Sustainable, healthy food for all? YES it’s possible!

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Ready! That looks delicious! I’m not eating that. What now? it’s the first time we’re having meat in weeks! Organic meat, from happy cows. But was it flown in? And the spinach is in season. Or did you buy it at the farmers’ market? Oh come on! We’re struggling to buy good food for you! You know who else is struggling? Small and organic farmers! Because the greedy supermar- Time-out! These arguments don’t help farmers, nature or the climate. Indeed, suffering and ecological destruction are byproducts of most of our food. We as consumers can help by choosing local & organic, but… to understand what happens, we need to look at the CAP. HUH?? CAP? What is— CAP – the Common Agricultural Policy – is a package of subsidies and rules that helped the European Union guarantee and stabilize food production after the 2nd world war. It did increase food production… but it caused many other problems CAP led to bigger and fewer farms, growing more, but less diverse crops and increased use of pesticides. Small scale and organic farmers are in danger. Today, just 3% of farms in the EU manage more than half of the farmland. And you, the EU taxpayers are paying for this broken system. 58 billion Euros per year. WHAT??? hey… that’s 114 euro per person which could be used to support farmers and make local organic food available for everyone! Let’s demand a better CAP. Share this video and join our fight at I found this app that locates farmers near us their spinach looks delicious! But do they deliver?!


  1. Friends of the Earth Europe. Haha, I thought I got unsubbed from you? Re-subbed :D. The vid needs some songs! My songs, search 'Ximer Tracks'.

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