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Bienvenidos welcome to Spain on a Fork
today we’re gonna grab two very basic ingredients sweet potatoes & canned tuna and
create the most extraordinary breakfast fritters guys these fritters have an
explosion of flavors they’re so easy to make and they’re done in under 30
minutes I know I call them breakfast fritters but they’re so good you can
have them for lunch or dinner heck these are perfect for any day of the week
even if you have a very busy schedule make a batter the night before and then the
following morning fry up those fritters for a quick and delicious breakfast now
to make these fritters I’m gonna be using one of my personal favorite olive oils
from Apollo this is their Mistral organic extra virgin olive oil so important
to use a good olive oil to make these fritters
we are gonna fry them on a medium heat which means that olive oil is not gonna lose
its flavor in-fact it’s gonna transfer into the fritters this one from Apollo
is my absolute favorite one to make these fritters it gives them such an incredible flavor
get yourself a bottle link in the description box below I’m
gonna begin by peeling one sweet potato this is a medium to large-sized one I
always like to have either a bowl or some paper towels underneath for an easy
cleanup then I’m gonna rinse the sweet potato under some cold running water
pat it completely dry and start shredding the sweet potato once again I like to
have a shallow bowl underneath but you can also do this on top of a cutting board
this just makes it so much easier once you’re done to grab those shredded sweet potatoes
once I have the sweet potatoes shredded I’m gonna grab three cups of it
and add it into a cheesecloth and under a sink I’m gonna try and remove as much of
the excess water inside of the sweet potatoes this is such an important step
by removing as much of the water as possible is what gives these fritters
that incredible crispy texture once I’ve removed as much as possible of
that liquid from those shredded sweet potatoes I’m going to add them into a
large bowl moving on to the next step of the recipe I’m gonna drain two tins
of Spanish tuna into a sieve with a bowl underneath this is such a great way
to remove the oil from the tuna and it makes for an easy clean and I’m gonna
gently mix the tuna around with a spoon just to remove any of the excess oil and add the drained tuna into the bowl with
the shredded sweet potatoes next I’m gonna finely shredd in one large clove
of garlic into the bowl finely dice half of an onion add in a generous quarter
cup of the finely diced onions into the bowl grab a handful of fresh chives and
finely chop them and once again add in the finely chopped chives into the bowl
this is about a generous two tablespoons for the next ingredients I’m gonna add in
a 1/4 cup of all-purpose flour you can make these fritters gluten-free
by replacing this with gluten-free flour I’m gonna crack two large eggs
into a separate bowl beat the eggs until they’re well mixed add the egg mixture into the bowl with
the rest of the ingredients and we’re gonna season everything with a generous
1/2 teaspoon of sweet smoked Spanish paprika a pinch of fine sea salt and
some freshly cracked black pepper and I’m gonna mix everything together until
it’s well combined this is such an important step you want all these
ingredients to be evenly divided and as you’re doing this start compacting and
pushing down on this we’re trying to make a paste here once everything is
well mixed and you created a paste I’m gonna get in there with a spoon
grab about a quarter cup of the mixture and using your hands just form it into a
ball and add it into a piece of parchment paper and continue to do this
until all the mixture is gone you should end up with nine to ten balls of this
mixture and again guys very important to make sure you add these on the top of
parchment paper that way they don’t stick once you have them all done
start pushing down on each ball we’re trying to make a circular shape that’s
about half an inch thick just make sure you run your hands around it
so everything is nice and compact alright let’s start making our fritters
I’m gonna grab a large nonstick frying pan and heat it with a medium heat
I’m not gonna add any fat into the pan right now we’re gonna heat it between
three to four minutes and then add the oil in there that way it doesn’t lose any
of its flavor after heating the pan for 4 minutes on a medium heat
I’m gonna add in a generous 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil again guys try
to use a great extra-virgin olive oil it gives these fritters an incredible
flavor and instantly start adding in the fritters in there you wanna cook these in batches
to not overcrowd the pan after two and a half to three minutes
I’m gonna start flipping the fritters around now I call these fritters but they also look
like patties hey either way you go here look how insane these look
alright it’s been 5 1/2 to 6 minutes since I added these into the pan
and these should be perfectly cooked I’m gonna start removing them from the pan shaking
off any of the excess oil and transferring them to a dish with some
paper towels and continue to cook your next batch and again guys you want to go between
two and a half to three minutes on a medium heat this is enough time to
ensure that everythings cooked while giving you that incredible crispy texture on
the outside alright all our fritters are done
really quick before I plate this I’m gonna make a very simple garlic yogurt
sauce I’m gonna grab a half a cup of Greek yogurt and add it into a bowl shred in one large clove of garlic
squeeze in half a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice pour in one tablespoon of extra virgin
olive oil and season it with sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper and I’m
gonna whisk this all together until it’s well combined guys look how easy it was
to make this dip but it’s gonna take these fritters to the next level of greatness
I’m gonna transfer our garlic yogurt sauce into a smaller bowl add it
into a serving dish and decorate the sweet potato & tuna fritters around the dip
and I’m gonna sprinkle the dish with some freshly chopped chives
okay guys our sweet potato and tuna fritters are done look how insane this turned out
let’s try it and see how it tastes here we go those sweet potatoes
perfectly cooked combined with that tuna explosion of flavors that little
bit of sweet smoked Spanish paprika elevates the entire fritters and then
that garlic yogurt sauce well it’s just incredible flavors inside your mouth
so easy to make done in under 30 minutes like I told you If you have a very hectic schedule make
the batter put it in the fridge and then the
following morning you can make your fritters for an incredible breakfast if you enjoyed today´s video hit that like button
leave me a comment below and if you´re not subscribed
smash that subscribe button until the next time…Hasta Luego!!


  1. These would be perfection on top of a huge green salad with the yogurt sauce as a dressing! 😋 Thanks for another great recipe!

  2. I thought you were making sweet potato & tuna balls until you flattened
    and fried them, wow… they look so delicious adding extra flavour with your
    garlic yogurt sauce! irresistible

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  4. Wow 😮 looks delicious yummy recipe ,,thanks for sharing this video , new friend here from Australia 🇦🇺🛎

  5. Ooooh My!!! I know that taste incredible Chef Albert! I wish I was your neighbor so I can sample these amazing dishes. TFS!!

  6. Such a delicious reicpe, Albert <3 love those fritters! I haven't bought sweet potatoes for a long time, it's time to pick them up and try this recipe!

  7. Hello, a very delicious breakfast, love the combination of Tuna and sweet potatoes. Have a wonderful and happy week :))

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