Sweet and Sour Meatballs

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– Hey what’s up guys, Byron Talbott here,
and today I’m gonna show you one of
my all time favorite party snacks,
it’s gonna be sweet and sour meatballs,
and it’s gonna make that
buffet table just glisten,
with that sweet and sour
glaze. So, let’s get started.
(upbeat opening theme)
(soothing guitar music)
Alright, so the first thing
we want to get started,
is just making your ground
mixture for the meatballs.
Here I have some ground
pork,that’s really nice,
high in fat,and it’s just
gonna keep that moisture,
and retain a lot of that
good flavor in the meatball.
So wanna add a little
bit of chopped thyme,
nice savory flavor.
Some of the chives, I’m actually
just gonna add all that,
I like chives.
Alright, add your parsley.
This garlic, I’m gonna add all the garlic.
Two egg yokes, it’s gonna
give it, even more richness,
than it already has with
the fat in the pork.
And it’s also gonna help bind the mixture,
but not too much, if
you add the whole egg,
sometimes the egg white
really just seizes up,
and kind of makes a tough meatball,
so adding the egg yokes
is really important,
instead of adding the whole egg.
A little bit of salt and pepper.
And then, finally, the breadcrumbs.
It’s almost equal portions,
maybe a little bit less than
the meat that you’re using,
I have about a half pound of pork here,
and maybe a cup or so of the breadcrumbs,
I’d say an equal ratio.
Just basically give this a good mix.
Super aromatic, all the herbs,
the garlic, smells amazing.
And you can add loads
of different flavors,
you can make this spicy,
you can add citrus to this, teriyaki.
This is about the size you
want, start rolling ’em out,
about the size of your
palm, no bigger than that.
Keep it together, but
don’t make it too dense.
And then just gonna put it into your pan,
and just keep doing this
until it’s all done.
One thing that’s really nice
about meatballs, they last,
for at least a few days,
and sometimes the second or
third day, they’re even better.
Last one, look amazing!
One thing that’s really
nice about this recipe,
is it’s sort of like a one pot stop.
Usually, with meatballs,
you just satay ’em,
or you fry ’em in a whole different pan,
there’s a whole other procedure,
just to cook the meatballs.
Well, with this recipe,
I’m gonna put everything
in this satay pan,
into the oven, when it comes
out, I’m gonna make my sauce.
So now I’m gonna cook
these in a 375 degree oven,
for about 10 to 15 minutes,
until they’re nice and crispy,
golden brown, and maybe even
a little charred on top.
Alright, I can smell the meatballs,
I think they’re ready to go.
All those wonderful herbs and the garlic,
it’s just super pungent.
Alright, so now I’m gonna
start finishing this,
with a really beautiful
sweet and sour glaze.
I have all my ingredients right here,
I’m gonna take just a tad, just
a smidgen of the beef stock,
and then the cornstarch, just to start it,
so it doesn’t clump up together.
Basically a little slurry,
like a thickening agent,
for gravies, and sauces like this,
just to make it nice and thick.
Now I’m just gonna add the rest.
Beef stock… soy sauce,
it’s gonna be nice, little salty addition.
Brown sugar, some sweetness
and some rice wine vinegar.
That’s gonna give it that sour flavor.
Now this is basically ready
to go, this is your glaze.
I’m gonna put this on high heat.
And essentially, I’m just gonna
dump it in, and reduce it,
and it’s gonna turn into this
really nice dark, dark glaze,
right over the top of the meatballs.
It’s gonna be nice and sweet, sticky,
just gonna coat the meatballs
in this wonderful glaze.
Here you basically just
want to reduce this for,
just a few minutes, just
until it starts to thicken up.
You can smell all the wonderful flavors,
that rice wine vinegar,
sort of stings the nostrils,
little bit of acidity.
Give this a quick toss, oh yeah.
(calming dinner music)
A little bit of extra glaze on top.
(pan scraping)
(finger licking smacks)
Oh that glaze is so good.
And then, just a pop of
green, a little bit of chives.
And typically what you
do, is you just skewer,
each one of these, with
a nice metal toothpick,
or some wooden toothpicks,
whatever you have on hand.
Oh, these smell amazing.
It’s like the steam coming off of ’em,
they’re like slightly crisping, glazed,
little bit of chives on
top, they look amazing,
these’ll dress up any buffet table,
with that beautiful
sweet and sour glisten.
Hopefully you guys enjoy this recipe,
I know I did, and I’ll see you guys soon,
with another one. Bye guys.


  1. I see a lot if breadcrumbs in meatball recipes. What's the purpose if them if eggs act as the binding material? Is it for texture?

  2. Hi Byron, your videos are great but I am vegan and am waiting for you to show us so e delicious vegan dishes! I bet you have some!!!

  3. Why don't you guys have a regular posting schedule anymore? It seems random and far in between videos…

  4. Just made this with ground turkey and homemade breadcrumbs! totally delicious! would suggest scrambling/breaking the egg yolks first though. great for dinner too. but next time I think I'll make them smaller.

  5. sweat and sour? that would taste salty and sour.. hahabut nice recipe, I'll try this for my meatballs tonight..

  6. Thank you, for sharing your videos! I am looking forward to trying this recipe. I have all the ingredients at home!

  7. your food looks amazingly good!keep up the great recipes!!newest subbie!I am also a cook,come check out my cooking channel 🙂

  8. This is an amazing recipe thank you so much for making it I made it for my family and it was such a big hit thank you again for making it

  9. Did anyone else notice he changed the pot from one with a plastic handle to a metal one when putting a taking it out the oven? Lol

  10. Hi Byron, do you use dark soy sauce (a little thicker, not so salty) or light soy sauce (more liquid and salty)? Cheers, Joerg.

  11. I would have added housen(?) sauce instead of soy sauce and maybe a dash of pepper flakes to open up the taste buds.

  12. This looks yummy! 😋 I’m gonna try making it. Thanks for the video,really appreciate it. 👍 post more recipes please 🤗

  13. If you like Pineapple you can use 220g can and liquid instead of the brown sugar. Pineapple makes it a true asian sweet n sour.

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