sweetgreen x David Chang | Kelp Dinner Party

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– So glad you guys could come by for this. – Of course, I mean, you’re David Chang. – Tell us, what’s on the menu, oh celebrated chef and restaurateur. – So I’m creating a bowl with Sweetgreen and I’m using kelp. – That’s weed. He’s feeding us weed. – [Together] All right! – Seaweed. Kelp is seaweed, and farming it reduces
carbon in the oceans and the atmosphere. – Which helps fight climate change. – Is he gonna preach
or is he gonna feed us? – (coughs) David, if I may?
What you’re trying to say is that by eating your kelp, we
are basically saving the world with our mouths. – [Together] Oh. – You could say that. – I did say that. – We’re heroes. – You’re a hero. – Perhaps I’m the hero. – No, so what goes with
the weed, David Chang? – Japanese sweet potatoes. – Oh!
– Cabbage, chicken. – Oh ho, you know, I once
had a lover in Japan. Her name was Sweet Potato.
– Here we go. – What, you’ve heard this one? – Feed us, David Chang! – You know.
– Yes.


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