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What’s your favorite fruit? Peaches. You love broccoli. Broccoli! Ding, ding, ding, broccoli, broccoli. That’s a yuck. So why do you think it’s important to eat fruits and vegetables? Because it’s good for our bodies. Yeah, does it help us get big and strong? Yeah! Yeah. We have three kids, so
a lot of mouths to feed, and they all love fruits and vegetables. I was pretty much raised in foster care for the majority of my life. I didn’t really grow up eating healthy. I want my kids to grow up eating healthy. Seeing some of my family
go through diabetes and more health problems
because of not having the income to buy healthy food has changed the way I think of eating, for my kids especially. The Double Dollars
program has really helped. We can give our children fresh food that’s healthier for
them, has more nutrition, and they like it better. Money is quite tight right now, so having Double Dollars
is, like, a lifesaver, especially when it comes to bringing more healthier foods into our lives. I’m really happy ’cause I get to cook up different food and my
kids get to try new food, and they will know what’s
good for them to eat and what’s not good. Before the Double Dollars program, we had to be really careful and only buy the least expensive fruits
and vegetables we could find, which doesn’t give us much of a variety. So this allows us to buy the different fruits and vegetables we need to provide healthy food for our girls.

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