary Kick couple Tablespoons of olive oil Salt and Pepper I’m looking for a Nice sort of Big rich Marinade Marinade done it’s time to Turn the steaks Give a Space Based What we’re Doing Every time is Just adding more on their flavor Take Your Tongs and sort of Lift The steak on its Fat Really Melt That Down Pop of the gas Put them Out Just Take your knife It’S all that Fat There Just slice That off i want to either Now in to the melee Beautiful Tacos are One of Mexico’s most Popular street Foods that can Make from Beef Pork Chicken or fish and are Loaded Up with Amazing Sauces and Spices Now i want something sort of Tickly cabbage these are chinese Cabbages slice It in half look At It Really Crisp and Really Tasty We’re going to slice that into quarters and then Just Shred It and take your time to Get cabbage Here and you think are sort of Braised Over cooked Cabbage nothing Worse but i’ll Tackle You on Freshness and It Was Seasoned Chili Flakes They sort of Discreetly give It a Little Bit of Heat Your touch of Ice Wine Vinegar have you ever Got that fresh Lemon Juice Small drop of Toasted sesame Seed oil give that a Really Good Mix Now i need something to sort of Bring It Together We Take Some wasabi paste both Hot Very spicy a sore thumb nail size I’m gonna mix That With a cup of tablespoons of Mayonnaise You give that a Really Good mix These are Basic porn to tear the trick is Just Sort of color them and then Shape them Actually Place it on The gas ring Use some tongs so not to burn Yourself The Girls Will Toast Your tacos in a Frying pan From there I’m Just gonna Place it on The Rolling Pin Literally 30 Seconds as It Cools Down The Great Thing about serving Tacos Is People can fill Them Themselves Just The way They want them Cabbage Just squeeze out wet Marinade Nice Rustic Yellow Mountain Mayonnaise on Wait you see how soft and delicious and Almost Sort of Melting in the mouth texture we’ve got I’m Just an Amazing Sirloin so that Really Nice Sear on the outside? She Asked Nicely Pink in the Middle Start off with My Crispy Shell back of The spoon with the wasabi mayonnaise Inside taco Just Sprinkle That delicious Pickled cabbage and Then Just start Lining My Tucker for Three or four Slices Touch more for My Spicy Maya That is how i’d make the perfect Tucker When you want comfort Food quick fast Food Classics Always Deliver Here are three more of My Street Food favorites all Super easy but still put the Gourmet into grab-And-go This Street Food Dish Packs of Wonderful Indian influence Subtly Spiced Chicken wrap Got a Mortar and pestle to make a Spicy Marinade for the Chicken Cracker From Cardamom Pods and Add Ground Ginger Coriander Cinnamon Grated Nutmeg Cloves of Garlic Fresh Coriander Lemon Juice olive Oil and Seasoned Now pulverize to form a paste Pour over the Chicken thighs and leave to marinate for up to two hours To cook griddle on a high heat to get Wonderfully Charred Meat Once the Chicken is cooked Warm Through Tortilla Wraps on the same griddle Then Simply Slice Your Chicken and Put Your rap Together tapas Shredded cabbage Chopped spring onion and You’ll Flavor Chili sauce Ready in 20 minutes Sticky succulent and utterly Moorish Spiced Chicken wrap You’ll find my Next fast-Food Classic all Over America Tasty Chili dogs for super quick and easy Beef Chili add Chopped onions to hot olive Oil and cook until soft then add Chopped Garlic a Teaspoon of cumin Seeds and Stir to release Their Lovely aromatic Flavor Next Chili powder Turn Up the heat and break Beef mince into the pan Ground and Seasoned Add Tomato puree and cook Through Next a Blogger spicy worcestershire sauce Chopped in Tomatoes Dried Oregano At a Sprinkle of Sugar cook Frankfurter or Brent Worth Sausages bung in a bun and Simply topped with the spicy beef Chili Easy and irresistible a Dog Worth Crossing The street for My Third Street Food Inspired recipe Is vietnamese style baguette with Beef Start slicing Certainly Steak into strips Then Simply Marinate in soy sauce The Salty and Runny Honey The Sweet and leave Up to two hours Then Thread Your Marinated Beef strips onto skewers and pan Fry in hot olive oil For The topping Which Adds a Lovely sour contrast Break Carrot and Simply leave to pickle in Rice Vinegar Next Make The Easy Dressing Simply Dc’S and Chop a Chile Add Caster Sugar and lime Juice add a Glug of fish Sauce Slice i forget When lovely and Brown the Marinated Steak Skewers are done remove and Add Top with the Pickled Carrot Add Cool sliced Cucumber Drizzle Over The spicy dressing and to finish it off add Coriander Leaves Simple to make But complex in flavor absolutely delicious Three stunning Recipes From The street to your home guaranteed to take Food on the run to a Whole new level and so simple to do You don’t need to spend a fortune on masses of Kitchen Equipment Here’s My quick guide to another cooking essential Frying pan for Me one of My favorites Why because it’s so versatile Whether you’re Searing the most Amazing rack of Lamb cooking Duck Breasts Out eating Chicken or Even a quick omelette or even find an Egg all-in-One Look for an ovenproof frying pan With a Metal Handle if you want to cook like Pros By finishing off Your dish in the Oven or under a Hot grill Just don’t Forget When you take It Out the Handle will be hot If you can get a High-Quality Nonstick One with a Thick Heavy base Which will distribute the heat Evenly? Brilliant coming Up on my guide to street Food more essential Cooking Tips as It starts the cook It gets a Lot Firmer Medium is there and my guide to buying chocolate Good quality fine Chopped That Should Have that Clean Snap for a Street Food recipe to satisfy the sweetest of Tooth That One’s Got My name on it [music]


  1. Disappointed))))) is like watching ramsey working at a kitchen nightmare restaurant making asian tacos… What that fuck is that.. Are you mental?

  2. What to do if you dont have a fume hood….this is my only question! The house gets blasted with smoke otherwise(using high heat w/olive oil)

  3. What a hell with that taco ? The mexican food its a delicios not this think everybody need go to mexico to eat a delicios tacos of pastor

  4. really fast and really tasty? just add tons of spices, seasoning and oil. I don't care if it's healthy or not.

  5. Just once I wish one one of these famous uppity ass chefs would cook the meat all the way through everybody on this planet doesn't want pink bloody or red meat

  6. You are the master Gordon Ramsay! I normally don’t do street foods cuz of delicate digestion, but your way of cooking these up take it to another level of healthy nutrition!

  7. Jesus Gordon this is a Mexican recipe but it’s like Asian tacos honestly Iam beyond disappointed 😔 damm ,I have lost faith in humanity

  8. I'm Mexican and that "Taco" had absolutely nothing to do with tacos. That "hard shell" shit, is from USA. ABSURD.

    "The best taco ever" he says. LOL, he has NO CLUE about Mexican cuisine whatsoever.

  9. Shawarma??? You been in S-peterburg?
    Chiken Wrap, is't Shawarma! Where is a Sauce with Kefir and garlic?
    Doner Kebab is't Shawarma!!!

  10. What is it with the British and their refusal to pronounce food names the same way the country of origin does? It's not a TACK-O. The a is pronounced same as the a in 'lark.'

  11. Food is amazing as always however I question the choice in frying pan. As far as I am aware non-stick material is toxic at any temperature at or above 450°. Should not cast iron or stainless steel be used instead?

  12. That was the most pretentious goddamn taco ever. And I doubt it tastes nearly as good as the taco truck down the road.

  13. If a regular person gave him those taco shells he would yell at them and say is signature phrase " if its Brown its cooked if its black its fucked" 😂

  14. Measure offering dismiss resemble fire international awful back ill long-term counseling worried mind orientation.

  15. Looks so fucking good. I swear I want to kms now, so hungry. Bitch come and cook for me. I ain't got no money so no bitching around.

  16. how to make comfort food delicious and QUICK.
    step 1: marinade chicken for 2 hours.
    "ready in 20 mins" uhh bruh. step 1 was 2 hours

  17. Spiced chicken wrap? That's one thing and shawarma is totally different. Don't use a name you can't live up to

  18. Why isn't he using cast iron for that steak? It looks like a non stick skillet made to look like a carbon steel skillet. Which, I'd respect a carbon steel skillet.

  19. I’m not sure what kind of crap uncooked meat mayo tortilla mixture I but that sit is not a taco. Fail!

  20. Yeah because the streets are littered with street venders frying sirloin steak…. Fucks sake Gordon Ramsay, what world do you live in?

  21. How does one of the renowned chefs in the world not know the difference between shawarma (MIDDLE EASTERN) and that Indian wrap he made.. shawarma is in Lebanese bread and almost always has houmous. Still looked good but come on. Even in england we know the difference between shawarma and ‘indian chicken wrap’.

  22. Wow, what a shity tortilla. A burned taco is not the proper way to prepare a fusion meal. That corn taco is a disgrace!

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